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Dalitz analysis of $$D^{0}to K^{-}pi^{+}eta$$ decays at Belle

Chen, Y. Q.*; Tanida, Kiyoshi; Belle Collaboration*; 181 of others*

We present the results of the first Dalitz plot analysis of the decay $$D^{0}to K^{-}pi^{+}eta$$. The analysis is performed on a data set corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 953 $$rm{fb}^{-1}$$ collected by the Belle detector at the asymmetric-energy $$e^{+}e^{-}$$ KEKB collider. The Dalitz plot is well described by a combination of the six resonant decay channels $$bar{K}^{*}(892)^0eta$$, $$K^{-}a_0(980)^+$$, $$K^{-}a_2(1320)^+$$, $$bar{K}^{*}(1410)^0eta$$, $$K^{*}(1680)^-pi^{+}$$ and $$K_2^{*}(1980)^-pi^{+}$$, together with $$Kpi$$ and $$Keta$$ S-wave components. The decays $$K^{*}(1680)^{-}to K^{-}eta$$ and $$K_{2}^{*}(1980)^{-}to K^{-}eta$$ are observed for the first time. We measure ratio of the branching fractions, $$frac{mathcal{B}(D^{0}to K^{-}pi^{+}eta)}{mathcal{B}(D^{0}to K^{-}pi^{+})}=0.500 pm 0.002 {rm(stat)} pm0.020 {rm(syst)}pm 0.003 {rm (mathcal{B}_{PDG})}$$. Using the Dalitz fit result, the ratio $$frac{mathcal{B}(K^{*}(1680) to K eta)}{mathcal{B}(K^{*}(1680)to Kpi)}$$ is measured to be $$0.11 pm 0.02 {rm(stat)}^{+0.06}_{-0.04}{rm(syst)} pm 0.04{rm(mathcal{B}_{{PDG}})}$$; this is much lower than the theoretical expectations ($$approx 1$$) made under the assumption that $$K^{*}(1680)$$ is a pure $$1^{3}D_1$$ state. The product branching fraction $$mathcal{B}(D^0 to [K_2^{*}(1980)^- to K^{-} eta] pi^{+}) = (2.2^{+1.7}_{-1.9})times10^{-4}$$ is determined. In addition, the $$pieta^{prime}$$ contribution to the $$a_0(980)^{pm}$$ resonance shape is confirmed with 10.1$$sigma$$ statistical significance using the three-channel Flatte model. We also measure $$mathcal{B}(D^0tobar{K}^{*}(892)^0eta)=(1.41^{+0.13}_{-0.12})%$$. This is consistent with, and more precise than, the current world average $$(1.02pm0.30)%$$, deviates with a significance of more than $$3sigma$$ from the theoretical predictions of (0.51-0.92)%.



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Category:Astronomy & Astrophysics



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