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Journal Articles

Elemental substitution effects in multiferroic ${it R}$Fe$$_{2}$$O$$_{4}$$ (${it R}$: rare earths)

Yoshii, Kenji; Funae, Takeshi*; Mizumaki, Masaichiro*; Ejiri, Hiroki*; Ikeda, Naoshi*; Saito, Hiroyuki; Matsumura, Daiju

Physica Status Solidi (C), 12(6), p.841 - 844, 2015/06

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:42.16

We report the effects of elemental substitutions in multiferroic ${it R}$Fe$$_{2}$$O$$_{4}$$ ($$R$$: Y, Ho-Lu, In). The substitution by nonmagnetic Ga$$^{3+}$$ at the Fe site, which has not been reported so far, shows a drastic decrease in the ferrimagnetic transition temperature ($$T_{rm N}$$). This is plausibly owing to the suppression of magnetic interactions between Fe ions, based on our previous results of other substituted systems such as ${it R}$FeCoO$$_{4}$$. Dielectric constants near room temperature were comparable to those of $$R$$Fe$$_{2}$$O$$_{4}$$. The suppression of dielectric loss in this system is suitable to application. The ${it R}$-site substitution was also attempted by the large R$$^{3+}$$ ions such as Dy$$^{3+}$$. The solubility limit was up to about 10% of ${it R}$ ions, as confirmed by XRD and EXAFS measurements. $$T_{rm N}$$ was raised by 5-10 K for Dy$$^{3+}$$ substitution.

Journal Articles

High performance tokamak experiments with a ferritic steel wall on JFT-2M

Tsuzuki, Kazuhiro; Kimura, Haruyuki; Kawashima, Hisato; Sato, Masayasu; Kamiya, Kensaku; Shinohara, Koji; Ogawa, Hiroaki; Hoshino, Katsumichi; Bakhtiari, M.; Kasai, Satoshi; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 43(10), p.1288 - 1293, 2003/10

 Times Cited Count:39 Percentile:74.93(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

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Oral presentation

Rare earth substitution effects in multiferroic RFe$$_{2}$$O$$_{4}$$ (R: rare earths)

Yoshii, Kenji; Matsumura, Daiju; Endo, Naruki; Saito, Hiroyuki; Yoneda, Yasuhiro; Nishihata, Yasuo; Funae, Takeshi*; Ejiri, Hiroki*; Kano, Jun*; Kobayashi, Tatsuo*; et al.

no journal, , 

We have investigated the substitution effects at the rare-earth (R) site in multiferroic RFe$$_{2}$$O$$_{4}$$ (R: Y, Ho-Lu) to explore a new phase of this system. From EXAFS measurements for the R atoms, the large R$$^{3+}$$ ions (such as Dy$$^{3+}$$) was partially substituted in RFe$$_{2}$$O$$_{4}$$. Powder X-ray diffraction showed that this material had a single-phase RFe$$_{2}$$O$$_{4}$$-type structure (space group R-3m). The simulated EXAFS spectrum reproduced the characteristics of the experimental spectrum, confirming that R$$^{3+}$$ is actually settled at the rare earth site. The other results, such as the magnetic properties, will be reported at the conference.

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