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Journal Articles

Shell structure of the neutron-rich isotopes $$^{69,71,73}$$Co

Lokotko, T.*; Leblond, S.*; Lee, J.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Obertelli, A.*; Poves, A.*; Nowacki, F.*; Ogata, Kazuyuki*; Yoshida, Kazuki; Authelet, G.*; et al.

Physical Review C, 101(3), p.034314_1 - 034314_7, 2020/03

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:100(Physics, Nuclear)

The structures of the neutron-rich $$^{69,71,73}$$Co isotopes were investigated via ($$p,2p$$) knockout reactions at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory, RIKEN. Level schemes were reconstructed using the $$gamma-gamma$$ coincidence technique, with tentative spin-parity assignments based on the measured inclusive and exclusive cross sections. Comparison with shell-model calculations suggests coexistence of spherical and deformed shapes at low excitation energies in the $$^{69,71,73}$$Co isotopes.

Journal Articles

Shell evolution of $$N$$ = 40 isotones towards $$^{60}$$Ca; First spectroscopy of $$^{62}$$Ti

Cort$'e$s, M. L.*; Rodriguez, W.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Obertelli, A.*; Holt, J. D.*; Lenzi, S. M.*; Men$'e$ndez, J.*; Nowacki, F.*; Ogata, Kazuyuki*; Poves, A.*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 800, p.135071_1 - 135071_7, 2020/01

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:11.68(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

Excited states in the $$N$$ = 40 isotone $$^{62}$$Ti were populated via the $$^{63}$$V($$p$$,$$2p$$)$$^{62}$$Ti reaction at $$sim$$200 MeV/nucleon at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory and studied using $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy. The energies of the $$2_1^+ rightarrow 0_{rm gs}^+$$ and $$4_1^+ rightarrow 2_1^+$$ transitions, observed here for the first time, indicate a deformed Ti ground state. These energies are increased compared to the neighboring $$^{64}$$Cr and $$^{66}$$Fe isotones, suggesting a small decrease of quadrupole collectivity. The present measurement is well reproduced by large-scale shell-model calculations based on effective interactions, while ab initio and beyond mean-field calculations do not yet reproduce our findings.

Journal Articles

Quasifree neutron knockout from $$^{54}$$Ca corroborates arising $$N=34$$ neutron magic number

Chen, S.*; Lee, J.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Obertelli, A.*; Barbieri, C.*; Chazono, Yoshiki*; Navr$'a$til, P.*; Ogata, Kazuyuki*; Otsuka, Takaharu*; Raimondi, F.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 123(14), p.142501_1 - 142501_7, 2019/10

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:18.18(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Nuclear structure of $$^{76}$$Ni from the ($$p$$,$$2p$$) reaction

Elekes, Z.*; Kripk$'o$, $'A$*; Sohler, D.*; Sieja, K.*; Ogata, Kazuyuki*; Yoshida, Kazuki; Doornenbal, P.*; Obertelli, A.*; Authelet, G.*; Baba, Hidetada*; et al.

Physical Review C, 99(1), p.014312_1 - 014312_7, 2019/01

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:24.4(Physics, Nuclear)

The nuclear structure of the $$^{76}$$Ni nucleus was investigated by ($$p$$,$$2p$$) reaction using a NaI(Tl) array to detect the deexciting prompt $$gamma$$ rays. A new transition with an energy of 2227 keV was identified by $$gamma gamma$$ and $$gamma gamma gamma$$ coincidences. Our shell-model calculations using the Lenzi, Nowacki, Poves, and Sieja interaction produced good candidates for the experimental proton hole states in the observed energy region, and the theoretical cross sections showed good agreement with the experimental values. Although we could not assign all the experimental states to the theoretical ones unambiguously, the results are consistent with a reasonably large Z = 28 shell gap for nickel isotopes in accordance with previous studies.

Journal Articles

Shell evolution beyond $$Z$$=28 and $$N$$=50; Spectroscopy of $$^{81,82,83,84}$$Zn

Shand, C. M.*; Podoly$'a$k, Zs.*; G$'o$rska, M.*; Doornenbal, P.*; Obertelli, A.*; Nowacki, F.*; Otsuka, T.*; Sieja, K.*; Tostevin, J. A.*; Tsunoda, T.*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 773, p.492 - 497, 2017/10

 Times Cited Count:13 Percentile:12.73(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

Journal Articles

Measurement of tritium production rate in water cooled pebble bed multi-layered blanket mockup by DT neutron irradiation experiment

Sato, Satoshi; Ochiai, Kentaro; Verzilov, Y.*; Wada, Masayuki*; Kubota, Naoyoshi; Kondo, Keitaro; Yamauchi, Michinori; Nishitani, Takeo; Konno, Chikara

Nuclear Fusion, 47(7), p.517 - 521, 2007/07

 Times Cited Count:16 Percentile:45.02(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Surface analysis for the TFTR Armor tile exposed to D-T plasmas using nuclear technique

Kubota, Naoyoshi; Ochiai, Kentaro; Kutsukake, Chuzo; Hayashi, Takao; Shu, Wataru; Kondo, Keitaro; Verzilov, Y.*; Sato, Satoshi; Yamauchi, Michinori; Nishi, Masataka; et al.

Proceedings of 21st IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2006) (CD-ROM), 7 Pages, 2007/03

Fuel and impurity particles show complicated behavior on the surface of plasma facing components (PFC) in fusion devices. The study is important for the design of the fuel recycling, safety management of the tritium inventory, etc. Quantitative measurements of hydrogen and lithium isotopes together with other impurities on the PFC surface exposed to D-T plasmas in TFTR were performed using the deuteron-induced nuclear reaction analysis, imaging plate method, full combustion method and activation analysis. The tritium depth profile was different from deuterium one. The surface tritium largely contributed to the whole tritium in the sample. On the other hand, the retained amount of lithium-6 was lager than that of lithium-7. This relates to the injection of enriched lithium-6 pellets in some campaigns. No other impurities were detected. So the large amount of tritium remained near the surface and did not diffuse more deeply, which gives a bright prospect for tritium safety.

Journal Articles

Experimental study on nuclear properties of water cooled pebble bed blanket

Sato, Satoshi; Verzilov, Y.*; Ochiai, Kentaro; Wada, Masayuki*; Kubota, Naoyoshi; Kondo, Keitaro; Yamauchi, Michinori; Nishitani, Takeo; Konno, Chikara

Proceedings of 21st IAEA Fusion Energy Conference (FEC 2006) (CD-ROM), 8 Pages, 2007/03

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Progress in the blanket neutronics experiments at JAERI/FNS

Sato, Satoshi; Verzilov, Y. M.; Ochiai, Kentaro; Nakao, Makoto*; Wada, Masayuki*; Kubota, Naoyoshi; Kondo, Keitaro; Yamauchi, Michinori*; Nishitani, Takeo

Fusion Engineering and Design, 81(8-14), p.1183 - 1193, 2006/02

 Times Cited Count:15 Percentile:25.04(Nuclear Science & Technology)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Experimental studies on tungsten-armour impact on nuclear responses of solid breeding blanket

Sato, Satoshi; Nakao, Makoto*; Verzilov, Y. M.; Ochiai, Kentaro; Wada, Masayuki*; Kubota, Naoyoshi; Kondo, Keitaro; Yamauchi, Michinori*; Nishitani, Takeo

Nuclear Fusion, 45(7), p.656 - 662, 2005/07

 Times Cited Count:8 Percentile:69.06(Physics, Fluids & Plasmas)

no abstracts in English

JAEA Reports

Investigation on sealing in geological disposal

Aoki, Kenji*; Hibiya, Keisuke*; Shiogama, Yukihiro*; Toida, Masaru*; Yamamoto, T.*; Yoshida, Hiroshi*; Banno, K.*; Kubota, T.*; Shimizu, Y.*; Okutsu, Kazuo*; et al.

PNC-TJ1100 94-001, 69 Pages, 1994/02



Journal Articles

Radiolysis of diisodecyl phosphoric acid and its effect on the extraction of neptunium

Morita, Yasuji; Kubota, Masumitsu; Y.J.Shin*

Solvent Extr. Ion Exch., 8(4-5), p.529 - 555, 1990/00

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:48.87(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

no abstracts in English

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