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Journal Articles

$$E1$$ and $$E2$$ cross sections of the $$^{12}$$C($$alpha$$,$$gamma$$)$$^{16}$$O reaction at $$E_{rm{eff}}$$ $$sim$$ 1.2 MeV using pulsed $$alpha$$ beams

Makii, Hiroyuki; Ueda, Hitoshi*; Temma, Yasuyuki*; Nagai, Yasuki*; Shima, Tatsushi*; Fujimoto, Shinya*; Segawa, Mariko; Mishima, Kenji*; Nishiyama, Jun*; Igashira, Masayuki*

AIP Conference Proceedings 1269, p.283 - 288, 2010/10

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The $$^{12}$$C($$alpha$$,$$gamma$$)$$^{16}$$O reaction cross section plays an important role in stellar evolution at the stage of helium-burning. However, the cross section at low energy still has a large uncertainty mainly due to the poor determination of the ratio of $$E2$$ cross section to $$E1$$ one. Hence, we have installed new system to make a precise measurement of the cross section. In this experiment, we used the high efficiency anti-Compton NaI(Tl) spectrometers with a large S/N ratio, an intense pulsed $$alpha$$ beams, and the monitoring system of target thickness. With use of the system we succeeded in removing a background due to neutron and could clearly detect the $$gamma$$-ray from the $$^{12}$$C($$alpha$$,$$gamma$$)$$^{16}$$O reaction with high statistics. We determined the $$E1$$ and $$E2$$ cross section down to $$E_{rm{eff}} sim $$ 1.2 MeV, and thus obtained results are compared to recent theoretical calculations.

Oral presentation

Non-destructive inspection system for hidden special nuclear materials, 3; Non-destructive detection of isotopes by LCS $$gamma$$-rays

Hajima, Ryoichi; Kando, Masaki; Shizuma, Toshiyuki; Hayakawa, Takehito; Ogaki, Hideaki*; Daito, Izuru*; Negm, H.*; Hori, Toshitada*; Fujimoto, Shinya*; Sakai, Fumio*

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