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Measurement of Doppler broadening of prompt gamma-rays from various zirconium- and ferro-borons

土川 雄介; 甲斐 哲也; 阿部 雄太; 大石 佑治*; Sun, Y.*; 及川 健一; 中谷 健; 佐藤 一憲

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 991, p.164964_1 - 164964_5, 2021/03



Development of three-dimensional distribution visualization technology for boron using energy resolved neutron-imaging system (RADEN)

阿部 雄太; 土川 雄介; 甲斐 哲也; 松本 吉弘*; Parker, J. D.*; 篠原 武尚; 大石 佑治*; 加美山 隆*; 永江 勇二; 佐藤 一憲

Proceedings of 2020 International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 2020) (Internet), 6 Pages, 2020/08

Boron carbide is used as a neutron-absorbing material in Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (1F), producing borides that are twice as hard as oxides (such as UO$$_{2}$$ and ZrO$$_{2}$$). The high neutron absorption of boron affects the evaluation of re-criticality during the process of debris retrieval. Therefore, it is important not only to determine the presence of boron but also to investigate the distribution of boron inside the material in a non-destructive manner during decommissioning. To address the uncertainties in the core material relocation behavior of boiling water reactor (BWR) during a severe accident (SA), solidified melt specimens of a simulated fuel assembly were prepared by plasma heating. If core material melting and relocation (CMMR) specimens can be used to estimate the B distribution in 1F Unit-3, that will provide valuable information in the decommissioning of 1F. To address this, the authors focused on the energy-resolved neutron imaging system, RADEN, which utilizes a wide energy range, from meV to keV. This is an innovative three-dimensional analysis technology for boride distribution that affects the evaluation of hardness and re-criticality. In the calibration standard samples (Zr$$_{x}$$B$$_{1-x}$$ and Fe$$_{x}$$B$$_{1-x}$$), there was a good correlation between boron concentration and the energy-dependence of the cross sections of cold and epi-thermal neutrons. In the CMMR specimens, boron distribution was confirmed from the contrast difference between cold and epi-thermal neutrons. In the future, the results of calibration standard samples will be applied to the results of CMMR specimens. With this method, three-dimensional boron distribution will be measured, and the understanding of boride distribution 1F Unit-3 will be improved, which may be reflected in an improved SA code.


Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, 2; Neutron scattering instruments

中島 健次; 川北 至信; 伊藤 晋一*; 阿部 淳*; 相澤 一也; 青木 裕之; 遠藤 仁*; 藤田 全基*; 舟越 賢一*; Gong, W.*; et al.

Quantum Beam Science (Internet), 1(3), p.9_1 - 9_59, 2017/12



Numerical study on influence of Ohnesorge number and Reynolds number on the jet breakup behavior using the lattice Boltzmann method

岩澤 譲*; 阿部 豊*; 金子 暁子*; 金川 哲也*; 齋藤 慎平*; 松尾 英治*; 海老原 健一; 坂場 弘*; 小山 和也*; 成合 英樹*

Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23) (DVD-ROM), 7 Pages, 2015/05



Numerical simulation of self-priming phenomena in venturi scrubber by two-phase flow simulation code TPFIT

堀口 直樹; 吉田 啓之; 金川 哲也*; 金子 暁子*; 阿部 豊*

Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23) (DVD-ROM), 6 Pages, 2015/05



Development of prediction technology of two-phase flow dynamics under earthquake acceleration, 16; Experimental and numerical study of pressure fluctuation effects on bubble motion

加藤 由幹; 吉田 啓之; 横山 諒太郎*; 金川 哲也*; 金子 暁子*; 文字 秀明*; 阿部 豊*

Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-23) (DVD-ROM), 8 Pages, 2015/05

In this study, visualization experiment for the bubbly flow in a horizontal pipe excited by oscillation acceleration was performed to understand bubbly flow behavior under earthquake acceleration. Liquid pressure was also measured at upstream and downstream of the test section. In addition, to consider detailed effects of pressure gradient on bubble motion, numerical simulation of two-phase flow in horizontal pipe with vibration was performed by a detailed two-phase flow simulation code with an advanced interface tracking method: TPFIT. Based on observed images and calculated results, bubble velocity was evaluated. It was confirmed that the pressure gradient amplitude increased with the increase of the frequency of the table. In addition, it was observed that the bubble velocity amplitude also increases with the increase of the frequency of the table. It was concluded that the bubble motion was strongly affected by the pressure gradient in the test section.


Development of evaluation method of liquid flow rate by self-priming phenomena in venturi scrubber

堀口 直樹; 吉田 啓之; 金川 哲也*; 金子 暁子*; 阿部 豊*

Proceedings of 9th Korea-Japan Symposium on Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics and Safety (NTHAS-9) (CD-ROM), 5 Pages, 2014/11

A Multi Venturi Scrubber System (MVSS) is one of the filtered venting devices, and used for existing reactors in Europe. One of the main components of the MVSS is a self-priming Venturi Scrubber (VS). It is considered that a dispersed or dispersed annular flow is formed in the VS by a self-priming phenomena. In the self-priming phenomena, the liquid was suctioned from a surrounding region to the inside of the VS. And a part of the radioactive materials in the gas are eliminated to the liquid through the gas-liquid interface of the dispersed or annular dispersed flow. Therefore, to consider the MVSS operation characteristics, it is important to evaluate the liquid flow rate of the self-priming of the VS including the occurrence condition of the self-priming. In this paper, to understand the self-priming phenomena of the VS for the filtered venting, theoretical preliminary analysis for evaluating liquid flow rate of the self-priming of the VS and experiment to observe self-priming phenomena and measure the liquid flow rare of the self-priming were performed. By comparing these results, we discussed about the mechanism of the self-priming phenomena. As a result, the self-priming phenomena in the VS was observed. In addition, at a higher gas mass flux, the suspension of the self-priming phenomena was confirmed both experimentally and theoretically.



平塚 一; 秦野 歳久; 阿部 哲也

JAEA-Testing 2013-001, 42 Pages, 2013/05





平塚 一; 秦野 歳久; 阿部 哲也

平成24年度愛媛大学総合技術研究会報告書(CD-ROM), 3 Pages, 2013/03



Control of epitaxy of graphene by crystallographic orientation of a Si substrate toward device applications

吹留 博一*; 高橋 良太*; 阿部 峻佑*; 今泉 京*; 半田 浩之*; Kang, H. C.*; 唐澤 宏美*; 末光 哲也*; 尾辻 泰一*; 遠田 義晴*; et al.

Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21(43), p.17242 - 17248, 2011/11

 被引用回数:27 パーセンタイル:31.03(Chemistry, Physical)

Graphene is a promising material in the next-generation devices. Large-scale epitaxial graphene should be grown on Si substrates to take over the accumulated technologies for integrated devices. We have for this reason developed epitaxy of graphene on Si (GOS) and device operation of the backgate field-effect transistors (FETs) using GOS has been confirmed. It is demonstrated in this paper that the GOS method enables us to tune the structural and electronic properties of graphene in terms of the crystallographic orientation of the Si substrate. Furthermore, it is shown that the uniformity of the GOS process within a sizable area enables us to reliably fabricate topgate FETs using conventional lithography techniques. GOS can be thus the key material in the next-generation devices owing to the tunability of the electronic structure by the crystallographic orientation of the Si substrate.


Theoretical study on segregation of Cu, Mo and W impurities and stability of impurity-vacancy pairs in bcc Fe

都留 智仁; 阿部 陽介; 鈴木 知史; 中沢 哲也; 加治 芳行; 塚田 隆

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 417(1-3), p.1054 - 1057, 2011/10

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:87.73(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)




平塚 一; 秦野 歳久; 阿部 哲也

平成23年度機器・分析技術研究会報告, p.64 - 65, 2011/09

特願 H16-234010   開放特許情報データベース   公報




秦野 歳久; 平塚 一; 阿部 哲也

Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan, 54(9), p.474 - 477, 2011/09

特願 H16-234010   開放特許情報データベース   公報



幌延深地層研究計画; 第2期中期計画(平成22年度$$sim$$平成26年度)調査研究計画書

岩月 輝希; 佐藤 治夫; 野原 壯; 棚井 憲治; 杉田 裕; 天野 健治; 藪内 聡; 大山 卓也; 天野 由記; 横田 秀晴; et al.

JAEA-Research 2011-009, 73 Pages, 2011/06




Optimization of ion-beam irradiation for mutagenesis in soybean; Effects on plant growth and production of visibly altered mutants

荒瀬 幸子*; 長谷 純宏; 阿部 純*; 河西 めぐみ*; 山田 哲也*; 喜多村 啓介*; 鳴海 一成; 田中 淳; 金澤 章*

Plant Biotechnology, 28(3), p.323 - 329, 2011/06

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:53.88(Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology)

We describe for the first time the dose response and mutagenic effects of ion-beam irradiation in soybean. We irradiated the hilum side of dried mature soybean seeds with 320 MeV carbon ions. The number of plants that survived until seed-set decreased with the increase of the irradiation dose and was very low in plants irradiated at doses higher than 5.0 Gy, whereas the frequency distribution of the number of seeds produced by each seed-setting plant was not affected by lower doses of irradiation. We produced plant populations irradiated at 2.5 Gy and 5.0 Gy on a large scale to obtain M$$_{2}$$ seeds. Despite the duplicate composition of the soybean genome, chlorophyll-deficient mutants were detected with a frequency of 0.47% in the M$$_{2}$$ generation of plants irradiated at 5.0 Gy. These results demonstrate that irradiation of the hilum side of dried soybean seeds with carbon ion beams at a dose range around 2.5-5.0 Gy induces genetic changes while also allowing the production of a considerable number of seed-setting plants.



秦野 歳久; 平塚 一; 長谷川 浩一; 海福 雄一郎*; 阿部 哲也

Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan, 54(5), p.313 - 316, 2011/05



Leak detection technology

廣木 成治; 阿部 哲也; 丹澤 貞光

Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Fusion and Fusion Engineering, p.367 - 403, 2009/09

最近の大型核融合炉では安全対策上や高性能プラズマを実現するうえでリーク探知技術が極めて重要であるが、巨大で複雑かつ人的アクセス困難なため、通常のヘリウムリーク探知技術を使えない場合が多い。この章では原子力機構がこれまでに開発したリーク探知関連技術を紹介している。高分解能四極子質量分析計(HR-QMS)はD$$_{2}$$中の$$^{4}$$Heを10$$^{-4}$$まで検出できた。また、真空容器内水冷機器の冷却水を循環させたまま水リーク探知を行う方法として、クリプトン(Kr)を水に溶解してからリークしたKr検出までの時間遅れを計測して12.6%の誤差でリーク箇所を特定できることを示した。さらに、指向性全圧計を真空用マニピュレーターに搭載して模擬リーク付近を走査した実験では10$$^{-8}$$ Pa-m$$^{3}$$/sまでの空気リークを検出できた。一方、特殊QMS測定子を真空中で走査した結果、10$$^{-5}$$ Pa-m$$^{3}$$/sのアルゴンリークを検出できた。これらの技術は今後の大型核融合炉にも十分適用可能である。


Conceptual design and related R&D on ITER mechanical based primary pumping system

丹澤 貞光; 廣木 成治; 阿部 哲也; 清水 克祐*; 井上 雅彦*; 渡辺 光徳*; 井口 昌司*; 杉本 朋子*; 猪原 崇*; 中村 順一*

JAEA-Technology 2008-076, 99 Pages, 2008/12




Development of water leak detection method in fusion reactors using water-soluble gas

廣木 成治; 丹澤 貞光; 新井 貴; 阿部 哲也

Fusion Engineering and Design, 83(1), p.72 - 78, 2008/01

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:67.02(Nuclear Science & Technology)




新井 貴; 平塚 一; 長谷川 浩一; 秦野 歳久; 根本 正博; 阿部 哲也

平成18年度名古屋大学総合技術研究会装置技術研究会報告集, p.76 - 79, 2007/03


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