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Superdeformation in $$^{35}$$S

郷 慎太郎*; 井手口 栄治*; 横山 輪*; 小林 幹*; 木佐森 慶一*; 高木 基伸*; 宮 裕之*; 大田 晋輔*; 道正 新一郎*; 下浦 享*; et al.

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 6, p.030005_1 - 030005_4, 2015/06

The high-spin states in $$^{35}$$S were investigated at Tandem-ALTO facility in Institut de Physique Nucl$'e$aire d'Orsay The $$^{26}$$Mg($$^{18}$$O, 2$$alpha$$1n)$$^{35}$$S fusion evaporation reaction was used to populate high-spin states in $$^{35}$$S. The germanium $$gamma$$-ray detector array ORGAM was employed to measure $$gamma$$ rays from high-spin states and charged particles evaporated from the compound nuclei were detected by a segmented silicon detector, Si-Ball. A level scheme for $$^{35}$$S was deduced based on the gamma-gamma-coincidence analysis and $$gamma$$-ray angular correlation analysis. The half-life of the transition in the superdeformed band was estimated by measuring the residual Doppler shift. The deduced half-life shows the large collectivity of the band.


Detailed deposition density maps constructed by large-scale soil sampling for $$gamma$$-ray emitting radioactive nuclides from the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant accident

斎藤 公明; 谷畑 勇夫*; 藤原 守; 齊藤 敬*; 下浦 享*; 大塚 孝治*; 恩田 裕一*; 星 正治*; 池内 嘉宏*; 高橋 史明; et al.

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 139, p.308 - 319, 2015/01

 被引用回数:121 パーセンタイル:0.45(Environmental Sciences)

The soil deposition density maps of $$gamma$$-ray emitting radioactive nuclides from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) accident were constructed on the basis of the results from large-scale soil sampling. The 10,915 soil samples were collected at 2,168 locations. $$gamma$$-rays emitted from the samples were measured by Ge detectors and analyzed using a reliable unified method. The determined radioactivity was corrected to that as of June 14, 2011 by taking into account the intrinsic decay constant of each nuclide. Finally the maps were created for $$^{134}$$Cs, $$^{137}$$Cs, $$^{131}$$I, $$^{129m}$$Te and $$^{110m}$$Ag. The radioactivity ratio of $$^{134}$$Cs to $$^{137}$$Cs was almost constant as 0.91 irrelevant to the soil sampling location. Effective doses for 50 years after the accident were evaluated for external and inhalation exposures due to the observed radioactive nuclides. The radiation doses from radioactive cesium were found to be much higher than those from other radioactive nuclides.


Depth profiles of radioactive cesium in soil using a scraper plate over a wide area surrounding the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, Japan

松田 規宏; 三上 智; 下浦 享*; 高橋 純子*; 中野 雅和; 島田 清貴*; 宇野 騎一郎; 萩原 成朝; 斎藤 公明

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 139, p.427 - 434, 2015/01

 被引用回数:42 パーセンタイル:4.57(Environmental Sciences)

Depth profiles of radioactive cesium from the Fukushima accident in soils was obtained using a scraper plate three times between December 2011 and December 2012. In most of the obtained depth profiles, it was possible to fit the concentration to a function of mass depth as either an exponential or sech function. By using those functions, following three parameters were estimated: (1) relaxation mass depth $$beta$$ (g cm$$^{-2}$$), (2) effective relaxation mass depth $$beta$$$$_{eff}$$ (g cm$$^{-2}$$), and (3) 1/10 depth L$$_{1/10}$$ (cm). It was observed that depth profiles at some study sites deviated from the typical exponential distributions over time. Downward migration rate V (kg m$$^{-2}$$ y$$^{-1}$$) estimated by the sech function were in good agreement with those found by a realistic approach using a diffusion and migration model.


Halo structure of the island of inversion nucleus $$^{31}$$Ne

中村 隆司*; 小林 信之*; 近藤 洋介*; 佐藤 義輝*; 青井 考*; 馬場 秀忠*; 出口 茂樹*; 福田 直樹*; Gibelin, J.*; 稲辺 尚人*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 103(26), p.262501_1 - 262501_4, 2009/12

 被引用回数:142 パーセンタイル:2.51(Physics, Multidisciplinary)



Study of stellar reactions in explosive hydrogen burning with CRIB

久保野 茂*; 寺西 高*; 野谷 将広*; 山口 英斉*; 齋藤 明登*; He, J. J.*; 若林 泰生*; 藤川 尚志*; Amadio, G.*; 馬場 秀忠*; et al.

Nuclear Physics A, 758, p.733 - 736, 2005/07



Construction of precise contamination maps in the Fukushima site

斎藤 公明; 高橋 史明; 木内 伸幸; 三枝 純; 藤原 守*; 谷畑 勇夫*; 齊藤 敬*; 下浦 享*; 池内 嘉宏*

no journal, , 

Several different kinds of maps on contamination due to the Fukushima nuclear accident were constructed based on the results of extensive environmental monitoring conducted from June 6, 2011 to July 8 around the Fukushima site. More than 10,000 soil samples were collected at some 2,200 locations and analyzed to construct concentration maps for $$^{137}$$Cs, $$^{134}$$Cs, $$^{131}$$I, $$^{rm 129m}$$Te, $$^{rm 110m}$$Ag, $$^{238}$$Pu, $$^{239+240}$$Pu, $$^{89}$$Sr and $$^{90}$$Sr. At each location, the dose rate in air was measured by a calibrated survey meter. Car-borne surveys were performed using six taxis equipped with KURAMA systems which successively send dose and position data through a cellular network. Roads at more than 17,000 km were covered by the surveys. Bases on these data, dose rate distribution maps were constructed.



大井川 宏之

大津 秀暁*; 仁井田 浩二*; 小澤 正基*; 水口 浩司*; 下浦 享*; 藤田 玲子*; 櫻井 博儀*; 松崎 禎市郎*

特願 2015-057179  公開特許公報  特許公報

【課題】核分裂生成物の中から長寿命放射性核種のみを選択的に消滅させる核分裂生成物の処理方法を提供する。 【解決手段】放射性廃棄物から核分裂生成物のうち放射性核種を含み原子番号が共通する同位体元素の群を同位体分離を伴わずに抽出する工程S11と、加速器により生成した高エネルギー粒子を前記同位体元素の群に照射して前記放射性核種のうち長寿命放射性核種を半減期の短い短寿命放射性核種又は資源として再利用可能な安定核種に核変換させる工程S13とを含む。

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