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In-source laser spectroscopy with the laser ion source and trap; First direct study of the ground-state properties of $$^{217,219}$$Po

Fink, D. A.*; Cocolios, T. E.*; Andreyev, A. N.; Antalic, S.*; Barzakh, A. E.*; Bastin, B.*; Fedorov, D. V.*; Fedosseev, V. N.*; Flanagan, K. T.*; Ghys, L.*; Gottberg, A.*; Huyse, M.*; Imai, Nobuaki*; Kron, T.*; Lecesne, N.*; Lynch, K. M.*; Marsh, B. A.*; Pauwels, D.*; Rapisarda, E.*; Richter, S. D.*; Rossel, R. E.*; Rothe, S.*; Seliverstov, M. D.*; Sj$"o$din, A. M.*; Van Beveren, C.*; Van Duppen, P.*; Wendt, K. D. A.*

A Laser Ion Source and Trap (LIST) for a thick-target, isotope-separation on-line facility has been implemented at CERN ISOLDE for the production of pure, laser-ionized, radioactive ion beams. The first physics application of the LIST enables the suppression of francium contamination in ion beams of neutron-rich polonium isotopes at ISOLDE by more than 1000 with a reduction in laser-ionization efficiency of only 20. Resonance ionization spectroscopy is performed directly inside the LIST device, allowing the study of the hyperfine structure and isotope shift of $$^{217}$$Po for the first time. Nuclear decay spectroscopy of $$^{219}$$Po is performed for the first time, revealing its half-life, $$alpha$$-to-$$beta$$-decay branching ratio, and $$alpha$$-particle energy. This experiment demonstrates the applicability of the LIST at radioactive ion-beam facilities for the production and study of pure beams of exotic isotopes.



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Category:Physics, Multidisciplinary



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