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Activation and control of visible single defects in 4H-, 6H-, and 3C-SiC by oxidation

Lohrmann, A.*; Castelletto, S.*; Klein, J. R.*; 大島 武; Bosi, M.*; Negri, M.*; Lau, D. W. M.*; Gibson, B. C.*; Prawer, S.*; McCallum, J. C.*; et al.

Applied Physics Letters, 108(2), p.021107_1 - 021107_4, 2016/01

 被引用回数:26 パーセンタイル:81.88(Physics, Applied)

Creation and characterisation of single photon emitters near the surface of 4H- and 6H-silicon carbide bulk substrates and 3C-SiC epitaxially grown on silicon substrates were investigated. These single photon emitters can be created and stabilized by thermal annealing in an oxygen atmosphere at temperatures above 550 $$^{circ}$$C. Hydrofluoric acid (HF) treatment is shown to effectively annihilate the emission from defects and to restore an optically clean surface. However, the emission from the defects can be obtained after re-oxidation above 550 $$^{circ}$$C. By measuring using standard confocal microscopy techniques, the excited state lifetimes for the emitters are found to be in the nanosecond regime in all three polytypes, and the emission dipoles are aligned with the lattice.


Radiation response of silicon carbide metal-oxide-semiconductor transistors in high dose region

大島 武; 横関 貴史; 村田 航一; 松田 拓磨; 三友 啓; 阿部 浩之; 牧野 高紘; 小野田 忍; 土方 泰斗*; 田中 雄季*; et al.

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 55(1S), p.01AD01_1 - 01AD01_4, 2016/01

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:50.44(Physics, Applied)

In this study, we report the effects of $$gamma$$-ray irradiation and subsequent annealing on the electrical characteristics of vertical structure power 4H Silicon Carbide (SiC) Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) with the blocking voltage of 1200 V. The MOSFETs were irradiated with $$gamma$$-rays up to 1.2 MGy in a N$$_{2}$$ atmosphere at room temperature (RT). During the irradiation, no bias was applied to each electrode of the MOSFETs. After the irradiation, the MOSFETs were kept at RT for 240 h to investigate the stability of their degraded characteristics. Then, the irradiated MOSFETs were annealed up to 360 $$^{circ}$$C in the atmosphere. The current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of the MOSFETs were measured at RT. By 1.2 MGy irradiation, the shift of threshold voltage (V$$_{T}$$) for the MOSFETs was -3.39 V. After RT preservation for 240 h, MOSFETs showed no significant recovery in V$$_{T}$$. By annealing up to 360 $$^{circ}$$C, the MOSFETs showed remarkable recovery, and the values of V$$_{T}$$ become 91 % of the initial values. Those results indicate that the degraded characteristics of SiC MOSFETs can be recovered by thermal annealing at 360 $$^{circ}$$C.


Surface modifications of hydrogen storage alloy by heavy ion beams with keV to MeV irradiation energies

阿部 浩之; 徳平 真之介*; 内田 裕久*; 大島 武

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 365(Part A), p.214 - 217, 2015/12



New application of NV centers in CVD diamonds as a fluorescent nuclear track detector

小野田 忍; 春山 盛善; 寺地 徳之*; 磯谷 順一*; 加田 渉*; 花泉 修*; 大島 武

Physica Status Solidi (A), 212(11), p.2641 - 2644, 2015/11

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:33.76(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond is a luminescent point defect with applications of quantum computation and atomic scale sensors. One of the most important features of NV center is high emission rate. This enables single NV centers to be detected using a confocal laser scanning microscope. In this study, we propose a new application of NV centers as a single ion track detector. We perform 490 MeV Os ion irradiation to diamond grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technique. After high temperature annealing at 1000 $$^{circ}$$C, the ion track is able to be visualized by using confocal laser scanning microscope. In short, we have successfully detected ion track in diamonds.


Defect engineering in silicon carbide; Single photon sources, quantum sensors and RF emitters

Kraus, H.; Simin, D.*; Fuchs, F.*; 小野田 忍; 牧野 高紘; Dyakonov, V.*; 大島 武

Proceedings of 11th International Workshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Applications (RASEDA-11) (Internet), p.176 - 179, 2015/11

Quantum centers in silicon carbide (SiC) have already transcended their former reputation as mere performance-hampering defects. Especially the silicon vacancies, but also other point defects offer a variety of quantum applications, completing and complementing the successful NV centers in diamond. We aim to provide an overview over the research activities on quantum centers in silicon carbide, from fundamental knowledge on the 3/2 spin multiplicity, over microwave emission and single photon sources, to axis-aware magnetic field sensing and temperature sensing. Finally, we discussed creating tailored defects in SiC using different radiation parameters.


Recovery of radiation degradation on inverted metamorphic triple-junction solar cells by light soaking

柴田 優一*; 今泉 充*; 佐藤 真一郎; 大島 武; 大岡 幸代*; 高本 達也*

Proceedings of 11th International Workshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Applications (RASEDA-11) (Internet), p.65 - 68, 2015/11

次期の高効率薄膜宇宙用太陽電池として逆積み格子不整合型(IMM)三接合太陽電池の開発が進められている。最近、IMM三接合太陽電池に関して、放射線により劣化した特性が光照射により回復する現象が見いだされたが、その詳細は明らかになっていない。そこで、1MeV電子線を3$$times$$10$$^{15}$$ e$$^-$$/cm$$^2$$照射することで劣化させたIMM三接合太陽電池の光照射回復現象を調べた。その結果、3時間の光照射(AM0、1sun)によって開放電圧が43mV回復することが判明した。また、太陽電池中に残留する欠陥について調べるためにエレクトロルミネセンス測定したところ、InGaP, GaAs, InGaAsの三層のうち、InGaPトップセルのエレクトロルミネセンス強度が光照射後に増加していることがわかった。このことから、光照射による回復は、InGaPトップセル中の欠陥が回復したことに起因することが明らかとなった。


Measurement of ion beam induced current in quantum dot solar cells

中村 徹哉*; 今泉 充*; 佐藤 真一郎; 菅谷 武芳*; 望月 透*; 岡野 好伸*; 大島 武

Proceedings of 11th International Workshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Applications (RASEDA-11) (Internet), p.73 - 76, 2015/11

量子ドット太陽電池の放射線劣化メカニズムの解明を目指し、ガリウムひ素(GaAs)半導体中に量子ドットを含むi層を導入したpin太陽電池の放射線照射効果に関する研究を推進している。これまでに、量子ドット太陽電池は放射線照射により曲線因子(FF)が大きく劣化することを報告しているが、今回は、そのメカニズムを明らかにするために、低エネルギー陽子線照射によって生成する電流(イオンビーム誘起電流: IBIC)を測定し、空乏化している量子ドット層内での少数キャリアの振る舞いを調べた。陽子線のエネルギーは量子ドット層に損傷が導入されるような条件とし、結晶損傷が蓄積されることで生成電流がどのように減少していくかを観察した。その結果、陽子線照射によって量子ドット層内に蓄積した欠陥に起因するキャリア収集効率の低下がFF劣化の主要因であることが明らかとなった。


A Development of super radiation-hardened power electronics using silicon carbide semiconductors; Toward MGy-class radiation resistivity

土方 泰斗*; 三友 啓*; 松田 拓磨*; 村田 航一*; 横関 貴史*; 牧野 高紘; 武山 昭憲; 小野田 忍; 大久保 秀一*; 田中 雄季*; et al.

Proceedings of 11th International Workshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Applications (RASEDA-11) (Internet), p.130 - 133, 2015/11

In order to develop semiconductor devices with MGy radiation resistivity, we are developing power metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect-transistors (MOSFETs) based on silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductors. The $$gamma$$-ray irradiation responses of power SiC-MOSFETs were studied under various irradiation temperatures and humidity with various gate-bias conditions. Making comparisons between these responses, the optimum device operating condition and a better device structure were derived and MGy resistivity was achieved. Besides, $$gamma$$-ray irradiation tests for a motor-driver circuits consisting of SiC-MOSFETs were carried out, and as a result, their continuous operation up to 2 MGy was confirmed.


Effect of humidity and temperature on the radiation response of SiC MOSFETs

武山 昭憲; 松田 拓磨; 横関 貴史; 三友 啓; 村田 航一; 牧野 高紘; 小野田 忍; 田中 雄季*; 神取 幹郎*; 吉江 徹*; et al.

Proceedings of 11th International Workshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Applications (RASEDA-11) (Internet), p.134 - 137, 2015/11

Influence of $$gamma$$-ray irradiation under high temperature and high humidity circumstance on the electrical characteristics of Silicon Carbide (SiC) Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFETs) was investigated. The drain current (I$$_{D}$$)-gate voltage (V$$_{G}$$) curves shifted to the negative voltage side and no significant further shift was observed with increasing the dose above 10 kGy. Suppression of the negative shift of threshold voltage (V$$_{th}$$) means that positive charges generated by irradiation were thermally annealed by elevated temperature during irradiation. The leakage current slightly increased at 5 and 10 kGy, however, those values recovered to be approximately the initial value above 40 kGy. Humidity circumstance attributed to remarkable suppression of the leakage current in comparison with dry circumstance.


NV centers in diamond used for detection of single ion track

春山 盛善; 小野田 忍; 加田 渉*; 寺地 徳之*; 磯谷 順一*; 大島 武; 花泉 修*

Proceedings of 11th International Workshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Applications (RASEDA-11) (Internet), p.184 - 187, 2015/11

We propose that diamond can be utilized as a new Fluorescent Nuclear Track Detector (FNTD) material. For this aim, we focus on Nitrogen Vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. One of the most important features of a NV center is a high emission rate, which enable us to observe single NV center. After high energy ion irradiation and subsequent annealing, we successfully observe Os ion tracks in various diamonds containing dense nitrogen impurity. However, Os ion track cannot be observed from diamond without nitrogen impurity. We found that the optimization of nitrogen impurity is a key issue for developing high sensitive FNTD based on diamond.


Surface modification effects on hydrogen absorption property of a hydrogen storage alloy by short pulse laser irradiation

阿部 浩之; 下村 拓也; 徳平 真之介*; 島田 幸洋*; 竹仲 佑介*; 古山 雄太*; 西村 昭彦; 内田 裕久*; 大道 博行; 大島 武

Proceedings of 7th International Congress on Laser Advanced Materials Processing (LAMP 2015) (Internet), 4 Pages, 2015/08



High temperature annealing effects on deep-level defects in a high purity semi-insulating 4H-SiC substrate

岩本 直也*; Azarov, A.*; 大島 武; Moe, A. M. M.*; Svensson, B. G.*

Journal of Applied Physics, 118(4), p.045705_1 - 045705_8, 2015/07

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:23(Physics, Applied)

Influence of high-temperature annealing on deep-level defects in a high-purity semi-insulating hexagonal (4H) silicon carbide (SiC) substrates was studied. From secondary ion mass spectrometry, it was found that the substrates contained boron (B) with concentration in the mid 10$$^{15}$$ /cm$$^{3}$$ range while other impurities including nitrogen, aluminum, titanium, vanadium and chromium were below their detection limits. Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) were fabricated on substrates annealed at 1400$$sim$$1700 $$^{circ}$$C. The series resistance of the SBDs decreased with increasing annealing temperature. Admittance spectroscopy results showed the presence of shallow B acceptors and deep-level defects. By 1400 $$^{circ}$$C annealing, the B acceptors were still compensated by deep-level defects. However, the concentration of deep-level defects decreased with increasing annealing temperature above 1400 $$^{circ}$$C. Therefore, the decreases in series resistance due to high temperature annealing can be interpreted in terms of annealing of deep-level defects which act as compensation centers for B acceptors.


Recovery of the electrical characteristics of SiC-MOSFETs irradiated with gamma-rays by thermal treatments

横関 貴史; 阿部 浩之; 牧野 高紘; 小野田 忍; 田中 雄季*; 神取 幹郎*; 吉江 徹*; 土方 泰斗*; 大島 武

Materials Science Forum, 821-823, p.705 - 708, 2015/07

Since silicon carbide (SiC) has high radiation resistance, it is expected to be applied to electronic devices used in harsh radiation environments, such as nuclear facilities. Especially, extremely high radiation resistant devices (MGy order) are required for decommissioning of TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors. The development of radiation resistant devices based on Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) FETs is important since MOSFETs can easily realize normally-off and low-loss power devices. In this study, we irradiated vertical power 4H-SiC MOSFETs with gamma-rays up to 1.2 MGy, and investigated the recovery of their degraded characteristics due to thermal annealing up to 360 $$^{circ}$$C. The drain current (I$$_{D}$$) - gate voltage (V$$_{G}$$) curves of SiC MOSFETs shift to the negative voltage side and the leakage of I$$_{D}$$ increased by irradiation at 1.2 MGy. After the irradiation, the MOSFETs were kept at RT for 240 h. By the RT-annealing, no significant change in the degraded electrical characteristics of SiC MOSFETs was observed. The degraded characteristics of SiC MOSFETs began to recover by annealing above 120 $$^{circ}$$C, and their characteristics reach almost the initial ones by annealing at 360 $$^{circ}$$C.


Single-photon emitting diode in silicon carbide

Lohrmann, A.*; 岩本 直也*; Bodrog, Z.*; Castelletto, S.*; 大島 武; Karle, T. J.*; Gali, A.*; Prawer, S.*; McCallum, J. C.*; Johnson, B. C.*

Nature Communications (Internet), 6, p.7783_1 - 7783_7, 2015/07

 被引用回数:107 パーセンタイル:96.88(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

A new single photon source (SPS) was found in hexagonal silicon carbide (SiC), and the luminescence from the SPS could be controlled by the operation of the pn diode. The SPS showed electro-luminescence (EL) with spectra between 700 and 850 nm (zero phonon line: 745 nm) and the EL could be easily observed at even room temperature (RT). Also, the SPS has very high thermal stability and can be observed even after 1800 $$^{circ}$$C annealing. The luminescence from the SPS was also observed by photo-luminescence measurements at RT. From Ab initio calculation, it was proposed that the silicon antisite defects beneath cubic SiC inclusion are a reasonable structure for the SPS although the identification of the SPS has not yet done.


Superdeformation in $$^{35}$$S

郷 慎太郎*; 井手口 栄治*; 横山 輪*; 小林 幹*; 木佐森 慶一*; 高木 基伸*; 宮 裕之*; 大田 晋輔*; 道正 新一郎*; 下浦 享*; et al.

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 6, p.030005_1 - 030005_4, 2015/06

The high-spin states in $$^{35}$$S were investigated at Tandem-ALTO facility in Institut de Physique Nucl$'e$aire d'Orsay The $$^{26}$$Mg($$^{18}$$O, 2$$alpha$$1n)$$^{35}$$S fusion evaporation reaction was used to populate high-spin states in $$^{35}$$S. The germanium $$gamma$$-ray detector array ORGAM was employed to measure $$gamma$$ rays from high-spin states and charged particles evaporated from the compound nuclei were detected by a segmented silicon detector, Si-Ball. A level scheme for $$^{35}$$S was deduced based on the gamma-gamma-coincidence analysis and $$gamma$$-ray angular correlation analysis. The half-life of the transition in the superdeformed band was estimated by measuring the residual Doppler shift. The deduced half-life shows the large collectivity of the band.


Energy loss process analysis for radiation degradation and immediate recovery of amorphous silicon alloy solar cells

佐藤 真一郎; Beernink, K.*; 大島 武

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 54(6), p.061401_1 - 061401_6, 2015/06

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:23(Physics, Applied)

薄膜安価な宇宙用太陽電池への応用が期待されているa-Si/a-SiGe/a-SiGe三接合太陽電池の放射線照射劣化機構について詳細に調べた。シリコンイオン, 電子線, 陽子線照射による電気特性劣化をその場電流・電圧測定システムを用いて調べたところ、照射直後から顕著な回復が生じること、またそれが放射線の種類や温度によらず発生することが分かった。これは実宇宙空間での劣化予測において重要な現象であり、短絡電流をパラメータとして用いることで、回復挙動の予測が可能であることを明らかにした。さらに、入射粒子のエネルギー損失過程(イオン化エネルギー損失(IEL)と非イオン化エネルギー損失(NIEL))と相対損傷因子を解析し、電子線照射劣化に対してはイオン化線量が、陽子線照射劣化に対してははじき出し損傷線量が支配的なパラメータになると結論付けた。これは、一般的にはNIELに起因する欠陥生成(損傷)はIELよりもはるかに大きいが、電子線の場合はIELに対するNIELの比が非常に小さく、NIELに起因する損傷が無視できるためである。一方、シリコンイオン照射による劣化は、放射線の線質効果の影響を考慮する必要があることが分かった。


Atom-photon coupling from nitrogen-vacancy centres embedded in tellurite microspheres

Ruan, Y.*; Gibson, B. C.*; Lau, D. W. M.*; Greentree, A. D.*; Ji, H.*; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.*; Johnson, B. C.*; 大島 武; Monro, T. M.*

Scientific Reports (Internet), 5, p.11486_1 - 11486_7, 2015/06

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:29.52(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

A technique for creating high quality tellurite microspheres with embedded nano-diamonds (NDs) containing nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers was developed. TZN tellurite glass (TeO$$_{2}$$-ZnO-Na$$_{2}$$O) was fabricated in-house using the melt-quench technique and was formed to be glass fiber with a diameter of 0.16 mm. During this process, NDs with NV centers which were created by electron irradiation at 2 MeV were added into TZN tellurite glass above 690 $$^{circ}$$C. To obtain uniformly dispersed ND solutions, the NDs were processed using strong acid reflux and ultra-sonication before the mixture with TZN tellurite glass. This method can realize very bright fluorescence of the NVs in the NDs at room temperature. It is concluded that this new approach can be applied to a robust way of creating cavities for use in quantum and sensing applications.


Development of diagnostic method for deep levels in semiconductors using charge induced by heavy ion microbeams

加田 渉*; 神林 佑哉*; 岩本 直也*; 小野田 忍; 牧野 高紘; 江夏 昌志; 神谷 富裕; 星乃 紀博*; 土田 秀一*; 児島 一聡*; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 348, p.240 - 245, 2015/04

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:41.12(Instruments & Instrumentation)

Deep level defects in semiconductors act as carrier traps Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy (DLTS) is known as one of the most famous techniques to investigate deep levels. However, DLTS does not well work for samples with high resistivity. To overcome this issue, DLTS using charge generated by ion incidence was proposed. Recently, we developed a deep level evaluation system based on Charge Transient Spectroscopy using alpha particles from $$^{241}$$Am (Alpha Particle Charge Transient Spectroscopy: APQTS) and reported the effect of deep levels in 6H SiC pn diodes generated by electron irradiation on the characteristics as particle detectors. In this study, we report the development of Charge Transient Spectroscopy using Heavy Ion Microbeams (HIQTS). The HIQTS can detect deep levels with micron meter spatial resolution since microbeams are applied. Thus, we can clarify the relationship between deep levels and device characteristics with micron meter resolution. When a 6H-SiC pn diode was irradiated with 12 MeV-oxygen (O) ions at 4$$times$$10$$^{9}$$ and 8$$times$$10$$^{9}$$ /cm$$^{2}$$, the charge collection efficiency (CCE) decreased to 71 and 52%, respectively. HIQTS signals obtained from those damaged regions using 15 MeV-O microbeams increased at measurement temperature ranges above 350 K, and the signals are larger with increasing 12 MeV-O ion fluence.


Radiation hardness of n-type SiC Schottky barrier diodes irradiated with MeV He ion microbeam

Pastuovi$'c$, $v{Z}$*; Capan, I.*; Cohen, D.*; Forneris, J.*; 岩本 直也*; 大島 武; Siegele, R.*; 星乃 紀博*; 土田 秀一*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 348, p.233 - 239, 2015/04

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:55.25(Instruments & Instrumentation)

The relationship between defects created in SiC semiconductors and the degradation of SiC particle detectors was investigated. The n-type Schottky barrier diodes (SBD) fabricated on an epitaxial 4H-SiC layer were irradiated with a raster scanned alpha particle microbeam (either 2 or 4 MeV He$$^{2+}$$ ions) to introduce crystal damage with different depths. Deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) was applied to characterize defects generated in SiC by He ion irradiation. Ion Beam Induced Charge (IBIC) microscopy was used to determine the degradation of the charge collection efficiency (CCE). DLTS and electrical characteristics measurements suggested that minority carrier lifetime decreased with increasing the concentration of Z$$_{1/2}$$ defect. Also, the free carrier concentration in SiC decreased with increasing He fluence. Furthermore, the formation of new type of defects, i.e. complex (cluster) defects was detected. In conclusion, the value of CCE decreased due to above-mentioned effects.


Isolated electron spins in silicon carbide with millisecond coherence times

Christle, D.*; Falk, A.*; Andrich, A.*; Klimov, P.*; Hassan, J.*; Son, N. T.*; Janz$'e$n, E.*; 大島 武; Awschalom, D.*

Nature Materials, 14(2), p.160 - 163, 2015/02

 被引用回数:242 パーセンタイル:99.22(Chemistry, Physical)

Carbon vacancy - silicon vacancy pair (V$$_{C}$$-V$$_{Si}$$) in silicon carbide (SiC) is regarded as a promising candidate for a qubit for quantum computing since V$$_{C}$$-V$$_{Si}$$ is thought to have electronic states with sharp optical and spin transitions. However, single spin operation using V$$_{C}$$-V$$_{Si}$$ has not yet been succeeded although it was revealed that V$$_{C}$$-V$$_{Si}$$ shows the characteristics as a single photon source (SPS). In this study, we studied spin properties of V$$_{C}$$-V$$_{Si}$$ created in SiC by 2 MeV-electron irradiation. First, we found V$$_{C}$$-V$$_{Si}$$ in SiC using a confocal microscope (CFM) and measured their optical detected magnet resonance (ODMR) at 20 K. Then, their spin coherence was measured from the standard two-pulse Hahn-echo sequence using ODMR. As a result, the spin coherence time exceeding 1 ms was obtained.

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