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Comparison of $$^{15}$$O-labeled and $$^{18}$$F-labeled water uptake in a soybean plant by PETIS (Positron Emitting Tracer Imaging System)

Nakanishi, Tomoko*; Yokota, Harumi*; Tanoi, Keitaro*; Ikeue, Natsuko*; Okuni, Yoko*; Furukawa, Jun*; Ishioka, Noriko; Watanabe, Satoshi; Osa, Akihiko  ; Sekine, Toshiaki; Matsuhashi, Shimpei; Ito, Takehito*; Kume, Tamikazu; Uchida, Hiroshi*; Tsuji, Atsunori*

$$^{15}$$O-Labeled and $$^{18}$$F-Labeled water uptake manner in a soybean plant was compared by PETIS (Positron Emitting Tracer Imaging System). $$^{15}$$O-Labeled water (half-life: 2 min) and $$^{18}$$F-Labeled water (half-life: 110 min) were produced by a cyclotron by $$^{14}$$N(d,n)$$^{15}$$O and $$^{16}$$O($$alpha$$,pn)$$^{18}$$F reactions, respectively. A root of a soybean plant was cut off and each labeled water was supplied from the basal part of the plant. The gamma-rays emitted from the sample was measured by a BGO counter with a detection area of 5 cm$$times$$15 cm. The radioactivity from each stem was accumlated every 15 s till 20 min. It was found that $$^{18}$$F-labeled water was taken up much faster than $$^{15}$$O-labeled water, suggesting that in $$^{18}$$F-labeled water, fluorine was moved in the form of $$^{18}$$F-ion. When BAS image of $$^{15}$$O-labeled water in a plant after 5 min and 10 min of water supply was taken, it was found that the labeled water was observed only in the lowest internode, between a root and the first leaves.



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