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Journal Articles

$$^{225}$$Ac metallofullerene; Toward $$^{225}$$Ac nanogenerator in fullerene

Akiyama, Kazuhiko*; Haba, Hiromitsu*; Sueki, Keisuke*; Tsukada, Kazuaki; Asai, Masato; Toyoshima, Atsushi; Nagame, Yuichiro; Katada, Motomi*

Chemistry Letters, 38(10), p.978 - 979, 2009/09

 Times Cited Count:9 Percentile:39.61(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

We report on the successful production of a metallofullerene encapsulating the radioactive tracer $$^{225}$$Ac and on its electronic properties studied by radiochromatography. Considering the number of $$pi$$-electrons on the fullerene cage estimated from an HPLC retention time on the 5PBB column and the general oxidation state of Ac (+3), a chemical species of the dominant chromatographic peak is suggested to be Ac@C$$_{82}$$.

Journal Articles

A Metallofullerene that encapsulates $$^{225}$$Ac

Akiyama, Kazuhiko*; Haba, Hiromitsu*; Tsukada, Kazuaki; Asai, Masato; Toyoshima, Atsushi; Sueki, Keisuke*; Nagame, Yuichiro; Katada, Motomi*

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 280(2), p.329 - 331, 2009/05

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:48.67(Chemistry, Analytical)

The properties of a metallofullerene that encapsulates $$^{225}$$Ac were studied by radio-chromatographic methods. The results of chromatography on a Buckyclutcher column suggest that there are some metallofullerene isomers of AcC$$_{82}$$. The identical HPLC retention time of the major AcC$$_{82}$$ peak with that of La@C$$_{82}$$ indicates that the structure of one of the AcC$$_{82}$$ isomers is the same as La@C$$_{82}$$.

Journal Articles

Study of metallofullerenes encapsulating actinides

Akiyama, Kazuhiko; Sueki, Keisuke*; Tsukada, Kazuaki; Yaita, Tsuyoshi; Miyake, Yoko*; Haba, Hiromitsu*; Asai, Masato; Kodama, Takeshi*; Kikuchi, Koichi*; Otsuki, Tsutomu*; et al.

Journal of Nuclear and Radiochemical Sciences, 3(1), p.151 - 154, 2002/06

The oxidation state of actinide elements encapsulated in fullerenes is studied. HPLC elution behavior of actinide-fullerenes is classified into two groups; the elution behavior of the first group, encapsulating U, Np, and Am, is similar to that of the light lanthanide-fullerenes, such as La, Ce, Pr, and Nd, while the behavior of the second group, encapsulating Th and Pa, is quite different from that of any lanthanide-fullerenes. The chemical species in the main HPLC elution peak of each group were identified as M@C82 and M@C84 (M = metal atom) from the mass of the U and Th fullerenes, respectively. The oxidation states of the U and Th atoms in the fullerenes were deduced to be 3+ and 4+, respectively, from the UV/vis/NIR absorption and XANES spectroscopy.

Journal Articles

Isolation and characterization of light actinide metallofullerenes

Akiyama, Kazuhiko; Zhao, Y.*; Sueki, Keisuke*; Tsukada, Kazuaki; Haba, Hiromitsu; Nagame, Yuichiro; Kodama, Takeshi*; Suzuki, Shinzo*; Otsuki, Tsutomu*; Sakaguchi, Masahiko*; et al.

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 123(1), p.181 - 182, 2001/01

 Times Cited Count:61 Percentile:84.52(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

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