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Journal Articles

External exposure dose estimation by electron spin resonance technique for wild Japanese macaque captured in Fukushima Prefecture

Oka, Toshitaka; Takahashi, Atsushi*; Koarai, Kazuma; Mitsuyasu, Yusuke*; Kino, Yasushi*; Sekine, Tsutomu*; Shimizu, Yoshinaka*; Chiba, Mirei*; Suzuki, Toshihiko*; Osaka, Ken*; et al.

Radiation Measurements, 134, p.106315_1 - 106315_4, 2020/06

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:39.17(Nuclear Science & Technology)

The relationship between the CO$$_{2}$$ radical intensity and the absorbed dose (dose response curve) of tooth enamel of Japanese macaque was observed by electron spin resonance and the detection limit of our system was estimated to be 33.5 mGy, which is comparable to the detection limit for human molar teeth. Using the dose response curve, external exposure dose for seven wild Japanese macaques captured in Fukushima prefecture were examined. The results suggest that the external exposure dose for the wild Japanese macaques were ranged between 45 mGy to 300 mGy.

Journal Articles

Measurement of proton, deuteron, and triton production double differential cross sections on carbon by 290 MeV/nucleon Ar ions

Kajimoto, Tsuyoshi*; Hashiguchi, Taro*; Shigyo, Nobuhiro*; Satoh, Daiki; Uozumi, Yusuke*; Song, T. Y.*; Lee, C. W.*; Kim, J. W.*; Yang, S. C.*; Koba, Yusuke*; et al.

JAEA-Conf 2014-002, p.127 - 132, 2015/02

Particle transport Monte Carlo codes such as PHITS, FLUKA and so on are used for radiation safety design of high energy accelerators. The validity of code is con rmed by comparison with many experimental data. In this study, we report proton, deuteron, and triton production double differential cross sections (DDXs) from a graphite target by 290 MeV/nucleon Ar ions. The measured spectra are compared with those calculated by PHITS and FLUKA codes.

Journal Articles

Possibility of formic and acetic acids as active substrates for methanogenesis in the groundwater in Horonobe, Hokkaido

Tamamura, Shuji*; Endo, Ryo*; Shimizu, Satoru*; Iwatsuki, Teruki; Amano, Yuki; Omi, Yasushi*; Igarashi, Toshifumi*

Journal of MMIJ, 128(10,11), p.570 - 575, 2012/10

no abstracts in English

JAEA Reports

Integrity evaluation of removable lid type shielded container

Uesaka, Takahiro; Kozawa, Masachiyo; Matsumoto, Junko; Endo, Masayuki; Kinoshita, Junichi; Suzuki, Takeshi; Suzuki, Hisao; Morishita, Satoru; Sakamoto, Yu

JAEA-Technology 2012-015, 29 Pages, 2012/06


In Japan Atomic Energy Agency Nuclear Science Research Institute waste treatment building No.2 treat intermediate-level solid waste. Solid wastes are reduced in volume by compaction. They are then canned in stainless can, which are subsequently put in 200-liter concrete-lined drums or 1-m$$^{3}$$ concrete containers, filled with concrete. To prepare for disposal in future, be able to make fit with the technical standard of waste package, we were asked to change the lid type shielded container. Therefore due to the change of lid type shielded container, we confirmed integrity of it with evaluation of close volt by drop analysis, evaluation of shielding, and drop test with a prototype model.

Journal Articles

Microdosimetric evaluation of the neutron field for BNCT at Kyoto University Reactor by using the PHITS code

Baba, Hiromi*; Onizuka, Yoshihiko*; Nakao, Minoru*; Fukahori, Mai*; Sato, Tatsuhiko; Sakurai, Yoshinori*; Tanaka, Hiroki*; Endo, Satoru*

Radiation Protection Dosimetry, 143(2-4), p.528 - 532, 2011/02

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:48.42(Environmental Sciences)

The PHITS simulation were performed to reproduce the geometrical setup of an experiment that measured the microdosimetric energy distributions at the Kyoto University Reactor (KUR) where two types of tissue equivalent proportional counters (TEPC) were used, one with A-150 wall alone and another with a 50 ppm boron loaded A-150 wall. It was found that the PHITS code is a useful tool for the simulation of the energy deposited in tissue in BNCT based on the comparisons with experimental results.

Journal Articles

Iodine-129 measurements in soil samples from Dolon village near the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site

Endo, Satoru*; Tomita, Jumpei*; Tanaka, Kenichi*; Yamamoto, Masayoshi*; Fukutani, Satoshi*; Imanaka, Tetsuji*; Sakaguchi, Aya*; Amano, Hikaru; Kawamura, Hidehisa*; Kawamura, Hisao*; et al.

Radiation and Environmental Biophysics, 47(3), p.359 - 365, 2008/07

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:23.04(Biology)

Dolon village located about 60 km from the border of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site is known to be heavily contaminated by the first USSR atomic bomb test in August 1949. Soil samples around Dolon were taken in October 2005 in an attempt to evaluate internal thyroid dose arising from incorporation of radioiodine isotopes (mainly $$^{131}$$I). Iodine-129 in soil was measured by using the technique of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry. From the relationship between $$^{129}$$I and $$^{137}$$Cs (corrected for background and decay from 1949 to 2005) accumulated levels, the background level of $$^{129}$$I and the $$^{129}$$I/$$^{137}$$Cs ratio around Dolon were estimated to be (6.4 $$pm$$0.4) $$times$$ 10$$^{13}$$ atoms m$$^{-2}$$ and 0.25 $$pm$$0.16, respectively. This $$^{129}$$I/$$^{137}$$Cs ratio is almost similar to the fission yield ratio for $$^{239}$$Pu fast fission (0.24).

Journal Articles

The H-Invitational Database (H-InvDB); A Comprehensive annotation resource for human genes and transcripts

Yamasaki, Chisato*; Murakami, Katsuhiko*; Fujii, Yasuyuki*; Sato, Yoshiharu*; Harada, Erimi*; Takeda, Junichi*; Taniya, Takayuki*; Sakate, Ryuichi*; Kikugawa, Shingo*; Shimada, Makoto*; et al.

Nucleic Acids Research, 36(Database), p.D793 - D799, 2008/01

 Times Cited Count:51 Percentile:74.53(Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Here we report the new features and improvements in our latest release of the H-Invitational Database, a comprehensive annotation resource for human genes and transcripts. H-InvDB, originally developed as an integrated database of the human transcriptome based on extensive annotation of large sets of fulllength cDNA (FLcDNA) clones, now provides annotation for 120 558 human mRNAs extracted from the International Nucleotide Sequence Databases (INSD), in addition to 54 978 human FLcDNAs, in the latest release H-InvDB. We mapped those human transcripts onto the human genome sequences (NCBI build 36.1) and determined 34 699 human gene clusters, which could define 34 057 protein-coding and 642 non-protein-coding loci; 858 transcribed loci overlapped with predicted pseudogenes.

Journal Articles

Microdosimetric study for secondary neutrons in phantom produced by a 290 MeV/nucleon carbon beam

Endo, Satoru*; Tanaka, Kenichi*; Takada, Masashi*; Onizuka, Yoshihiko*; Miyahara, Nobuyuki*; Sato, Tatsuhiko; Ishikawa, Masayoshi*; Maeda, Naoko*; Hayabuchi, Naofumi*; Shizuma, Kiyoshi*; et al.

Medical Physics, 34(9), p.3571 - 3578, 2007/09

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:27.75(Radiology, Nuclear Medicine & Medical Imaging)

Absorbed doses from main charged particle beams and charged-particle fragments have been measured with high accuracy for particle therapy but there are few reports for doses from neutron components produced as fragments. This study describes measurements on neutron dose produced by carbon beam, microdosimetric distributions of secondary neutrons produced by 290 MeV/nucleon carbon beams have been measured by using a tissue equivalent proportional counter (TEPC) at the Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator in Chiba (HIMAC) at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS). The ratios of neutrons to charged particle fragments dominated to be 11 to 89 % in the absorbed doses at the side and below the faces of the acrylic phantom (300 mm height $$times$$ 300 mm width $$times$$ 253 mm thickness).

Oral presentation

Measurements of motions of actin by neutron spin-echo spectroscopy

Fujiwara, Satoru; Matsumoto, Fumiko; Nakagawa, Hiroshi; Endo, Hitoshi*; Oda, Toshiro*

no journal, , 

A variety of functions of F-actin related to cell motility arises from flexibility of F-actin that makes interactions with various actin-binding proteins possible. To understand flexibility of F-actin and thereby its multiple functions, it is important to understand dynamic properties of F-actin. As one of the ongoing projects towards this ultimate purpose, we employed neutron spin-echo (NSE) spectroscopy to investigate the motions of F-actin on pico-to-nanosecond timescales and nm spatial scales. We carried out the NSE experiments of F-actin and G-actin with the instrument, iNSE, run by the Institute for Solid State Physics, the University of Tokyo. It was shown that the motions of F-actin and G-actin on nano-scales were described by single relaxation processes, and the motions of F-actin were slower than those of G-actin. Diffusion constants obtained suggested the effects of internal motions of the actin-protomers.

Oral presentation

Effect of trehalose on the structure and dynamics of lipid membranes

Masui, Tomomi; Fujiwara, Satoru; Endo, Hitoshi; Nakagawa, Hiroshi; Kataoka, Mikio

no journal, , 

Water is essential for organisms and desiccation damages the cells severely, and causes death of most organisms. Some organisms, however, known to survive under such arid conditions. This desiccation tolerance has been known to be related to the production of sugars in these organisms. One property which is important for the desiccation tolerance is stabilization of the cell membranes in the fluid phase by limiting the dehydration-induced increase in the gel-fluid transition temperature of the membranes. The membranes not only act as a barrier within or around a cell, but also control transfer of substances across the membranes. Elucidating how sugars interact with the membranes is therefore important for understanding the molecular mechanism of the desiccation tolerance. We investigated the effects of the sugars on the structures and the dynamics of the lipid membranes by small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS and WAXS), and neutron spin-echo (NSE), techniques.

Oral presentation

Actin dynamics observed by neutron inelastic scattering

Fujiwara, Satoru; Plazanet, M.*; Matsumoto, Fumiko; Endo, Hitoshi; Oda, Toshiro*

no journal, , 

Actin is one of the most abundant proteins in eukaryotic cells, and expresses a variety of functions related to cell motility. Actin monomers (G-actin) polymerize into the helical F-actin. It has been shown that the multiple functions of F-actin arise from flexibility of F-actin. For understanding flexibility of F-actin and thereby its multiple functions, it is important to understand dynamic properties of F-actin. We employed elastic incoherent and quasielastic neutron scattering, to characterize dynamic properties of F-actin and G-actin. We showed that the dynamics properties of F-actin and G-actin are different. Furthermore, neutron spin-echo experiments of F-actin and G-actin showed that the motions of F-actin and G-actin on nano-scales, described by single relaxation processes, are different. Diffusion constants obtained suggested the effects of internal motions of the actin-protomers.

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