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Journal Articles

J-PARC timing system

Tamura, Fumihiko; Yoshikawa, Hiroshi; Yoshii, Masahito*; Chiba, Junsei*; Kato, Tadahiko*; Takagi, Akira*

Proceedings of 1st Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan and 29th Linear Accelerator Meeting in Japan, p.677 - 679, 2004/08

We describe the overvier of the J-PARC timing system. J-PARC accelerators consists of the linac, the RCS and the MR, which have different repetition rates. The beam destinations of the linac and RCS are different in each pulse. We present the precise timing system which governs the accelerator timing.

Oral presentation

Production and decay properties of $$^{277}$$Cn produced in the reaction of $$^{208}$$Pb+$$^{70}$$Zn

Sumita, Takayuki*; Morimoto, Koji*; Kaji, Daiya*; Ozeki, Kazutaka*; Katori, Kenji*; Sakai, Ryutaro*; Hasebe, Hiroo*; Haba, Hiromitsu*; Yoneda, Akira*; Yoshida, Atsushi*; et al.

no journal, , 

The decay property of $$^{277}$$Cn (atomic number, $$Z=112$$) produced in the $$^{208}$$Pb($$^{70}$$Zn, $$n$$) reaction was studied. The experiment was performed using the gas-filled recoil ion separator (GARIS) at the RIKEN liner accelerator facility (RILAC). The $$^{208}$$Pb target with about 630 $$mu$$g/cm$$^{2}$$ thickness was bombarded with 347.5, 351.5, and 355.5 MeV $$^{70}$$Zn beam. At the beam energy of 351.5 MeV, we observed one $$alpha$$-decay chain from $$^{277}$$Cn. The $$alpha$$-particle energy of $$^{277}$$Cn was $$11.07 pm 0.08$$ MeV and its lifetime was measured to be 0.370 ms. Including our previous result of the $$^{277}$$Cn production in 2004, the cross section of the $$^{208}$$Pb($$^{70}$$Zn, $$n$$) reaction is deduced to be $$0.17^{+0.16}_{-0.10}$$ pb.

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