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Selenium oxyanions; Highly selective uptake by a novel anion exchanger

Kozai, Naofumi   ; Onuki, Toshihiko; Komarneni, S.*

Here we report the extremely high and selective uptake of selenium oxyanions by a novel exchanger, Ni$$_{1-x}$$Zn$$_{2x}$$(OH)$$_{2}$$(OCOCH$$_{3}$$)$$_{2x}$$・nH$$_{2}$$O that has brucite-type hydroxide layers with OCOCH$$_{3}$$ anions in the interlayers. This Ni-Zn basic salt exhibited very high selectivity for Se(IV) (Kd = 9.0x10$$^{4}$$ ml/g with an initial Se(IV) concentration of 1x10$$^{-4}$$ M) in the presence of 0.1M Cl$$^{-}$$ solution while the well known anionic clay, Mg$$_{2}$$Al(OH)$$_{6}$$NO$$_{3}$$・nH$$_{2}$$O showed a Kd of 6.0x10$$^{3}$$ ml/g under the same conditions. The uptake of Se(IV) on the Ni-Zn basic salt was found to be irreversible when treated with solutions containing 1N Cl$$^{-}$$, 1N NO$$_{3}$$$$^{-}$$, or 1N PO$$_{4}$$$$^{3-}$$, while the Se(IV) sorbed on anionic clay was easily desorbed in a 1M Cl$$^{-}$$ solution. This novel exchanger also showed high Kd (2.6$$times$$10$$^{3}$$ ml/g at an initial Se concentration of 1$$times$$10$$^{-4}$$ M) for Se(VI) and therefore it is expected to be useful for decontamination and removal of selenium oxyanions from contaminated water.



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