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Journal Articles

The Surface composition of asteroid 162173 Ryugu from Hayabusa2 near-infrared spectroscopy

Kitazato, Kohei*; Milliken, R. E.*; Iwata, Takahiro*; Abe, Masanao*; Otake, Makiko*; Matsuura, Shuji*; Arai, Takehiko*; Nakauchi, Yusuke*; Nakamura, Tomoki*; Matsuoka, Moe*; et al.

Science, 364(6437), p.272 - 275, 2019/04

 Times Cited Count:140 Percentile:99.81(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

The near-Earth asteroid 162173 Ryugu, the target of Hayabusa2 sample return mission, is believed to be a primitive carbonaceous object. The Near Infrared Spectrometer (NIRS3) on Hayabusa2 acquired reflectance spectra of Ryugu's surface to provide direct measurements of the surface composition and geological context for the returned samples. A weak, narrow absorption feature centered at 2.72 micron was detected across the entire observed surface, indicating that hydroxyl (OH)-bearing minerals are ubiquitous there. The intensity of the OH feature and low albedo are similar to thermally- and/or shock-metamorphosed carbonaceous chondrite meteorites. There are few variations in the OH-band position, consistent with Ryugu being a compositionally homogeneous rubble-pile object generated from impact fragments of an undifferentiated aqueously altered parent body.

Journal Articles

Magneto-electric effect in charge-ordered LuFe$$_{2}$$O$$_{4}$$

Kambe, Takashi*; Komatsu, Takuma*; Michiuchi, Takamasa*; Hayakawa, Hiroki*; Oishi, Daisuke*; Hanasaki, Noriaki*; Yoshii, Kenji; Ikeda, Naoshi*

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 200, p.012077_1 - 012077_4, 2010/02

 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:83.16

A magneto-electric effect (ME) was observed in a charge-ordered ferroelectric LuFe$$_{2}$$O$$_{4}$$. The dielectric response in a three-dimensional charge-ordered phase is strongly influenced by magnetic field, especially around the ferri-magnetic ordering temperature. We also show the relation between the oxygen stoichiometry and the ME signal character above the magnetic transition temperature.

JAEA Reports

Thermal-hydraulic analysis of plant dynamics test (II) SSC-L input manual for PLANDTL

Hayakawa, Hiroki*; Haraguchi, Tetsuharu*; Tanigawa, Shingo*

PNC TN9520 89-007, 499 Pages, 1989/03


In the studies using PLANDTL, it would be planned to conduct the LOPI simulation experiment, the plant-wide natural circulation experiment, the DHX operational transient experiment, and so on. The goal of these R&D is to establish an assessment method for plant dynamics and to propose some design considerations on core conditions for the achievement of inherent safety features, passive decay heat removal capability. SSC-L (Super System Code - Loop Version) is to be as the main code in these studies and is used for the PLANDTL design analysis through test analysis. SSC-L is the most advantageous computational tool because the code is designed to analyze various kinds of transients and has been widely used for the safety analysis of LMFBR. In the first step of the plant dynamics tests, model development and modification of SSC-L has been achieved, and new models for PLANDTL are installed because the PLANDTL has the unique system and components to simulate LOPI conditions. After the modification and the experience of SSC-L application, we have made the input manual to conduct timely the pre- or post-analysis for the plant dynamics tests. The present document consists of the items corresponding to the various test conditions in order to quickly generate the input data.

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