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Neutron capture and inelastic scattering cross sections for $$^{186}$$Os, $$^{187}$$Os, and $$^{189}$$Os and the Re-Os chronology

Segawa, Mariko   ; Nagai, Yasuki*; Masaki, Tomohiro*; Temma, Yasuyuki*; Shima, Tatsushi*; Mishima, Kenji*; Igashira, Masayuki*; Goriely, S.*; Koning, A.*; Hilaire, S.*

$$^{187}$$Re-$$^{187}$$Os pair is known as the most promising nuclear cosmochronometer with considerable potential. However, there remains non-trivial problems related to an excited neutron capture reaction of $$^{187}$$Os at a stellar temperature. Firstly, $$^{187}$$Os is produced and depleted by the slow process nucleosynthesis. Hence, it is necessary to obtain both the production and depletion rates of $$^{187}$$Os. Secondly, $$^{187}$$Os is depleted not only by its ground state neutron capture reaction but also by an excited state neutron capture reaction of $$^{187}$$Os in a stellar temperature. In the present study, we have measured the neutron capture reaction cross sections for $$^{186}$$Os, $$^{187}$$Os and $$^{189}$$Os accurately and neutron inelastic scattering reaction cross section for $$^{187}$$Os off the ground state of $$^{187}$$Os to its 9.75 keV first excited state in the neutron energy range from 10 to 100 keV.



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