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Stress intensity factor solutions for surface cracks with large aspect ratios in cylinders and plates

Zhang, T.; Lu, K.; 勝山 仁哉; Li, Y.

International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping, 189, p.104262_1 - 104262_12, 2021/02

In recent years, a large number of surface cracks caused by stress corrosion cracking (SCC) have been reported in dissimilar metal welds of light water reactors. For some of these cracks, the depth (a) is greater than the half-length ($$l/2$$). Upon the detection of cracks, the integrity of cracked components should be assessed in accordance with the fitness-for-service (FFS) codes such as the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section XI or JSME code of Rules on Fitness-for-Service for Nuclear Power Plants. Current FFS codes provide SIF solutions of surface cracks with small aspect ratios (i.e. $$a/l$$ $$leq$$ 0.5) only. For the integrity assessment of components with surface cracks of large aspect ratios (i.e. $$a/l$$ $$>$$ 0.5), it is necessary to develop the SIF solutions for those cracks. This study calculates the SIF solutions of surface cracks with aspect ratios of 0.5 $$leq$$ $$a/l$$ $$leq$$ 4 in both cylinders and plates by characterizing the cracks as rectangular shaped ones. Finite element simulations are performed to develop the database of SIF solutions for rectangular shaped surface cracks subjected to a 4th order polynomial stress distribution. Additionally, the universal weight function method (UWFM) in calculating the SIF solutions of rectangular shaped surface cracks with large aspect ratios is investigated. Example SIF calculations for rectangular shaped surface cracks subject to residual stress were conducted using the UWFM. The SIF solutions calculated by the UWFM are compared with those from the finite element simulations to show the effectiveness of the UWFM.



井戸村 泰宏; 伊奈 拓也*; Ali, Y.*; 今村 俊幸*

第34回数値流体力学シンポジウム講演論文集(インターネット), 6 Pages, 2020/12

ジャイロ運動論的トロイダル5次元full-fオイラーコードGT5Dにおける半陰解法差分計算用に新しいFP16(半精度)前処理付き省通信クリロフソルバを開発した。このソルバでは、大域的集団通信のボトルネックを省通信クリロフ部分空間法によって解決し、さらに収束特性を向上するFP16前処理によって袖通信を削減した。FP16前処理は演算子の物理特性に基づいて設計し、A64FXで新たにサポートされたFP16SIMD処理を用いた実装した。このソルバをGPUにも移植し、約1,000億格子のITER規模計算の性能を富岳(A64FX)とSummit(V100)で測定した。従来の非省通信型ソルバに比べて、新しいソルバはGT5Dを$$2 sim3$$倍加速し、富岳とSummitの両方で5,760CPU/GPUまで良好な強スケーリングが得られた。


Photoelectron diffraction for probing valency and magnetism of 4$$f$$-based materials; A View on valence-fluctuating EuIr$$_2$$Si$$_2$$2

Usachov, D. Yu*; Tarasov, A. V.*; Schulz, S.*; Bokai, K. A.*; Tupitsyn, I. I.*; Poelchen, G.*; Seiro, S.*; Caroca-Canales, N.*; Kliemt, K.*; Mende, M.*; et al.

Physical Review B, 102(20), p.205102_1 - 205102_11, 2020/11

Using photoelectron diffraction (PED) and magnetic dichroism measurements, we explore the electronic and magnetic properties of the near-surface region of the valence-fluctuating material EuIr$$_2$$Si$$_2$$. We present and discuss the methodology for modeling of the 4$$f$$ photoemission spectra, PED patterns and magnetic dichroism for rare-earth-based materials. For the Eu-terminated surface we found that the topmost Eu layer is divalent and exhibits a ferromagnetic order below 10 K. The valency of the next Eu layer, that is the 5th atomic layer, is about 2.8 at low temperature that is close to the valency in the bulk. The properties of the Si-terminated surface are drastically different. The first subsurface Eu layer (4th atomic layer below the surface) behaves divalently and orders ferromagnetically at much higher temperature. Experimental data indicate, however, that there is an admixture of trivalent Eu in this layer, resulting in its valency of about 2.1. The next deeper lying Eu layer (8th atomic layer below the surface) behaves mixed-valently, but the estimated valency of 2.4 is notably lower than the value in the bulk. The obtained results create a background for further studies of exotic surface properties of 4$$f$$-based materials, and allow to derive information related to valency and magnetism of individual rare-earth layers in a rather extended area near the surface.


Acceleration of fusion plasma turbulence simulations using the mixed-precision communication-avoiding Krylov method

井戸村 泰宏; 伊奈 拓也*; Ali, Y.*; 今村 俊幸*

Proceedings of International Conference on High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis (SC 2020) (Internet), p.1318 - 1330, 2020/11

5次元ジャイロ運動論モデルに基づく次世代核融合実験炉ITERのマルチスケールfull-$$f$$シミュレーションは核融合科学において最も計算コストが大きい問題の一つである。本研究では、新しい混合精度省通信クリロフ法を用いてジャイロ運動論的トロイダル5次元オイラーコードGT5Dを高速化した。演算加速環境における大域的集団通信のボトルネックを省通信クリロフ法によって解決した。これに加えて、A64FXにおいて新たにサポートされたFP16SIMD演算を用いて設計された新しいFP16前処理により、反復(袖通信)の回数と計算コストの両方を削減した。富岳とSummitにおける1,440CPU/GPUを用いた1,000億格子のITER規模シミュレーションに対して、提案手法の処理性能は従来の非省通信クリロフ法に比べてそれぞれ2.8倍, 1.9倍高速化され、5,760CPU/GPUまで良好な強スケーリングを示した。


Plasticity correction on stress intensity factor evaluation for underclad cracks in reactor pressure vessels

Lu, K.; 勝山 仁哉; Li, Y.

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 142(5), p.051501_1 - 051501_10, 2020/10

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Engineering, Mechanical)

Structural integrity assessment of reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) is essential for the safe operation of nuclear power plants. For RPVs in pressurized water reactors (PWRs), the assessment should be performed by considering neutron irradiation embrittlement and pressurized thermal shock (PTS) events. To assess the structural integrity of an RPV, a traditional method is usually employed by comparing fracture toughness of the RPV material with the stress intensity factor ($$K_{rm I}$$) of a crack postulated near the RPV inner surface. When an underclad crack (i.e., a crack beneath the cladding of an RPV) is postulated, $$K_{rm I}$$ of this crack can be increased owing to the plasticity effect of cladding. This is because the yield stress of cladding is lower than that of base metal and the cladding may yield earlier than base metal. In this paper, detailed three-dimensional (3D) finite element analyses (FEAs) were performed in consideration of the plasticity effect of cladding for underclad cracks postulated in Japanese RPVs. Based on the 3D FEA results, a plasticity correction method was proposed on $$K_{rm I}$$ calculations of underclad cracks. In addition, the effects of RPV geometries and loading conditions were investigated using the proposed plasticity correction method. Moreover, the applicability of the proposed method to the case which considers the hardening effect of materials after neutron irradiation was also investigated. All of these results indicate that the proposed plasticity correction method can be used for $$K_{rm I}$$ calculations of underclad cracks and is applicable to structural integrity assessment of Japanese RPVs containing underclad cracks.


Distance-selected topochemical dehydro-diels-alder reaction of 1,4-Diphenylbutadiyne toward crystalline graphitic nanoribbons

Zhang, P.*; Tang, X.*; Wang, Y.*; Wang, X.*; Gao, D.*; Li, Y.*; Zheng, H.*; Wang, Y.*; Wang, X.*; Fu, R.*; et al.

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142(41), p.17662 - 17669, 2020/10




Communication-avoiding Krylov solvers for extreme scale nuclear CFD simulations

井戸村 泰宏; 伊奈 拓也*; Ali, Y.*; 今村 俊幸*

Proceedings of Joint International Conference on Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications + Monte Carlo 2020 (SNA + MC 2020), p.225 - 230, 2020/10

ジャイロ運動論的トロイダル5次元オイラーコードGT5Dにおける半陰解法差分ソルバ向けに新しいFP16(半精度)前処理付き省通信型クリロフソルバを開発した。このソルバでは、大域的集団通信のボトルネックを省通信型クリロフ部分空間法を用いて解決し、FP16前処理を用いて収束特性を改善することで袖通信の回数を削減した。FP16前処理は演算子の物理特性に基づいて設計され、A64FXにおいて新たにサポートされたFP16SIMD演算を用いて実装された。本ソルバは富岳(A64FX)とSummit(V100)に移植され、JAEA-ICEX(Haswell)に比べてそれぞれ$$sim$$63倍, $$sim$$29倍のソケットあたり性能の向上を達成した。


GPU-acceleration of locally mesh allocated two phase flow solver for nuclear reactors

小野寺 直幸; 井戸村 泰宏; Ali, Y.*; 山下 晋; 下川辺 隆史*; 青木 尊之*

Proceedings of Joint International Conference on Supercomputing in Nuclear Applications + Monte Carlo 2020 (SNA + MC 2020), p.210 - 215, 2020/10

本研究では、ブロック型局所細分化(AMR)法に基づくPoisson解法のGPU高速化を実施した。ブロック型AMR法はGPUに適したデータ構造であり、複雑な構造物で構成された原子炉等の解析に必須な解析手法である。これに、最新の前処理手法であるマルチグリッド(MG)法を共役勾配(CG)法へと組み合わせることで、計算の高速化を実現した。MG-CG法を構成する計算カーネルをGPUスーパーコンピュータであるTSUBAME3.0上にて測定した結果、ベクトル-ベクトル和、行列-ベクトル積、およびドット積の帯域幅は、ピークパフォーマンスの約60%となり、良好なパフォーマンスを実現した。更に、MG法の前処理手法として、3段のVサイクル法および各段に対してRed-Black SOR法を適用した手法を用いて、$$453.0times10^6$$格子点の大規模問題の解析を実施した結果、元の前処理付きCG法と比較して、反復回数を30%未満に削減すると共に、2.5倍の計算の高速化を達成した。


PASCAL信頼性向上ワーキンググループ活動報告; 平成28及び29年度

Li, Y.; 廣田 貴俊*; 板橋 遊*; 山本 真人*; 関東 康祐*; 鈴木 雅秀*; 宮本 裕平*

JAEA-Review 2020-011, 130 Pages, 2020/09


日本原子力研究開発機構(以下「原子力機構」という。)では、原子炉圧力容器(Reactor Pressure Vessel、以下「RPV」という。)の構造健全性評価手法の高度化を目的として、加圧熱衝撃等の過渡事象が発生した場合のRPVの破損確率や破損頻度を評価する確率論的破壊力学解析コードPASCALを開発し、最新知見に基づきその機能の高度化を進めてきた。RPVの構造健全性評価において確率論的手法の活用が期待される中で、RPVの健全性評価に係る取組みを促進するためには、複数の機関によりPASCALの機能確認を実施し、その確認過程や確認結果を取りまとめておくことにより、コードの信頼性を向上させることが不可欠である。こうした背景を踏まえ、原子力機構では開発機関以外の当該分野に関する専門家の下で、本コードの信頼性を向上させることを目的として、PASCAL信頼性向上ワーキンググループを設立し、PASCALのソースコードレベルの確認を含む機能確認を行ってきた。本報は、PASCAL信頼性向上ワーキンググループの平成28及び29年度における活動内容及び活動結果についてまとめたものである。


Overview of the OECD-NEA Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Cooperation (WPEC)

Fleming, M.*; Bernard, D.*; Brown, D.*; Chadwick, M. B.*; De Saint Jean, C.*; Dupont, E.*; Ge, Z.*; 原田 秀郎; Hawari, A.*; Herman, M.*; et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences, 239, p.15002_1 - 15002_4, 2020/09

The OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) Working Party on International Nuclear Data Evaluation Cooperation (WPEC) was established in 1989 to facilitate collaboration in nuclear data activities. Over its thirty year history, fifty different subgroups have been created to address topics in nearly every aspect of nuclear data, including: experimental measurements, evaluation, validation, model development, quality assurance of databases and the development of software tools. After three decades we will review the status of WPEC, how it integrates other collections and activities organised by the NEA and how it dovetails with the initiatives of the IAEA and other bodies to effectively coordinate international activities in nuclear data.


Theoretical study of Nb isotope productions by muon capture reaction on $$^{100}$$Mo

Ciccarelli, M.*; 湊 太志; 内藤 智也*

Physical Review C, 102(3), p.034306_1 - 034306_9, 2020/09

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Physics, Nuclear)

The isotope $$^{99}$$Mo, the generator of $$^{rm 99m}$$Tc used for diagnostic imaging, is supplied by extracting from fission fragments of highly enriched uranium in reactors. However, a reactor-free production method of $$^{99}$$Mo is searched over the world from the point of view of nuclear proliferation. Recently, $${}^{99}$$Mo production through a muon capture reaction was proposed and it was found that about 50% of $$^{100}$$Mo turned into $$^{99}$$Mo through $$^{100}$$Mo$$ (mu^-,n)$$ reaction. However, the detailed physical process of the muon capture reaction is not completely understood. We, therefore, study the muon capture reaction of $$^{100}$$Mo by a theoretical approach. We used the $$pn$$ QRPA to calculate the muon capture rate. The muon wave function is calculated with considering the electronic distribution of the atom and the nuclear charge distribution. The particle evaporation process from the daughter nucleus is calculated by the Hauser-Feshbach statistical model. From the model calculation, about 38% of $$^{100}$$Mo is converted to $$^{99}$$Mo through the muon capture reaction, which is in a reasonable agreement with the experimental data. It is revealed that negative parity states, especially $$1^-$$ state, play an important role in $$^{100}$$Mo $$(mu^-,n)^{99}$$Nb. Isotope production by the muon capture reaction strongly depends on the nuclear structure. To understand the mechanism, excitation energy functions have to be known microscopically.


Fatigue crack growth for ferritic steel under negative stress ratio

山口 義仁; 長谷川 邦夫; Li, Y.

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 142(4), p.041507_1 - 041507_6, 2020/08

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:100(Engineering, Mechanical)

疲労亀裂進展中における亀裂の開閉口は、亀裂進展速度の評価において重要な現象である。ASME Code Section XIのAppendix A-4300は、負の応力比におけるフェライト鋼の疲労亀裂進展速度を算出する式について、負荷の大きさに応じて二つ提示している。一つは、負荷が小さい場合に、亀裂の閉口を考慮する式である。もう一つは、負荷が大きい場合に、亀裂の閉口を考慮しない式である。本研究では、フェライト鋼に対して、負荷の大きさを徐々に変えながら疲労亀裂進展試験を実施し、負荷の大きさが亀裂閉口に及ぼす影響を調査した。その結果、Appendix A-4300における疲労亀裂進展速度算出式を切り替える負荷の大きさと比較して、より小さい負荷で亀裂が閉口することを明らかにした。


Effects of pre-crack depth and hydrogen absorption on the failure strain of Zircaloy-4 cladding tubes under biaxial strain conditions

Li, F.; 三原 武; 宇田川 豊; 天谷 政樹

Proceedings of 2020 International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 2020) (Internet), 7 Pages, 2020/08

Fuel cladding may be subjected to biaxial tensile stress in axial and hoop directions during pellet-cladding mechanical interaction (PCMI) of a reactivity-initiated accident (RIA). Incipient crack in the hydride rim assisted by the scattered hydrides in the metal phase may lead to failure of the cladding at small hoop strain level during PCMI. To get insight of such phenomenon, biaxial-EDC tests under axial to hoop strain ratios ranging from 0 to 1 were performed with pre-cracked (outer surface) and uniformly hydrided Zircaloy-4 cladding tube samples with final heat-treatment status of cold worked (CW), stress relieved (SR) and Recrystallized (RX). Results showed dependencies of failure hoop strain on pre-crack depth, strain ratio, hydrogen content and final heat-treatment status on fabrication, but no apparent dependencies were observed on the distribution pattern of hydrides (with similar hydrogen contents and hydrides predominantly precipitated in hoop direction) and the heat-treatment process for hydrogen charging. J integral at failure seems to be available to unify the effect of pre-crack depth.


Analytical study of perforation damage to reinforced concrete slabs subjected to oblique impact by projectiles with different nose shapes

Kang, Z.; 奥田 幸彦; 西田 明美; 坪田 張二; Li, Y.

Proceedings of 2020 International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 2020) (Internet), 7 Pages, 2020/08



Analytical study on dynamic response of reinforced concrete structure with internal equipment subjected to projectile impact

奥田 幸彦; Kang, Z.; 西田 明美; 坪田 張二; Li, Y.

Proceedings of 2020 International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 2020) (Internet), 10 Pages, 2020/08

原子炉建屋に飛翔体が衝突した場合、衝突時に発生する応力波は衝突を受けた壁から建屋内へと伝播する。この応力波は建屋内において高振動数を含む振動を励起する可能性があり、安全上重要な内包機器への影響評価が課題となっている。OECD/NEAにおいても、飛翔体衝突による原子力施設への影響評価を目的としたベンチマーク解析プロジェクト(OECD/NEA IRISプロジェクト)を立ち上げ、そのフェーズ3として建屋内包機器への影響評価に取り組んでいる。このIRISプロジェクトのフェーズ3に参加し、原子炉建屋及び内包機器を模擬した構造物への飛翔体衝突試験の結果を対象に再現解析を実施した。具体的には、鉄筋コンクリート(RC)構造である原子炉建屋内の応力波伝播及び建屋内包機器への影響評価に資する数値解析手法を整備し、解析結果と試験結果との比較により解析手法の妥当性を確認した。本論文では、飛翔体衝突による建屋内包機器の応答への影響評価に係る解析的検討結果について報告する。


Local damage to reinforced concrete panels subjected to oblique impact by projectiles; Outline of impact test

西田 明美; Kang, Z.; 奥田 幸彦; 坪田 張二; Li, Y.

Proceedings of 2020 International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE 2020) (Internet), 5 Pages, 2020/08



Probabilistic fracture mechanics benchmarking study involving the xLPR and PASCAL-SP codes; Analysis by PASCAL-SP

真野 晃宏; 勝山 仁哉; Li, Y.

Proceedings of ASME 2020 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2020) (Internet), 7 Pages, 2020/08



Extension of PASCAL4 code for probabilistic fracture mechanics analysis of reactor pressure vessel in boiling water reactor

Lu, K.; 勝山 仁哉; Li, Y.

Proceedings of ASME 2020 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2020) (Internet), 10 Pages, 2020/08

In Japan, Japan Atomic Energy Agency has developed a probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) analysis code, PASCAL4, for probabilistic evaluation of reactor pressure vessels (RPVs) in pressurized water reactors (PWRs) considering neutron irradiation embrittlement and pressurized thermal shock (PTS) events. Besides severe PTS events, however, transients associated with normal operations, such as the cooldown and heatup transients associated with reactor shutdown and startup, respectively, should also be considered in the integrity assessment of RPVs in both PWRs and boiling water reactors (BWRs). With regard to a heatup transient, because temperature is at its minimum, and tensile stress at its maximum on the RPV outer surface, outer surface crack and embedded crack near the RPV outer surface should be taken into account. To extend the applicability of PASCAL4, we improved the code to include analysis functions for these cracks. The improved PASCAL4 can be used to run PFM analyses of RPVs subjected to both cooldown (including PTS) and heatup transients. In this paper, improvements made to PASCAL4 are firstly described, including the incorporated stress intensity factor solutions and the corresponding calculation methods for vessel outer surface crack and embedded crack near the outer surface. Using the improved PASCAL4, PFM analysis examples for a Japanese BWR-type model RPV subjected to thermal transients including a low temperature overpressure event and a heatup transient are presented.


Improved Bayesian update method on flaw distributions reflecting non-destructive inspection result

勝山 仁哉; 宮本 裕平*; Lu, K.; 真野 晃宏; Li, Y.

Proceedings of ASME 2020 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2020) (Internet), 8 Pages, 2020/08



Allowable external flaws and acceptance standards for high toughness ductile pipes subjected to bending moment and internal pressure

長谷川 邦夫; Li, Y.; Lacroix, V.*; Mares, V.*

Proceedings of ASME 2020 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2020) (Internet), 6 Pages, 2020/08

正味応力概念を基に新たに精度の高いModified Limit Load Criteriaを用いて、周方向に欠陥を有する高靭性配管の破壊応力を求める式を開発した。一方、ASME Code Section XIで規定されているLimit Load Criteriaでも破壊応力が求められる。両式による破壊応力の比較の結果、ASME Codeによる外表面欠陥に対してASME Codeでは常に大きく、ASME Codeは非安全側であることを見出している。ASME Codeには評価不要欠陥基準が規定されており、これをModified Limit Load Criteriaで検討した。評価不要欠陥基準は許容される欠陥深さが小さいことから、両手法による差は極めて小さく、現行のASME Code Section XIの評価不要欠陥基準を外表面欠陥に適用しても問題ないことを見出した。

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