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Journal Articles

Observation of beam loss proton tracks at 400 MeV J-PARC Linac

Sako, Hiroyuki; Miura, Akihiko; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Maruta, Tomofumi*

Proceedings of 14th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.545 - 547, 2017/12

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LEBT commissioning of the J-PARC LINAC

Shibata, Takanori*; Ikegami, Kiyoshi*; Liu, Y.*; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Naito, Fujio*; Takagi, Akira*; Asano, Hiroyuki; Kondo, Yasuhiro; Miura, Akihiko; Oguri, Hidetomo; et al.

Proceedings of 28th International Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC 2016) (Internet), p.251 - 253, 2017/05

After upgrade of J-PARC Linac in 2014, Low Energy Beam Transport (LEBT) beam commissioning of the J-PARC LINAC has been made for improving H$$^{-}$$ beam intensity extracted from Linac. Currents of two solenoid coils and steering magnets in LEBT are optimized with extraction and acceleration voltages for static acceleration in ion source (IS) which decides on an initial emittance diagram of H$$^{-}$$ beam. As a result of LEBT and IS parameter optimization, beam transmission rate of RFQ has been reached up to 96% in 50 mA H$$^{-}$$ current operation. Moreover, PIC-MC (Particle-In-Cell Monte-Carlo) simulation models developed for H$$^{-}$$ transport in LEBT. Comparison between experimental and numerical results are presented to clarify beam physics from IS exit to RFQ entrance.

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Bunch length analysis of negative hydrogen ion beam in J-PARC linac

Miura, Akihiko; Hayashi, Naoki; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Liu, Y.*; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Fukuoka, Shota*

Proceedings of 4th International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2015) (Internet), p.386 - 389, 2016/02

We have used bunch shape monitors (BSMs) to measure the longitudinal bunch length of negative hydrogen ion beam in the J-PARC linac. In order to evaluate the measurement errors with peak beam current increasing, we observed waveforms with various beam current. As the result, an RMS bunch length depends on the peak beam current and the bending at the pulse head grows with the peak beam current. We also compared the data taken at an off-center beam to avoid the thermal stress with the ones at an on-center beam, because a target wire will be exposed to a higher peak beam current. In this paper, we introduced the peak beam current dependence of the bunch length waveforms, and an effect of on- /off-centering of the wire position. Finally the new buncher tuning method using one BSM have been discussed.

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Beam monitors for the commissioning of energy upgraded linac

Miura, Akihiko; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Liu, Y.*; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Kawane, Yusuke; Ouchi, Nobuo; Oguri, Hidetomo; Ikegami, Masanori*; Hasegawa, Kazuo

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 8, p.011002_1 - 011002_6, 2015/09


In the J-PARC Linac, an energy upgrade project has started since 2009 using Annular-ring Coupled Structure cavities to achieve design beam power of 1 MW at the exit of the downstream rapid cycling synchrotron. Linac beam parameters of the upgraded Linac is drastically improved especially for the beam energy from 181 to 400 MeV in the project. To meet with the significant upgrades of the Linac, beam monitors to be used for the upgraded beam line are newly designed and fabricated as well as the beam monitor layout is designed with the consideration to the beam commissioning strategies. This paper introduces the beam monitor layout in the new beam line and the commissioning results to confirm the beam monitor functioning.

Journal Articles

Bunch shape measurement of 181 MeV beam in J-PARC linac

Miura, Akihiko; Feschenko, A. V.*; Mirzojan, A. N.*; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Ouchi, Nobuo; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Liu, Y.*; Oguri, Hidetomo; Ikegami, Masanori*; Hasegawa, Kazuo

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 8, p.011003_1 - 011003_6, 2015/09


In J-PARC Linac, an energy upgrade project has started since 2009 using Annular-ring Coupled Structure (ACS) cavities. We have decided to use the bunch shape monitors (BSM) as the monitors of the longitudinal beam width measurement in order to take the longitudinal matching using two bunchers located in the upstream of ACS cavities, where the RF frequency jumps from 324 to 972 MHz. Three BSMs were completely fabricated and installed in the beam line. The BSMs were commissioned with the beam and their operability was demonstrated. We found the vacuum degradation during the measurement. We once removed all BSMs to have a vacuum conditioning and postponed the longitudinal matching at the establishment of 400-MeV operation of the energy upgraded Linac. In this paper, we introduce the mechanism of the BSM, its operability, the measurement results with the 181 MeV beam and consistency check with the respect cavity amplitude. We also describe the operational vacuum conditions and the outline of the improvement of the vacuum system for the BSMs.

Journal Articles

Beam loss mitigation by the modification of the beam pulse definition in the J-PARC LINAC

Sawabe, Yuki; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Liu, Y.*; Miura, Akihiko; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Ishiyama, Tatsuya; Kikuzawa, Nobuhiro; Hayashi, Naoki

Proceedings of 12th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.1202 - 1205, 2015/09

no abstracts in English

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Recent progress of beam study in the J-PARC linac

Maruta, Tomofumi*; Liu, Y.*; Futatsukawa, Kenta*; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Miura, Akihiko; Ikegami, Masanori*

Proceedings of 12th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.432 - 436, 2015/09

no abstracts in English

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Twiss parameter matching of the injection beam for the J-PARC RCS

Okabe, Kota; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Hotchi, Hideaki; Saha, P. K.; Yoshimoto, Masahiro; Miura, Akihiko; Liu, Y.*; Kinsho, Michikazu

Proceedings of 12th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.933 - 937, 2015/09

In a high power proton accelerator such as the 3-GeV rapid cycle synchrotron (RCS), small ratio of the beam loss such as beam halo can cause serious radiation dose. The suppression of the transverse beam halo is a key issue to provide high intensity beam for routine user operation at the RCS. If the transverse twiss parameter of the injection beam is not matched to the RCS optics, it will generates beam halo during the multi-turn injection. In order to suppress such beam halo, twiss parameters and dispersion matching are performed at the RCS injection point. In the beam matching process, we use the rms envelope equation solver with space charge effect to predict high intensity beam behavior. The beam profile measurement is done with wire scanner monitors at the downstream of the L3BT as well as multi-wire profile monitors at the RCS injection section. In this presentation, we introduce the transverse twiss parameter matching scheme at the RCS injection points.

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Preliminary studies of laser-assisted H$$^{-}$$ stripping at 400 MeV

Saha, P. K.; Harada, Hiroyuki; Kinsho, Michikazu; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Okabe, Kota; Yoshimoto, Masahiro; Irie, Yoshiro*; Gorlov, T.*

Proceedings of 6th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC '15) (Internet), p.3795 - 3797, 2015/06

Journal Articles

Scintillating fiber detector for the beam loss proton measurements at J-PARC linac

Konstantinova, O.*; Sako, Hiroyuki; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Miura, Akihiko

Proceedings of Science (Internet), 8 Pages, 2015/05

The highest beam loss has been observed at the ACS (Annular Coupled Structure) section in the J-PARC linac. We have developed a scintillating fiber detector for beam loss proton measurements at J-PARC linac. It consists of 4 upstream fiber planes and 4 downstream fiber planes. The upstream and downstream planes are separated by 1.6 m for time-of-flight measurements. A charged particle which passes through the 8 planes are either a proton or an electron, which can be distinguished by time-of-flight. We measured the absolute proton beam loss rates of 1.8-3.2$$times$$10$$^{5}$$. The ratio of H$$^{+}$$/H$$^{-}$$ was 0.7-1.8$$times$$10$$^{-8}$$, which is closed to the estimated value of 2.7$$times$$10$$^{-8}$$ from residual gas pressure. The energy of protons was measured to be 80-120 MeV, which was consistent with the average simulated value of 90 MeV.

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Installation and performance check of beam monitors for energy upgraded J-PARC linac

Miura, Akihiko; Ouchi, Nobuo; Oguri, Hidetomo; Hasegawa, Kazuo; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Liu, Y.*; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Ikegami, Masanori*

Proceedings of 27th International Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC 2014) (Internet), p.1059 - 1061, 2014/12

An energy upgrade project has started in the J-PARC Linac since 2009. In the upgraded project, beam energy in the Linac has increased from original 181 MeV to 400 MeV using the additional 21 Annular-ring Coupled Structure Linac (ACS) cavities. The new beam monitors as the beam current monitors, the phase monitors, the beam position monitors and the transverse profile monitors (wire scanner monitors) were designed and fabricated. By the end of November, 2013, all beam monitors were completely installed. From the middle of December, we started the beam commissioning to achieve the beam energy as 400 MeV, as well as to confirm the beam monitor functioning. We achieved the 400 MeV beam acceleration at the middle of January, 2014 using newly installed beam monitors. This paper describes the beam monitor installation and the beam commissioning results of beam monitor functioning.

Journal Articles

Present status of J-PARC linac

Oguri, Hidetomo; Hasegawa, Kazuo; Ito, Takashi; Chishiro, Etsuji; Hirano, Koichiro; Morishita, Takatoshi; Shinozaki, Shinichi; Ao, Hiroyuki; Okoshi, Kiyonori; Kondo, Yasuhiro; et al.

Proceedings of 11th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.389 - 393, 2014/10

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Development of RF chopper system at J-PARC Linac

Hirano, Koichiro; Ito, Takashi; Kondo, Yasuhiro; Shinozaki, Shinichi; Chishiro, Etsuji; Miura, Akihiko; Morishita, Takatoshi; Ikegami, Masanori*; Kubota, Chikashi*; Sugimura, Takashi*; et al.

Proceedings of 10th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.858 - 861, 2014/06

Two RF-deflecting cavities as a chopper and a beam scraper have been used in the MEBT between a 324 MHz RFQ and a 50-MeV DTL of the J-PARC Linac. We plan to increase a peak beam current up to 50 mA by replacing an ion source and a RFQ after the summer shutdown in 2014. Beam loss occurs in the RF chopper for the 50 mA operation. Moreover, the beam scraper cannot fully stand the beam load with 50 mA, 0.5 ms, 3 MeV, and 25 Hz. We have studied the new RF chopper cavity by using HFSS code and the tandem scraper system with two scrapers.

Journal Articles

Beam monitoring system for RFQ test stand of J-PARC linac

Miyao, Tomoaki*; Miura, Akihiko; Kondo, Yasuhiro; Morishita, Takatoshi; Sugimura, Takashi*; Ouchi, Nobuo; Oguri, Hidetomo; Maruta, Tomofumi*; Naito, Fujio

Proceedings of 10th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.1049 - 1052, 2014/06

In J-PARC linac, a project for energy and intensity upgrade has been progressed using 50 mA RFQ(Radio-Frequency-Quadrupole) linac cavity. Because the RFQ had already fabricated, test stand for its performance test was newly produced. In the test stand, we designed and fabricated the monitoring system including beam current monitors for the beam transmission measurement and the beam phase monitors for the energy measurement. We will refer the detail of the monitoring system and the data obtained during the performance test. New testing devices are also mentioned.

Journal Articles

Upgrade of power supply system for RF-chopper at J-PARC Linac

Futatsukawa, Kenta*; Ikegami, Masanori*; Ito, Yuichi; Kikuzawa, Nobuhiro; Sato, Fumiaki; Shinozaki, Shinichi; Suzuki, Takahiro*; Chishiro, Etsuji; Hirano, Koichiro; Fang, Z.*; et al.

Proceedings of 10th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.1149 - 1153, 2014/06

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Progress of beam commissioning and beam loss mitigation in the J-PARC linac after the Tohoku earthquake

Maruta, Tomofumi; Miura, Akihiko; Sako, Hiroyuki; Tamura, Jun; Ikegami, Masanori*; Futatsukawa, Kenta*; Fang, Z.*; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Liu, Y.*

Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 63(7), p.1274 - 1279, 2013/10

 Percentile:100(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Beam loss occurred at DTL cavity in J-PARC linac

Miura, Akihiko; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Ito, Takashi; Hirano, Koichiro; Nammo, Kesao*; Maruta, Tomofumi; Tamura, Jun; Ikegami, Masanori*; Naito, Fujio*

Proceedings of 9th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.653 - 655, 2013/08

The beam operation of J-PARC linac was suspended until December 2011 due to the damage by the Tohoku earthquake in March 2011. After resumed the operations, we measured the residual radiation along with the beam line during a short interval. Because the higher residual radiation was detected at the surface of drift tube linac (DTL) cavity by radiation survey, we installed the scintillation beam loss monitors (BLM) at the points where the higher radiation was detected to understand the cause of the radiation. Even the DTL section is low energy part of the linac, fine structure of the beam loss was observed by the scintillation BLM. And we measured the beam loss occurred at the DTL with the parameters of beam orbit and cavity settings. Also, the BLM is employed for the linac tuning. In this paper, the result of the radiation measurement and beam loss signals obtained by the scintillation BLMs are presented.

Journal Articles

Simulation study on longitudinal beam profile measurement by using RF chopper at J-PARC linac

Maruta, Tomofumi; Ikegami, Masanori*

Proceedings of 9th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.420 - 423, 2013/08

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Beam commissioning of J-PARC linac after Tohoku Earthquake and its beam loss mitigation

Ikegami, Masanori*; Fang, Z.*; Futatsukawa, Kenta*; Miyao, Tomoaki*; Liu, Y.*; Maruta, Tomofumi; Sako, Hiroyuki; Miura, Akihiko; Tamura, Jun; Wei, G.

Proceedings of 9th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.64 - 67, 2013/08

Journal Articles

Beam loss reduction by the beam duct realignment in the J-PARC linac beam transport line

Tamura, Jun; Ao, Hiroyuki; Asano, Hiroyuki; Ikegami, Masanori*; Maruta, Tomofumi; Miura, Akihiko; Morishita, Takatoshi; Oguri, Hidetomo; Ouchi, Nobuo; Sawabe, Yuki*; et al.

Proceedings of 9th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.377 - 380, 2013/08

In the J-PARC linac, almost all the cavities and magnets have been precisely aligned because the accelerator tunnel has been deformed by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake. In the beam transport line called MEBT2 and A0BT at the downstream of the drift tube linac, the beam duct has been roughly aligned after the precise alignment of the quadruple doublets. During the first beam operation after the earthquake, remarkable beam loss and residual radiation have been recognized at the MEBT2 and A0BT. As the result of the duct position measurement, the misalignement including over 10 mm shift from the beam axis was found. By conducting the beam duct realignment, the beam loss and the residual radiation were successfully decreased. In this paper, the procedure of the beam duct alignment and the beam loss due to the misalignment are described.

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