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Journal Articles

Status of the uncertainty quantification for severe accident sequences of different NPP-designs in the frame of the H-2020 project MUSA

Brumm, S.*; Gabrielli, F.*; Sanchez-Espinoza, V.*; Groudev, P.*; Ou, P.*; Zhang, W.*; Malkhasyan, A.*; Bocanegra, R.*; Herranz, L. E.*; Berda$"i$, M.*; et al.

Proceedings of 10th European Review Meeting on Severe Accident Research (ERMSAR 2022) (Internet), 13 Pages, 2022/05

Journal Articles

Electromagnetic properties of low-lying states in neutron-deficient Hg isotopes; Coulomb excitation of $$^{182}$$Hg, $$^{184}$$Hg, $$^{186}$$Hg and $$^{188}$$Hg

Wrzosek-Lipska, K.*; Rezynkina, K.*; Bree, N.*; Zieli$'n$ska, M.*; Gaffney, L. P.*; Petts, A.*; Andreyev, A. N.; Bastin, B.*; Bender, M.*; Blazhev, A.*; et al.

European Physical Journal A, 55(8), p.130_1 - 130_23, 2019/08

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:80.58(Physics, Nuclear)

Journal Articles

Hydrogen at zinc vacancy of ZnO; An EPR and ESEEM study

Son, N. T.*; Isoya, Junichi*; Ivanov, I. G.*; Oshima, Takeshi; Janz$'e$n, E.*

AIP Conference Proceedings 1583, p.341 - 344, 2014/02

Journal Articles

Magnetic resonance studies of defects in electron-irradiated ZnO substrates

Son, N. T.*; Ivanov, I. G.*; Kuznetsov, A. Yu.*; Svensson, B. G.*; Zhao, Q. X.*; Willander, M.*; Morishita, Norio; Oshima, Takeshi; Ito, Hisayoshi; Isoya, Junichi*; et al.

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 401-402, p.507 - 510, 2007/12

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:18.97(Physics, Condensed Matter)

Defects in electron-irradiated (3, 6 MeV) ZnO substrates were investigated using optical detection of magnetic response (ODMR). The shallow donor and the Zn vacancy were detected. In addition, several ODMR centers with S=$$frac{1}{2}$$ were also observed. Among these, LU3 and LU4 shows a behavior as recombination centers. After annealing at 400$$^{circ}$$C, both LU3 and LU4 still remain in ZnO substrates.

Oral presentation

Deep levels in electron irradiated semi-insulating 4H-SiC; Electronic, optical and structural observation

Nakane, Hiroki*; Kato, Masashi*; Ichimura, Masaya*; Oshima, Takeshi; Ivanov, I. G.*; Trinh, X. T.*; Son, N. T.*; Janz$'e$n, E.*

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