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Noninvasive analysis of photoassimilate translocation in tomato leaves under the dark condition by using $$^{11}$$CO$$_{2}$$ and a positron-emitting tracer imaging system

諏訪 竜一*; 石井 里美; 鈴井 伸郎; 石岡 典子; 藤巻 秀; 松橋 信平; 藤田 耕之輔*; 河地 有木

JAEA-Review 2008-055, JAEA Takasaki Annual Report 2007, P. 109, 2008/11

Recently, Kawachi et al. (2006) established a method for the kinetic analysis of $$^{11}$$CO$$_{2}$$ for studying photoassimilate transport in a leaf, using PETIS. The method quantitatively analyzes the photoassimilate transport under various light conditions. However, it is important to analyze photoassimilate transport under both dark and light conditions because leaves transport carbon under both these conditions (Mullen et al., 1988). In the present study, we developed a new method to analyze photoassimilate translocation, using PETIS, and $$^{11}$$CO$$_{2}$$. This novel method clarified the mechanism underlying photoassimilate translocation from a leaf under the dark condition by noninvasive, repeated imaging experiments, using the same specimen.


Use of positron-emitting tracer imaging system for measuring the effect of salinity on temporal and spatial distribution of $$^{11}$$C tracer and coupling between source and sink organs

諏訪 竜一*; 藤巻 秀; 鈴井 伸郎; 河地 有木; 石井 里美; 阪本 浩一*; Nguyen, N. T.*; 実岡 寛文*; Mohapatra, P. K.*; Moghaieb, R. E.*; et al.

Plant Science, 175(3), p.210 - 216, 2008/09

 被引用回数:18 パーセンタイル:46.19(Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Salinity stress affects photosynthate partitioning between sources and sinks of plants, but how it affects on these systems is less understood. Because sources and sinks are closely knitted, any adverse effect under sub-optimal condition on one part is often misinterpreted for the other. Knowledge on regulation of carbon partitioning is indispensable for stress resistance and good plant growth. In the present study, alteration of carbon partitioning in tomato plants (lycopersicon esculentum L. cv. Momotarou) under saline (NaCl) environment was studied by feeding radioactive $$^{11}$$C and stable $$^{13}$$C isotopes. Pulse chases were conducted for measuring spatial and temporal distributions of $$^{13}$$C. $$^{13}$$C was measured by standard conventional technique, but $$^{11}$$C distribution was monitored using by PETIS. Salt stress resulted in reduced carbon translocation towards roots. Majority of the photosynthate accumulated in the leaf. We have also observed that the reduction in translocation of carbon occurred well before salt stress symptoms of reduced photosynthesis and plant growth in salt exposed plants. The effect on sink activity also showed by decrease in stem diameter and reduced photosynthetic activity. In addition, PETIS analysis of $$^{11}$$C translocation indicates that carbon translocation to roots was inhibited under salt conditions without direct effect of leaf Na accumulation and osmotic stress These results suggest that NaCl has direct effects on plants inhibiting carbon partitioning within few hours of salt solution exposure without inhibition of source activity.



諏訪 竜一*; 石井 里美; 河地 有木; 藤巻 秀; 鈴井 伸郎; 須藤 広行*; 松橋 信平; 藤田 耕之輔*

JAEA-Review 2006-042, JAEA Takasaki Annual Report 2005, P. 123, 2007/02

Carbon is an indispensable nutrition source for crop. Until now, it has been impossible to measure carbon fixation and translocation simultaneously in real time repeatedly in intact plant. Using the technologies of PETIS, we are able to visualize the real time fixation and translocation of carbon in tomato plant. We used $$^{11}$$CO$$_{2}$$ to monitor localization of fixed $$^{11}$$C in leaf.


Overview of national centralized tokamak program; Mission, design and strategy to contribute ITER and DEMO

二宮 博正; 秋場 真人; 藤井 常幸; 藤田 隆明; 藤原 正巳*; 濱松 清隆; 林 伸彦; 細金 延幸; 池田 佳隆; 井上 信幸; et al.

Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 49, p.S428 - S432, 2006/12



Overview of the national centralized tokamak programme

菊池 満; 玉井 広史; 松川 誠; 藤田 隆明; 高瀬 雄一*; 櫻井 真治; 木津 要; 土屋 勝彦; 栗田 源一; 森岡 篤彦; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 46(3), p.S29 - S38, 2006/03

 被引用回数:13 パーセンタイル:42.23(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)



Engineering design and control scenario for steady-state high-beta operation in national centralized tokamak

土屋 勝彦; 秋場 真人; 疇地 宏*; 藤井 常幸; 藤田 隆明; 藤原 正巳*; 濱松 清隆; 橋爪 秀利*; 林 伸彦; 堀池 寛*; et al.

Fusion Engineering and Design, 81(8-14), p.1599 - 1605, 2006/02

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:10.06(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Design study of national centralized tokamak facility for the demonstration of steady state high-$$beta$$ plasma operation

玉井 広史; 秋場 真人; 疇地 宏*; 藤田 隆明; 濱松 清隆; 橋爪 秀利*; 林 伸彦; 堀池 寛*; 細金 延幸; 市村 真*; et al.

Nuclear Fusion, 45(12), p.1676 - 1683, 2005/12

 被引用回数:15 パーセンタイル:46.12(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)




諏訪 竜一*; 石井 里美; 鈴井 伸郎; 石岡 典子; 藤巻 秀; 松橋 信平; 河地 有木; 藤田 耕之輔*

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