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Towards saturation of the electron-capture delayed fission probability; The New isotopes $$^{240}$$Es and $$^{236}$$Bk

Konki, J.*; Khuyagbaatar, J.*; Uusitalo, J.*; Greenlees, P. T.*; Auranen, K.*; Badran, H.*; Block, M.*; Briselet, R.*; Cox, D. M.*; Dasgupta, M.*; Di Nitto, A.*; D$"u$llmann, Ch. E.*; Grahn, T.*; Hauschild, K.*; Herz$'a$n, A.*; Herzberg, R.-D.*; He${ss}$berger, F. P.*; Hinde, D. J.*; Julin, R.*; Juutinen, S.*; J$"a$ger, E.*; Kindler, B.*; Leino, M.*; Lommel, B.*; Lopez-Martens, A.*; Luong, D. H.*; Mallaburn, M.*; Nishio, Katsuhisa   ; Pakarinen, J.*; Papadakis, P.*; Partanena, J.*; Peura, P.*; Rahkila, P.*; Rezynkina, K.*; Ruotsalainen, P.*; Sandzelius, M.*; Sar$'e$n, J.*; Scholey, C.*; Sorri, J.*; Stolze, S.*; Sulignano, B.*; Theisen, Ch.*; Ward, A.*; Yakushev, A.*; Yakusheva, V.*

The new neutron-deficient nuclei $$^{240}$$Es and $$^{236}$$Bk were synthesised at the gas-filled recoil separator RITU. They were identified by their radioactive decay chains starting from $$^{240}$$Es produced in the fusion-evaporation reaction $$^{209}$$Bi($$^{34}$$S,3n)$$^{240}$$Es. Half-lives of 6(2)s and 22$$^{+13}_{-6}$$s were obtained for $$^{240}$$Es and $$^{236}$$Bk, respectively. Two groups of $$alpha$$ particles with energies $$E_{alpha}$$=8.19(3) MeV and 8.09(3) MeV were unambiguously assigned to $$^{240}$$Es. Electron-capture delayed fission branches with probabilities of 0.16(6) and 0.04(2) were measured for $$^{240}$$Es and $$^{236}$$Bk, respectively. These new data show a continuation of the exponential increase of ECDF probabilities in more neutron-deficient isotopes.



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