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JAEA Reports

Annual report on the environmental radiation monitoring around the Tokai Reprocessing Plant FY2010

Sumiya, Shuichi; Watanabe, Hitoshi; Nakano, Masanao; Takeyasu, Masanori; Nakada, Akira; Fujita, Hiroki; Isozaki, Tokuju; Morisawa, Masato; Mizutani, Tomoko; Kokubun, Yuji; et al.

JAEA-Review 2012-015, 166 Pages, 2012/05


Environmental radiation monitoring around the Tokai Reprocessing Plant has been performed by the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering Laboratories, based on "Safety Regulations for the Reprocessing Plant of Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Chapter IV - Environmental Monitoring". This annual report presents the results of the environmental monitoring and the dose estimation to the hypothetical inhabitant due to the radioactivity discharged from the plant to the atmosphere and the sea during April 2010 to March 2011. In this report, some data include the influence of the accidental release from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on Tokyo Electric Power Co. in 2011 March. Appendices present comprehensive information, such as monitoring program, monitoring methods, monitoring results and their trends, meteorological data and discharged radioactive wastes. In addition, the data exceeded the normal range of fluctuation by the accidental release was evaluated in the appendices.

Journal Articles

Environmental tritium in the vicinity of Tokai Reprocessing Plant

Fujita, Hiroki; Kokubun, Yuji; Koarashi, Jun

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 44(11), p.1474 - 1480, 2007/11

 Times Cited Count:12 Percentile:65.66(Nuclear Science & Technology)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Quadrupole and hexadecapole ordering in DyB$$_2$$C$$_2$$; Direct observation with resonant X-ray diffraction

Tanaka, Yoshikazu*; Inami, Toshiya; Lovesey, S. W.*; Knight, K. S.*; Yakhou, F.*; Mannix, D.*; Kokubun, Jun*; Kanazawa, Masayuki*; Ishida, Kotaro*; Nanao, Susumu*; et al.

Physical Review B, 69(2), p.024417_1 - 024417_11, 2004/01

 Times Cited Count:35 Percentile:79.89(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Direct evidence of the spatial ordering of Dy 4$$f$$ quadrupole and hexadecapole moments in DyB$$_2$$C$$_2$$ is demonstrated by resonant X-ray diffraction enhanced by an electric quadrupole event ($$E$$2 resonance) at the Dy L$$_{III}$$ absorption edge. The diffraction data show that the structural phase transition at $$T$$$$_{Q}$$ = 24.7 K is accompanied by a reduction in the symmetry of the Dy site to 2/$$m$$, from 4/$$m$$, and the spatial ordering of the time-even Dy multipoles with A$$_{g}$$ character. Below $$T$$$$_{Q}$$ the crystal structure is described by the space group $$P$$4$$_2$$/$$mnm$$ and Dy ions occupy sites (4$$c$$). The distortion at T$$_{Q}$$ involves the lattice occupied by B and C ions, and it amounts to a buckling of B-C planes that are normal to the two-fold rotation axis of 2/$$m$$. An immediately plausible model of low-energy Dy states correlates data on the specific heat, our X-ray diffraction signals, and magnetic ordering below 15.3 K which has been observed in magnetic neutron diffraction.

Oral presentation

Tritium concentration in sea water around the reprocessing plant

Kokubun, Yuji; Fujita, Hiroki; Nakano, Masanao; Koarashi, Jun; Takeyasu, Masanori

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