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Photofission of $$^{209}$$Bi at intermediate energies

Haba, Hiromitsu; Kasaoka, Makoto*; Igarashi, Manabu*; Washiyama, Koshin*; Matsumura, Hiroshi*; Oura, Yasuji*; Shibata, Seiichi*; Sakamoto, Ko*; Furukawa, Michiaki*; Fujiwara, Ichiro*

The reaction yields of 63 radionuclides with the mass number A = 56-135 produced in the photofission of $$^{209}$$Bi by bremsstrahlung of end-point energies (E$$_{0}$$) from 450 to 1100 MeV have been measured using a catcher foil technique. The charge distribution was well reproduced by a Gaussian function with the most probable charge (Z$$_{p}$$) expressed by Z$$_{p}$$ = RA + S, and with the A-independent FWHME$$_{CD}$$. The charge distribution parameters R, S and FWHM$$_{CD}$$ were independent of E$$_{0}$$ above 600 MeV. The weighted mean values at E$$_{0}$$ $$geq$$ 600 MeV were R = 0.421 $$pm$$ 0.001, S = 0.6 $$pm$$ 0.1 and FWHM$$_{CD}$$ = 2.1 $$pm$$ 0.1 charge unit (c.u.). Based on the charge distribution parameters, the symmetric mass yield distributions with the most probable mass A$$_{p}$$ of 96 $$pm$$ 1 mass unit (m.u.) and the width FWHM$$_{MD}$$ of 33 $$pm$$ 1 m.u. were also obtained. The characteristics of the charge and mass yield distributions are discussed by referring to those for $$^{197}$$Au based on the results of calculations using PICA3/GEM.



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Category:Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear



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