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Journal Articles

Metalloid substitution elevates simultaneously the strength and ductility of face-centered-cubic high-entropy alloys

Wei, D.*; Wang, L.*; Zhang, Y.*; Gong, W.; Tsuru, Tomohito; Lobzenko, I.; Jiang, J.*; Harjo, S.; Kawasaki, Takuro; Bae, J. W.*; et al.

Acta Materialia, 225, p.117571_1 - 117571_16, 2022/02

Journal Articles

Improvement of probabilistic fracture mechanics analysis code PASCAL-SP regarding stress corrosion cracking in nickel based alloy weld joint of piping system in boiling water reactor

Mano, Akihiro; Yamaguchi, Yoshihito; Katsuyama, Jinya; Li, Y.

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 144(1), p.011506_1 - 011506_9, 2022/02

In the past few decades, the cracks because of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) have been detected in the dissimilar weld joints welded using nickel based alloy in piping system of boiling water reactors. Thus, the structural integrity assessment for such weld joints has become important. Nowadays, probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) analysis is recognized as a rational method for structural integrity assessment because it can consider inherent uncertainties of various influencing factors as probability distributions and quantitatively evaluate the failure probability of a cracked component. The Japan Atomic Energy Agency has developed a PFM analysis code PASCAL-SP for a probabilistic structural integrity assessment of weld joint in pipe in nuclear power plant. This study improves the analysis functions of PASCAL-SP for weld joint welded using nickel based alloy in boiling water reactor susceptible to SCC. As an analysis example of the improved version of PASCAL-SP, the failure probability of a weld joint is quantitatively evaluated. Furthermore, sensitivity analyses are conducted concerning the effect of leak detection and in-service inspection. From the analysis results, it is concluded that the improved version of PASCAL-SP is useful for structural integrity assessment.

Journal Articles

A Novel method to uniquely determine the parameters in Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman model

Zhang, T.; Lu, K.; Mano, Akihiro; Yamaguchi, Yoshihito; Katsuyama, Jinya; Li, Y.

Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures, 44(12), p.3399 - 3415, 2021/12

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The Gurson-Tvergaard-Needleman (GTN) model is considered a promising approach in failure prediction as it takes the micromechanical behavior of ductile metals into consideration and its function exhibits a relatively clear physical meaning. Although the GTN model has been widely investigated in the past decades, its engineering applications have scarcely progressed due to the difficulty in determining the eight strongly coupled parameters. Based on the physical background of GTN model, a set of methods was established to determine the parameters in the GTN model. The knowledge of continuum damage mechanics was used to experimentally determine the development of void volume fraction through the variation of effective Young's modulus in a uniaxial tensile test, and three parameters regarding void nucleation were analytically derived using a newly established method. Other parameters in the GTN model were also uniquely determined through a joint use of the chemical composition analysis (for the initial void volume fraction), the cell model analyses (for the two constitutive parameters), and the inverse finite element method (for the two failure parameters). The reliability of this novel parameter determination method was verified through the failure prediction of both cracked and uncracked specimens of carbon steel STPT410.

Journal Articles

Joint environmental radiation survey by JAEA and KAERI around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant; Performance of mobile gamma-ray spectrometry using backpack and carborne survey platforms

Ji, Y.-Y.*; Ochi, Kotaro; Hong, S. B.*; Nakama, Shigeo; Sanada, Yukihisa; Mikami, Satoshi

Health Physics, 121(6), p.613 - 620, 2021/12

According to the implementing arrangement between JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) and KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) in the field of the radiation protection and environmental radiation monitoring, the joint measurement has been conducted to assess the radioactive cesium deposition in the ground around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants (FDNPP). First, mobile gamma-ray spectrometry using backpack survey platform was conducted to assess the distribution of dose rate around specific three survey sites. The carborne survey using gamma-ray spectrometers, as loading inside a vehicle, was successfully conducted to compare measured dose rates in routes from site to site and verify evaluation methods including the attenuation correction.

Journal Articles

Long decay length of magnon-polarons in BiFeO$$_{3}$$/La$$_{0.67}$$Sr$$_{0.33}$$MnO$$_{3}$$ heterostructures

Zhang, J.*; Chen, M.*; Chen, J.*; Yamamoto, Kei; Wang, H.*; Hamdi, M.*; Sun, Y.*; Wagner, K.*; He, W.*; Zhang, Y.*; et al.

Nature Communications (Internet), 12(1), p.7258_1 - 7258_8, 2021/12

Journal Articles

Evidence for strong correlations at finite temperatures in the dimerized magnet Na$$_{2}$$Cu$$_{2}$$TeO$$_{6}$$

Shangguan, Y.*; Bao, S.*; Dong, Z.-Y.*; Cai, Z.*; Wang, W.*; Huang, Z.*; Ma, Z.*; Liao, J.*; Zhao, X.*; Kajimoto, Ryoichi; et al.

Physical Review B, 104(22), p.224430_1 - 224430_8, 2021/12

Journal Articles

The $$^{59}$$Fe(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{60}$$Fe cross section from the surrogate ratio method and its effect on the $$^{60}$$Fe nucleosynthesis

Yan, S. Q.*; Li, X. Y.*; Nishio, Katsuhisa; Lugaro, M.*; Li, Z. H.*; Makii, Hiroyuki; Pignatari, M.*; Wang, Y. B.*; Orlandi, R.; Hirose, Kentaro; et al.

Astrophysical Journal, 919(2), p.84_1 - 84_7, 2021/10

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Journal Articles

Half-integer Shapiro steps in strong ferromagnetic Josephson junctions

Yao, Y.*; Cai, R.*; Yang, S.-H.*; Xing, W.*; Ma, Y.*; Mori, Michiyasu; Ji, Y.*; Maekawa, Sadamichi; Xie, X.-C.*; Han, W.*

Physical Review B, 104(10), p.104414_1 - 104414_6, 2021/09

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Journal Articles

Hybrid dynamic response test focusing on the support structure of piping systems

Okuda, Yukihiko; Nishida, Akemi; Sakai, Michiya*; Shiogama, Yuzo*; Li, Y.

Proceedings of 28th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering; Nuclear Energy the Future Zero Carbon Power (ICONE 28) (Internet), 6 Pages, 2021/08

To develop a more realistic seismic evaluation method of nuclear power plants, it is necessary to evaluate the seismic behavior considering the joints of each component that are treated as independent models during design evaluation, such as buildings, equipment, and piping systems. Particularly, the piping support structure, which is the joint between the building and piping, is important in the seismic evaluation of the piping system. While the current seismic evaluation of piping support structures is performed within the elastic range, it is important to consider the realistic elastic-plastic response of piping support structures for fragility assessment in seismic probabilistic risk assessment. However, the seismic evaluation method that considers the elastic-plastic response of piping support structures has not yet been established, and there is a need to improve seismic evaluation methods. In this study, a hybrid dynamic response test for simulating the seismic behavior of the piping support structure, including the elastic-plastic response, has been conducted. Specifically, static cyclic loading tests and hybrid dynamic response tests were conducted using four types of piping support structures to understand the basic mechanical behavior. This report presents the details of the tests and test results.

Journal Articles

Benchmarking study on probabilistic fracture mechanics analysis codes xLPR and PASCAL-SP considering primary water stress corrosion cracking

Mano, Akihiro; Katsuyama, Jinya; Li, Y.

Proceedings of ASME 2021 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2021) (Internet), 7 Pages, 2021/07

Probabilistic fracture mechanics (PFM) is expected as a more rational methodology for the structural integrity assessments of nuclear power components because it can consider the inherent probabilistic distributions of various influencing factors and quantitatively evaluate the failure probabilities of the components. The Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) has developed a PFM analysis code, PASCAL-SP, to evaluate the failure probabilities of piping caused by aging degradation mechanisms, such as fatigue and stress corrosion cracking in the environments of both pressurized water and boiling water reactors. To improve confidence in the analysis results obtained from PASCAL-SP, a benchmarking study was conducted together with the PFM analysis code, xLPR, which was developed jointly by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and the Electric Power Research Institute. The benchmarking study was composed of deterministic and probabilistic analyses related to primary water stress corrosion cracking in a dissimilar metal weld joint in a pressurized water reactor surge line. The analyses were conducted independently by NRC staff and JAEA using their own codes and under common analysis conditions. In the present paper, the analysis conditions for the deterministic and probabilistic analyses are described in detail, and the analysis results obtained from the xLPR and PASCAL-SP codes are presented. It was confirmed that the analysis results obtained from the two codes were in good agreement.

Journal Articles

Development of guideline on seismic fragility evaluation for aged piping

Yamaguchi, Yoshihito; Katsuyama, Jinya; Masaki, Koichi*; Li, Y.

Proceedings of ASME 2021 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2021) (Internet), 9 Pages, 2021/07

The seismic probabilistic risk assessment is an important methodology to evaluate the seismic safety of nuclear power plants. In this assessment, the core damage frequency is evaluated from the seismic hazard, seismic fragilities, and accident sequence. Regarding the seismic fragility evaluation, the probabilistic fracture mechanics can be applied as a useful evaluation technique for aged piping systems with crack or wall thinning due to the age-related degradation mechanisms. In this study, to advance seismic probabilistic risk assessment methodology of nuclear power plants that have been in operation for a long time, a guideline on the seismic fragility evaluation of the typical aged piping systems of nuclear power plants has been developed considering the age-related degradation mechanisms. This paper provides an outline of the guideline and several examples of seismic fragility evaluation based on the guideline and utilizing the probabilistic fracture mechanics analysis code.

Journal Articles

Pilot study on seismic fragility evaluation for degraded austenitic stainless steel piping using the probabilistic fracture mechanics code PASCAL-SP

Azuma, Kisaburo*; Yamaguchi, Yoshihito; Li, Y.

Proceedings of ASME 2021 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP 2021) (Internet), 7 Pages, 2021/07

Journal Articles

Effect of coolant water temperature of emergency core cooling system on failure probability of reactor pressure vessel

Lu, K.; Katsuyama, Jinya; Masaki, Koichi; Watanabe, Tadashi*; Li, Y.

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 143(3), p.031704_1 - 031704_8, 2021/06

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Journal Articles

Nuclear pasta structures and symmetry energy

Xia, C.-J.*; Maruyama, Toshiki; Yasutake, Nobutoshi*; Tatsumi, Toshitaka*; Zhang, Y.-X.*

Physical Review C, 103(5), p.055812_1 - 055812_13, 2021/05

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.03(Physics, Nuclear)

Journal Articles

Application of probabilistic fracture mechanics to reactor pressure vessel using PASCAL4 code

Lu, K.; Katsuyama, Jinya; Li, Y.; Yoshimura, Shinobu*

Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 143(2), p.021505_1 - 021505_8, 2021/04

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Engineering, Mechanical)

Journal Articles

New $$alpha$$-emitting isotope $$^{214}$$U and abnormal enhancement of $$alpha$$-particle clustering in lightest uranium isotopes

Zhang, Z. Y.*; Yang, H. B.*; Andreyev, A. N.; Liu, M. L.*; Ma, L.*; 37 of others*

Physical Review Letters, 126(15), p.152502_1 - 152502_6, 2021/04

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Relevance of hydrogen bonded associates to the transport properties and nanoscale dynamics of liquid and supercooled 2-propanol

Zhai, Y.*; Luo, P.*; Nagao, Michihiro*; Nakajima, Kenji; Kikuchi, Tatsuya*; Kawakita, Yukinobu; Kienzle, P. A.*; Z, Y.*; Faraone, A.*

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23(12), p.7220 - 7232, 2021/03

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Chemistry, Physical)

Journal Articles

Origin of magnetovolume effect in a cobaltite

Miao, P.*; Tan, Z.*; Lee, S. H.*; Ishikawa, Yoshihisa*; Torii, Shuki*; Yonemura, Masao*; Koda, Akihiro*; Komatsu, Kazuki*; Machida, Shinichi*; Sano, Asami; et al.

Physical Review B, 103(9), p.094302_1 - 094302_18, 2021/03

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

The layered perovskite PrBaCo$$_{2}$$O$$_{5.5}$$ demonstrates a strong negative thermal expansion (NTE) which holds potential for being fabricated into composites with zero thermal expansion. The NTE was found to be intimately associated with the spontaneous magnetic ordering, known as magneto-volume effect (MVE). Here we report with compelling evidences that the continuous-like MVE in PrBaCo$$_{2}$$O$$_{5.5}$$ is intrinsically of discontinuous character, originating from an magnetoelectric transition from an antiferromagnetic insulating large-volume (AFILV) phase to a ferromagnetic less-insulating small-volume (FLISV) phase. Furthermore, the magnetoelectric effect (ME) shows high sensitivity to multiple external stimuli such as temperature, carrier doping, hydrostatic pressure, magnetic field etc. In contrast to the well-known ME such as colossal magnetoresistance and multi-ferroic effect which involve symmetry breaking of crystal structure, the ME in the cobaltite is purely isostructural. Our discovery provides a new path way to realizing the ME as well as the NTE, which may find applications in new techniques.

Journal Articles

Beta decay of the axially asymmetric ground state of $$^{192}$$Re

Watanabe, Hiroshi*; Watanabe, Yutaka*; Hirayama, Yoshikazu*; Andreyev, A. N.; Hashimoto, Takashi*; Kondev, F. G.*; Lane, G. J.*; Litvinov, Yu. A.*; Liu, J. J.*; Miyatake, Hiroari*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 814, p.136088_1 - 136088_6, 2021/03

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.03(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

Journal Articles

Application of OpenPET as 3-D imaging device of carbon distribution in fruit

Kurita, Keisuke; Miyoshi, Yuta*; Nagao, Yuto*; Yamaguchi, Mitsutaka*; Suzui, Nobuo*; Yin, Y.-G.*; Ishii, Satomi*; Kawachi, Naoki*; Hidaka, Kota*; Yoshida, Eiji*; et al.

QST-M-29; QST Takasaki Annual Report 2019, P. 106, 2021/03

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