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NMR studies of actinide compounds; The NMR of actinide nuclei

Walstedt, R. E.*; Tokunaga, Yo  ; Kato, Harukazu*; Sakai, Hironori   ; Fujimoto, Tatsuya; Kambe, Shinsaku  ; Yasuoka, Hiroshi

In a brief recap of recent work on actinide NMR studies at JAERI, we review the direct observation of $$^{235}$$U NMR which has been carried out for both UO$$_2$$ and USb$$_2$$, as well as the estimate of $$T_1$$(T) for $$^{235}$$U which has been obtained from indirect (i.e., $$T_2$$ of $$^{103}$$Rh) NMR studies of the Pauli paramagnet URh$$_3$$. New data for 1/$$T_1$$ vs. T for $$^{17}$$O in NpO$$_2$$ are presented and analyzed. A sizeable fraction of the observed relaxation rate is strongly field-dependent, an effect attributed to a cross-relaxation process from the 100%-abundant, I = 5/2 $$^{237}$$Np nuclear spins. Analysis of this relaxation component leads to quantitative estimates of $$T_{1Np}$$ (40ns) and of anomalously enhanced values of the $$^{17}$$O-$$^{237}$$Np nuclear spin-spin coupling. These effects as well as future prospects for actinide NMR studies are discussed.



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