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$$B(E2;2^+_1rightarrow 0^+_1)$$ value in $$^{90}$$Kr

R$'e$gis, J.-M.*; Jolie, J.*; Saed-Samii, N.*; Warr, N.*; Pfeiffer, M.*; Blanc, A.*; Jentschel, M.*; K$"o$ster, U.*; Mutti, P.*; Soldner, T.*; Simpson, G. S.*; Drouet, F.*; Vancraeyenest, A.*; de France, G.*; Cl$'e$ment, E.*; Stezowski, O.*; Ur, C. A.*; Urban, W.*; Regan, P. H.*; Podoly$'a$k, Zs.*; Larijani, C.*; Townsley, C.*; Carroll, R.*; Wilson, E.*; Fraile, L. M.*; Mach, H.*; Paziy, V.*; Olaizola, B.*; Vedia, V.*; Bruce, A. M.*; Roberts, O. J.*; Smith, J. F.*; Kr$"o$ll, T.*; Hartig, A.-L.*; Ignatov, A.*; Ilieva, S.*; Th$"u$rauf, M.*; Lalkovski, S.*; Ivanova, D.*; Kisyov, S.*; Korten, W.*; Salsac, M.-D.*; Zieli$'n$ska, M.*; M$u{a}$rginean, N.*; Ghit$u{a}$, D. G.*; Lic$u{a}$, R.*; Petrache, C. M.*; Astier, A.*; L$'e$guillon, R.

A smooth onset of collectivity in $$^{88,92,94,96}$$Kr has been determined from reported $$B(E2;2^+_1rightarrow 0^+_1)$$ and E(2$$^+_1$$) values. This is in contrast to the sudden onset in even-even Zr, Mo, and Sr isotopes. Our objective was to complete the systematics by determining the $$B(E2;2^+_1rightarrow 0^+_1)$$ value in $$^{90}$$Kr, which was produced by cold-neutron-induced fission of $$^{235}$$U. The lifetime of the 2$$^+_1$$ state in $$^{90}$$Kr was measured via the electronic $$gamma - gamma$$ timing technique using the EXILL and FATIMA spectrometers. Based on the measured mean lifetime of $$tau$$ = 15(10) ps, the $$B(E2;2^+_1rightarrow 0^+_1)$$ value of 13$$^{+26}_{-5}$$ W.u. in $$^{90}$$Kr is determined for the first time and the smooth onset of deformation in the even-even Kr isotopes beyond neutron number N=50 is confirmed.



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Category:Physics, Nuclear



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