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JAEA Reports

Investigation and design of the dismantling process of irradiation capsules containing tritium, 2; Detailed design and trial fabrication of capsule dismantling apparatus and investigation of glove box facility

Hayashi, Kimio; Nakagawa, Tetsuya; Onose, Shoji; Ishida, Takuya; Nakamichi, Masaru; Katsuyama, Kozo; Iwamatsu, Shigemi; Hasegawa, Teiji; Kodaka, Hideo; Takatsu, Hideyuki; et al.

JAEA-Technology 2009-007, 168 Pages, 2009/03


In-pile functional tests of breeding blankets have been planned by Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), using a test blanket module (TBM) which will be loaded in the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). In preparation for the in-pile functional tests, JAEA has been being performed irradiation experiments of lithium titanate (Li$$_{2}$$TiO$$_{3}$$), which is the first candidate of solid breeder materials for the blanket of the demonstration reactor (DEMO) under designing in Japan. The present report describes (1) results of a detailed design and trial fabrication tests of a dismantling apparatus for irradiation capsules which were used in irradiation experiments by the Japan Materials Testing Reactor (JMTR) of JAEA, and (2) results of a preliminary investigation of a glove box facility for post-irradiation examinations (PIEs). In the detailed design of the dismantling apparatus, datailed specifications and the installation methods were examined, based on results of a conceptual design and basic design. In the trial fabrication, cutting tests were curried out by making a mockup of a cutting component. Furthermore, a preliminary investigation of a glove box facility was carried out in order to secure a facility for PIE work after the capsule dismantling, which revealed a technical feasibility.

Oral presentation

Renewal of JMTR of facility, 3; Renewal of instrumentation and control systems

Oto, Tsutomu; Nemoto, Hiroyoshi; Kimura, Tadashi; Watahiki, Shunsuke; Hasegawa, Teiji; Ouchi, Takuya; Echigoya, Shinichi; Fukasaku, Akitomi

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