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The $$^{59}$$Fe(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{60}$$Fe cross section from the surrogate ratio method and its effect on the $$^{60}$$Fe nucleosynthesis

Yan, S. Q.*; Li, X. Y.*; Nishio, Katsuhisa   ; Lugaro, M.*; Li, Z. H.*; Makii, Hiroyuki   ; Pignatari, M.*; Wang, Y. B.*; Orlandi, R.  ; Hirose, Kentaro  ; Tsukada, Kazuaki  ; Mohr, P.*; Li, G. S.*; Wang, J. G.*; Gao, B. S.*; Han, Y. L.*; Guo, B.*; Li, Y. J.*; Shen, Y. P.*; Sato, Tetsuya   ; Ito, Yuta   ; Suzaki, Fumi  ; Su, J.*; Yang, Y. Y.*; Wang, J. S.*; Ma, J. B.*; Ma, P.*; Bai, Z.*; Xu, S. W.*; Ren, J.*; Fan, Q. W.*; Zeng, S.*; Han, Z. Y.*; Nan, W.*; Nan, W. K.*; Chen, C.*; Lian, G.*; Hu, Q.*; Duan, F. F.*; Jin, S. Y.*; Tang, X. D.*; Liu, W. P.*

The long-lived $$^{60}$$Fe (with a half-life of 2.62 Myr) is a crucial diagnostic of active nucleosynthesis in the Milky Way galaxy and in supernovae near the solar system. The neutron-capture reaction $$^{59}$$Fe(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{60}$$Fe on $$^{59}$$Fe (half-life=44.5 days) is the key reaction for the production of $$^{60}$$Fe in massive stars. This reaction cross section has been previously constrained by the Coulomb dissociation experiment, which offered partial constraint on the E1 $$gamma$$-ray strength function but a negligible constraint on the M1 and E2 components. In this work, for the first time, we use the surrogate ratio method to experimentally determine the $$^{59}$$Fe(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{60}$$Fe cross sections in which all the components are included. We derived a Maxwellian-averaged cross section of 27.5$$pm$$3.5 mb at $$kT$$ = 30 keV and 13.4$$pm$$1.7 mb at $$kT$$ = 90 keV, roughly 10%-20% higher than previous estimates. We analyzed the impact of our new reaction rates in nucleosynthesis models of massive stars and found that uncertainties in the production of $$^{60}$$Fe from the $$^{59}$$Fe(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{60}$$Fe rate are at most 25$$%$$. We conclude that stellar physics uncertainties now play a major role in the accurate evaluation of the stellar production of $$^{60}$$Fe.



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