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Identification of the crossing point at $$N$$ = 21 between normal and intruder configurations

Lic$u{a}$, R.*; Rotaru, F.*; Borge, M. J. G.*; Gr$'e$vy, S.*; Negoita, F.*; Poves, A.*; Sorlin, O.*; Andreyev, A. N.; Borcea, R.*; Costache, C.*; De Witte, H.*; Fraile, L. M.*; Greenlees, P. T.*; Huyse, M.*; Ionescu, A.*; Kisyov, S.*; Konki, J.*; Lazarus, I.*; Madurga, M.*; M$u{a}$rginean, N.*; M$u{a}$rginean, R.*; Mihai, C.*; Mihai, R. E.*; Negret, A.*; Page, R. D.*; Pakarinen, J.*; Pascu, S.*; Pucknell, V.*; Rahkila, P.*; Rapisarda, E.*; $c{S}$erban, A.*; Sotty, C. O.*; Stan, L.*; St$u{a}$noiu, M.*; Tengblad, O.*; Turturic$u{a}$, A.*; Van Duppen, P.*; Wadsworth, R.*; Warr, N.*

The $$beta^{-}$$ decay of $$^{34}$$Mg was used to study the $$^{34}$$Al nucleus through $$gamma$$ spectroscopy at the Isotope Separator On-Line facility of CERN. Previous studies identified two $$beta$$-decaying states in $$^{34}$$Al having spin-parity assignments $$J^{pi}$$=4$$^{-}$$ dominated by the normal configuration $$pi$$(d5/2)$$^{-1}$$ $$bigoplus$$ $$nu$$(f7/2) and $$J^{pi}$$ = 1$$^{+}$$ by the intruder configuration $$pi$$(d5/2)$$^{-1}$$ $$bigoplus$$ $$nu$$(d3/2)$$^{-1}$$(f7/2)$$^{2}$$. Their unknown ordering and relative energy have been the subject of debate for the placement of $$^{34}$$Al inside or outside the $$N$$ = 20 "island of inversion". We report here that the 1$$^{+}$$ intruder lies only 46.6 keV above the 4$$^{-}$$ ground state. In addition, a new half-life of $$T_{1/2}$$=44.9(4)ms, that is twice as long as thepreviously measured 20(10) ms, has been determined for $$^{34}$$Mg. Large-scale shell-model calculations with the recently developed SDPF-U-MIX interaction are compared with the new data and used to interpret the mechanisms at play at the very border of the $$N$$ = 20 island of inversion.



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Category:Physics, Nuclear



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