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Extraction behavior of Mo and W from H$$_{2}$$SO$$_{4}$$ into toluene with Aliquat336 as model experiments for seaborgium (Sg)

Mitsukai, Akina; Toyoshima, Atsushi; Kaneya, Yusuke; Oe, Kazuhiro*; Sato, Daisuke*; Goto, Naoya*; Tsuto, Shohei*; Komori, Yukiko*; Murakami, Masashi*; Haba, Hiromitsu*; Asai, Masato ; Tsukada, Kazuaki ; Sato, Tetsuya  ; Nagame, Yuichiro

We report on the extraction behavior of carrier-free radioisotopes $$^{93m}$$Mo and $$^{181}$$W, which are lighter homologs of Sg, produced at the RIKEN K70 AVF cyclotron, in the H$$_{2}$$SO$$_{4}$$-Aliquat336 system. Results of the extraction experiments showed that the distribution ratios, ${it D}$, of Mo and W decrease up to $$sim$$3 M as increasing [H$$_{2}$$SO$$_{4}$$]. This is probably due to protonation reactions of hydrolyzed Mo and W species. In $$>$$ $$sim$$3 M H$$_{2}$$SO$$_{4}$$, the ${it D}$ values of W and Mo showed sharp increases. Based on the slope analysis separately carried out, it was suggested that hydrolyzed species of [HMO$$_{4}$$]$$^{-}$$ (M = Mo and W) are extracted in less than $$sim$$3 M [H$$_{2}$$SO$$_{4}$$], while anionic sulphate complexes of [MO$$_{2}$$(SO$$_{4}$$)$$_{2}$$]$$^{2-}$$ are formed in more than [H$$_{2}$$SO$$_{4}$$]$$>$$$$sim$$5 M.



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