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加藤 崇; 河野 勝己; not registered; 辻 博史; 桧山 忠雄

not registered

An adiabatic expansion apparatus 22 with a built-in turbine impeller 12 adiabatically expands gas at a cryogenic temperature when the impeller rotates. A control device 24 is connected coaxially with the turbine impeller to control the impeller. A variable nozzle mechanism 30 is provided for varying the throat area for the gas at a cryogenic temperature to be introduced into the turbine impeller. The adiabatic expansion apparatus is installed in a vacuum vessel 14, and a control device is disposed outside the vacuum vessel. The variable nozzle mechanism comprises a nozzle component 32 built into the adiabatic expansion apparatus, and a driving component 34 installed outside the vacuum vessel. The nozzle component and the driving component are connected to the turbine impeller with a coaxial, thin cylindrical component 36, and drive the nozzle component when the cylindrical component rotates about the axis Z of the turbine impeller. The actuator and most of ...