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Journal Articles

OECD/NEA ARC-F Project; Summary of fission product transport

Lind, T.*; Kalilainen, J.*; Marchetto, C.*; Beck, S.*; Nakamura, Koichi*; Kino, Chiaki*; Maruyama, Yu; Kido, Kentaro; Kim, S. I.*; Lee, Y.*; et al.

Proceedings of 20th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-20) (Internet), p.4796 - 4809, 2023/08

Journal Articles

Main outputs from the OECD/NEA ARC-F Project

Maruyama, Yu; Sugiyama, Tomoyuki*; Shimada, Asako; Lind, T.*; Bentaib, A.*; Sogalla, M.*; Pellegrini, M.*; Albright, L.*; Clayton, D.*

Proceedings of 20th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-20) (Internet), p.4782 - 4795, 2023/08

Journal Articles

Estimation for mass transfer coefficient under two-phase flow conditions using two gas components

Nanjo, Kotaro; Shiotsu, Hiroyuki; Maruyama, Yu; Sugiyama, Tomoyuki; Okamoto, Koji*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 60(7), p.816 - 823, 2023/07

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Nuclear Science & Technology)

JAEA Reports

Study on disposal of waste from reprocessing for commercial HTGR spent fuel

Fukaya, Yuji; Maruyama, Takahiro; Goto, Minoru; Ohashi, Hirofumi; Higuchi, Hideaki

JAEA-Research 2023-002, 19 Pages, 2023/06


A study on disposal of waste derived from commercial High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor ("HTGR") has been performed. Because of significant difference between the reprocessing of Light Water Reactor ("LWR") and that of HTGR due to difference in structures of the fuel, adoptability of the laws relating to reprocessing waste disposal, which is enacted for LWR, to HTGR waste should be confirmed. Then, we compared the technologies and waste of reprocessing and evaluated radioactivity concentration in graphite waste by activation and contamination based on whole core burn-up calculation. As a result, it was found that SiC residue waste should be disposed of into a geological repository as 2nd class designated radioactive waste in the Designated Radioactive Waste Final Disposal Act (Act No.117 of 2000), by way of amendment of the applicable order, same as hull and end-piece of LWR, and graphite waste should be shallowly disposed of than geological disposal as 2nd class waste for pit disposal in the Act on the Regulation of Nuclear Source Material, Nuclear Fuel Material and Reactors (Act No.166 of 1957) same as a channel box of LWR.

Journal Articles

Development of a robust nuclear data adjustment method to outliers

Fukui, Yuhei*; Endo, Tomohiro*; Yamamoto, Akio*; Maruyama, Shuhei

EPJ Web of Conferences, 281, p.00006_1 - 00006_9, 2023/03

We developed a new nuclear data adjustment method for experimental data containing outliers. This method mitigates the effect of outliers by applying M-estimation, a type of robust estimation, to the conventional nuclear data adjustment method using sensitivity coefficients. Based on the M-estimation, we derived a weighted nuclear data adjustment formula and developed a weight calculation method. The weighted nuclear data adjustment formula was derived by weighting the function to take the extremum of the conventional nuclear data adjustment. The weighting of each nuclear characteristic is calculated from the difference between the measured and calculated values of the nuclear characteristic. This weight calculation method can evaluate the validity of each nuclear characteristic by considering correlations between nuclear characteristics using singular value decomposition. The proposed method and the conventional method were compared and verified by twin experiments. In the twin experiments, the nuclear data were adjusted using experimental data that intentionally included outliers. As a result of twin experiments, it was confirmed that the nuclear data were adjusted robustly and appropriately even with the experimental data containing outliers.

Journal Articles

Incommensurate helimagnetic structure of Ba(Fe$$_{1-x}$$Sc$$_{x}$$)$$_{12}$$O$$_{19}$$ determined by single-crystal neutron diffraction

Tanaka, Seiya*; Kiyanagi, Ryoji; Ishikawa, Yoshihisa*; Amako, Yasushi*; Iiyama, Taku*; Futamura, Ryusuke*; Maruyama, Kenichi*; Utsumi, Shigenori*

Physical Review Materials (Internet), 7(1), p.014403_1 - 014403_11, 2023/01

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Improvement of JASMINE code for ex-vessel molten core coolability in BWR

Matsumoto, Toshinori; Kawabe, Ryuhei*; Iwasawa, Yuzuru; Sugiyama, Tomoyuki; Maruyama, Yu

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 178, p.109348_1 - 109348_13, 2022/12

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Nuclear Science & Technology)

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency extended the applicability of their fuel-coolant interaction analysis code JASMINE to simulate the relevant phenomena of molten core in a severe accident. In order to evaluate the total coolability, it is necessary to know the mass fraction of particle, agglomerated and cake debris and the final geometry at the cavity bottom. An agglomeration model that considers the fusion of hot particles on the cavity floor was implemented in the JASMINE code. Another improvement is introduction of the melt spreading model based on the shallow water equation with consideration of crust formation at the melt surface. For optimization of adjusting parameters, we referred data from the agglomeration experiment DEFOR-A and the under-water spreading experiment PULiMS conducted by KTH in Sweden. The JASMINE analyses reproduced the most of the experimental results well with the common parameter set, suggesting that the primary phenomena are appropriately modelled.

Journal Articles

Uncertainty analysis of dynamic PRA using nested Monte Carlo simulations and multi-fidelity models

Zheng, X.; Tamaki, Hitoshi; Takahara, Shogo; Sugiyama, Tomoyuki; Maruyama, Yu

Proceedings of Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management (PSAM16) (Internet), 10 Pages, 2022/09

Journal Articles

Dynamic probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants using multi-fidelity simulations

Zheng, X.; Tamaki, Hitoshi; Sugiyama, Tomoyuki; Maruyama, Yu

Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 223, p.108503_1 - 108503_12, 2022/07

 Times Cited Count:16 Percentile:91.89(Engineering, Industrial)

Journal Articles

Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors

Ohshima, Hiroyuki; Morishita, Masaki*; Aizawa, Kosuke; Ando, Masanori; Ashida, Takashi; Chikazawa, Yoshitaka; Doda, Norihiro; Enuma, Yasuhiro; Ezure, Toshiki; Fukano, Yoshitaka; et al.

Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors; JSME Series in Thermal and Nuclear Power Generation, Vol.3, 631 Pages, 2022/07

This book is a collection of the past experience of design, construction, and operation of two reactors, the latest knowledge and technology for SFR designs, and the future prospects of SFR development in Japan. It is intended to provide the perspective and the relevant knowledge to enable readers to become more familiar with SFR technology.

Journal Articles

In-depth analysis for uncertain phenomena on fission product transport in the OECD/NEA ARC-F project

Lind, T.*; Herranz, L. E.*; Sonnenkalb, M.*; Maruyama, Yu

Proceedings of 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19) (Internet), 15 Pages, 2022/03

Journal Articles

Integration of pool scrubbing research to enhance source-term calculations (IPRESCA) project

Gupta, S.*; Herranz, L. E.*; Lebel, L. S.*; Sonnenkalb, M.*; Pellegrini, M.*; Marchetto, C.*; Maruyama, Yu; Dehbi, A.*; Suckow, D.*; K$"a$rkel$"a$, T.*

Proceedings of 19th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-19) (Internet), 16 Pages, 2022/03

Journal Articles

Magnetic phase diagram of helimagnetic Ba(Fe$$_{1-x}$$Sc$$_{x}$$)$$_{12}$$O$$_{19}$$ (0 $$leq$$ x $$leq$$ 0.2) hexagonal ferrite

Maruyama, Kenichi*; Tanaka, Seiya*; Kiyanagi, Ryoji; Nakao, Akiko*; Moriyama, Kentaro*; Ishikawa, Yoshihisa*; Amako, Yasushi*; Iiyama, Taku*; Futamura, Ryusuke*; Utsumi, Shigenori*; et al.

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 892, p.162125_1 - 162125_8, 2022/02

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:16.86(Chemistry, Physical)

Journal Articles

Radiochemical analysis of the drain water sampled at the exhaust stack shared by Units 1 and 2 of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station

Shimada, Asako; Taniguchi, Yoshinori; Kakiuchi, Kazuo; Ohira, Saki; Iida, Yoshihisa; Sugiyama, Tomoyuki; Amaya, Masaki; Maruyama, Yu

Scientific Reports (Internet), 12(1), p.2086_1 - 2086_11, 2022/02

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:31.61(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

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Journal Articles

A Relativistic quantum approach to neutrino and antineutrino emission via the direct Urca process in strongly magnetized neutron-star matter

Maruyama, Tomoyuki*; Baha Balantekin, A.*; Cheoun, M.-K.*; Kajino, Toshitaka*; Kusakabe, Motohiko*; Mathews, G. J.*

Physics Letters B, 824, p.136813_1 - 136813_8, 2022/01

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:52.69(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

Journal Articles

Numerical analysis for FP speciation in VERDON-2 experiment; Chemical re-vaporization of iodine in air ingress condition

Shiotsu, Hiroyuki; Ito, Hiroto*; Sugiyama, Tomoyuki; Maruyama, Yu

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 163, p.108587_1 - 108587_9, 2021/12

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Nuclear Science & Technology)

Journal Articles

Improved performance of wide bandwidth neutron-spin polarizer due to ferromagnetic interlayer exchange coupling

Maruyama, Ryuji; Yamazaki, Dai; Aoki, Hiroyuki; Akutsu, Kazuhiro*; Hanashima, Takayasu*; Miyata, Noboru*; Soyama, Kazuhiko; Bigault, T.*; Saerbeck, T.*; Courtois, P.*

Journal of Applied Physics, 130(8), p.083904_1 - 083904_10, 2021/08

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:27.71(Physics, Applied)

Journal Articles

Thermal-hydraulics to risk assessment; Roles of thermal-hydraulics simulation to risk assessment

Maruyama, Yu; Yoshida, Kazuo

Nihon Genshiryoku Gakkai-Shi ATOMO$$Sigma$$, 63(7), p.517 - 522, 2021/07

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Phenomena identification ranking tables for accident tolerant fuel designs applicable to severe accident conditions

Khatib-Rahbar, M.*; Barrachin, M.*; Denning, R.*; Gabor, J.*; Gauntt, R.*; Herranz, L. E.*; Hobbins, R.*; Jacquemain, D.*; Maruyama, Yu; Metcalf, J.*; et al.

NUREG/CR-7282, ERI/NRC 21-204 (Internet), 160 Pages, 2021/04

JAEA Reports

Interim activity status report of "the group for investigation of reasonable safety assurance based on graded approach" (from September, 2019 to September, 2020)

Yonomoto, Taisuke; Nakashima, Hiroshi*; Sono, Hiroki; Kishimoto, Katsumi; Izawa, Kazuhiko; Kinase, Masami; Osa, Akihiko; Ogawa, Kazuhiko; Horiguchi, Hironori; Inoi, Hiroyuki; et al.

JAEA-Review 2020-056, 51 Pages, 2021/03


A group named as "The group for investigation of reasonable safety assurance based on graded approach", which consists of about 10 staffs from Sector of Nuclear Science Research, Safety and Nuclear Security Administration Department, departments for management of nuclear facility, Sector of Nuclear Safety Research and Emergency Preparedness, aims to realize effective graded approach (GA) about management of facilities and regulatory compliance of JAEA. The group started its activities in September, 2019 and has had discussions through 10 meetings and email communications. In the meetings, basic ideas of GA, status of compliance with new regulatory standards at each facility, new inspection system, etc were discussed, while individual investigation at each facility were shared among the members. This report is compiled with expectation that it will help promote rational and effective safety management based on GA by sharing contents of the activity widely inside and outside JAEA.

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