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Superconducting properties of Pr-based filled skutterudite PrRu$$_4$$As$$_{12}$$

Namiki, Takahiro*; Aoki, Yuji*; Sato, Hideyuki*; Sekine, Chihiro*; Shirotani, Ichimin*; Matsuda, Tatsuma; Haga, Yoshinori ; Yagi, Takehiko*

We report on a systematic study of the superconducting characteristics and Pr crystalline-electric-field (CEF) levels of the filled skutterudite PrRu$$_4$$As$$_{12}$$ (T$$_c$$ = 2.33 K). The electronic specific heat coefficient $$gamma sim$$95 mJ/(K$$^2cdot$$mol), which is $$sim$$1.5 times larger than that of LaRu$$_4$$As$$_{12}$$, indicates 4$$f$$-originating quasiparticle mass enhancement. The magnetic susceptibility $$chi$$(T) indicates that the CEF ground state is a $$Gamma$$1 singlet and a $$Gamma$$4(1) triplet first excited state lies at $$Delta$$CEF$$sim$$30 K above. A systematic comparison among PrOs$$_4$$Sb$$_{12}$$, PrRu$$_4$$Sb$$_{12}$$, PrRu$$_4$$As$$_{12}$$, and La-based reference compounds suggests that the inelastic exchange scattering and aspherical charge scattering of conduction electrons from CEF-split 4$$f$$ levels play an essential role in the quasiparticle mass enhancement and in determining the value of Tc in the Pr-based filled skutterudites.



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Category:Physics, Multidisciplinary



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