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Comparative investigation of the solution species [U(CO$$_{3}$$)$$_{5}$$]$$^{6-}$$ and the crystal structure of Na$$_{6}$$[U(CO$$_{3}$$)$$_{5}$$]$$cdot$$12H$$_{2}$$O

Hennig, C.*; Ikeda, Atsushi  ; Emmerling, F.*; Kraus, W.*; Bernhard, G.*

The coordination of the limiting U(IV) carbonate species in aqueous solution was investigated by comparing its structure parameters with those of the complex preserved in a crystal structure. The U(IV) carbonate complex in the crystal structure was identified as a [U(CO$$_{3}$$)$$_{5}$$]$$^{6-}$$ anionic complex. This monomeric anion complex forms a network with charge compensating Na+ cations and H$$_{2}$$O ligands. U L3-edge EXAFS spectra were collected from the solid Na$$_{6}$$[U(CO$$_{3}$$)$$_{5}$$]$$cdot$$12H$$_{2}$$O and the corresponding solution. The obtained data indicate the identity of the [U(CO$$_{3}$$)$$_{5}$$]$$^{6-}$$ complex in solid and solution states. The high negative charge of the [U(CO$$_{3}$$)$$_{5}$$]$$^{6-}$$ anionic complex is compensated by Na+ cations. In the solid state the Na+ cations form a bridging network between the [U(CO$$_{3}$$)$$_{5}$$]$$^{6-}$$ anion complex, while in the liquid state they seem to be located closer at the anionic complex anion.



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Category:Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear



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