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Characterizing the permeability of drillhole core samples of Toki granite, central Japan to identify factors influencing rock-matrix permeability

久保 大樹*; 松田 典大*; 柏谷 公希*; 小池 克明*; 石橋 正祐紀; 鶴田 忠彦; 松岡 稔幸; 笹尾 英嗣; Lanyon, G. W.*

Engineering Geology, 259, p.105163_1 - 105163_15, 2019/09



ACE library of JENDL-4.0/HE

松田 規宏; 国枝 賢; 岡本 力*; 多田 健一; 今野 力

Progress in Nuclear Science and Technology (Internet), 6, p.225 - 229, 2019/01

Intra-Nuclear Cascade (INC) models employed into general-purpose Monte-Carlo (MC) simulation codes such as PHITS are not always applicable in the energy region from typical upper limit of evaluated cross-section data (20 MeV) to several hundreds of MeV. In order to improve accuracy of the MC simulations including this energy region, JENDL-4.0 High Energy File (JENDL-4.0/HE), was released in 2015. It includes cross section data for incident neutrons up to 200 MeV for 130 nuclei, and a nuclear data library for incident protons up to 200 MeV for 133 nuclei. In order to use JENDL-4.0/HE in MC simulation codes, A Compact ENDF (ACE) -format library of all the neutron and proton incident data has been produced with the nuclear data processing code NJOY2016.9, which was modified to keep laboratory angle-energy distribution form (LAW=67) in the proton data because the original NJOY converts laboratory angle-energy distribution form to continuum energy distribution form (LAW=61) automatically and PHITS can treat only angle-energy distribution form for proton. Benchmark calculations on shielding experiments at TIARA were carried out using PHITS to validate the ACE library of JENDL-4.0/HE.


Decreasing trend of ambient dose equivalent rates over a wide area in eastern Japan until 2016 evaluated by car-borne surveys using KURAMA systems

安藤 真樹; 三上 智; 津田 修一; 吉田 忠義; 松田 規宏; 斎藤 公明

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 192, p.385 - 398, 2018/12

 パーセンタイル:100(Environmental Sciences)



Review of reduction factors by buildings for gamma radiation from radiocaesium deposited on the ground due to fallout

吉田 浩子*; 松田 規宏; 斎藤 公明

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 187, p.32 - 39, 2018/07

 パーセンタイル:100(Environmental Sciences)

In order to estimate residents' external dose due to radionuclide exposure resulting from fallout deposit on the ground, the shielding and dose reduction effects provided by structures such as houses and workplaces are taken into account as most individuals spend a large portion of their time indoors. Soon after the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident, several measurements and calculations were performed to obtain specific reduction factors for Japanese settlements due to this lack of data. This research reviews previous studies that determined factors such as, shielding factors, protection factors, reduction factors, and location factors and summarizes specific results for Japan. We discuss the issues in determining these factors and in applying them to estimate indoor dose. The contribution of surface contamination to the indoor ambient dose equivalent rate is also discussed.


Features of particle and heavy ion transport code system (PHITS) version 3.02

佐藤 達彦; 岩元 洋介; 橋本 慎太郎; 小川 達彦; 古田 琢哉; 安部 晋一郎; 甲斐 健師; Tsai, P.-E.; 松田 規宏; 岩瀬 広*; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 55(6), p.684 - 690, 2018/06

 被引用回数:40 パーセンタイル:0.03(Nuclear Science & Technology)

粒子・重イオン輸送計算コードPHITS Version 3.02を開発して公開した。核反応モデルや原子反応モデルを改良することにより、適応エネルギー範囲や精度を向上させた。また、計算効率を向上させる新しいタリーや、放射性同位元素を線源とする機能、医学物理分野にPHITSを応用する際に有用となるソフトウェアなど、様々なユーザーサポート機能を開発して、その利便性を大幅に向上させた。これらの改良により、PHITSは、加速器設計、放射線遮へい及び防護、医学物理、宇宙線研究など、幅広い分野で3000名以上のユーザーに利用されている。本論文では、2013年に公開したPHITS2.52以降に追加された新機能を中心に紹介する。


Recent improvements of particle and heavy ion transport code system: PHITS

佐藤 達彦; 仁井田 浩二*; 岩元 洋介; 橋本 慎太郎; 小川 達彦; 古田 琢哉; 安部 晋一郎; 甲斐 健師; 松田 規宏; 奥村 啓介; et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences (Internet), 153, p.06008_1 - 06008_6, 2017/09

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:14.04



Measurements and analyses of the distribution of the radioactivity induced by the secondary neutrons produced by 17-MeV protons in compact cyclotron facility

松田 規宏; 泉 雄一*; 山中 吉之*; 丸藤 俊之*; 山田 正明*; 大石 晃嗣*

EPJ Web of Conferences (Internet), 153, p.07001_1 - 07001_6, 2017/09


Measurements of reaction rate distributions of secondary neutrons produced by 17-MeV protons were conducted at a compact cyclotron facility with the foil activation method. The experimentally obtained distribution suggests that the target and the deflector as components of the cyclotron are principal beam loss points. The experimental data are compared with the results by the Monte Carlo simulation. The calculated results from the deflector based on the assumption of the beam loss rates were about 3 times higher than the experimental ones. This result implies that the overestimation may results from indeterminate beam loss rates at the deflector.


JENDL-4.0/HE benchmark test with concrete and iron shielding experiments at JAEA/TIARA

今野 力; 松田 規宏; 権 セロム*; 太田 雅之*; 佐藤 聡*

EPJ Web of Conferences (Internet), 153, p.01024_1 - 01024_6, 2017/09

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PHITS version 2.88の特徴

佐藤 達彦; 岩元 洋介; 橋本 慎太郎; 小川 達彦; 古田 琢哉; 安部 晋一郎; 甲斐 健師; 松田 規宏; 岩瀬 広*; 仁井田 浩二*

放射線, 43(2), p.55 - 58, 2017/05



Benchmark study of the recent version of the PHITS code

岩元 洋介; 佐藤 達彦; 橋本 慎太郎; 小川 達彦; 古田 琢哉; 安部 晋一郎; 甲斐 健師; 松田 規宏; 細山田 龍二*; 仁井田 浩二*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 54(5), p.617 - 635, 2017/05

 被引用回数:14 パーセンタイル:0.82(Nuclear Science & Technology)




安藤 真樹; 松田 規宏; 斎藤 公明

日本原子力学会和文論文誌, 16(2), p.63 - 80, 2017/05



Measurements of air dose rates in and around houses in the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan after the Fukushima accident

松田 規宏; 三上 智; 佐藤 哲朗*; 斎藤 公明

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 166(Part 3), p.427 - 435, 2017/01

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:83.76(Environmental Sciences)

Measurements of air dose rates in less contaminated areas were conducted in and around houses. The relation of both was summarized as dose reduction factors. For wooden and lightweight steel houses, the dose rates showed a positive correlation and linear regression with a slope-intercept form due to the natural background. The average dose reduction factor was 0.38 on the first floor. The reductions in indoor dose rates are observed because a patch of ground under each house is not contaminated (this is the so-called uncontaminated effect). The characteristics were clarified through Monte Carlo simulations. For reinforced steel-framed concrete houses, the dose rates did not show a correlation. It was found that there is a great variation in air dose rates even within one house, such as the size and shape of a house, construction materials acting as a shield and as sources, position (including height) within a room, floor number, total number of floors, and surrounding environment.


Impact of PHITS spallation models on the neutronics design of an accelerator-driven system

岩元 大樹; 西原 健司; 岩元 洋介; 橋本 慎太郎; 松田 規宏; 佐藤 達彦; 原田 正英; 前川 藤夫

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 53(10), p.1585 - 1594, 2016/10

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:10.94(Nuclear Science & Technology)

The impact of different spallation models and parametrisations of nucleon-nucleus interactions in PHITS on nuclear characteristics of an accelerator-driven system (ADS) is investigated. Cut-off neutrons below 20 MeV calculated by a current default option of the spallation model (i.e., Li${`e}$ge Intranuclear Cascade (INC) model version 4.6, INCL4.6) are found to be 14% less than those by the old spallation model (it i.e. Bertini INC model). This decrease increases the proton beam current that drives the 800-MW thermal power, and impacts various ADS parameters, including material damage, nuclear heating of the proton beam window (PBW), and the inventory of spallation products. To validate these options based on the ADS neutronics design, we conduct benchmark calculations of the total and nonelastic cross sections, thick target neutron yields, and activation reaction rate distributions. The results suggest that Pearlstein-Niita systematics, which is a default option of the nucleon-nucleus interaction parametrisation, would be best option and that the Bertini INC is better suited for cut-off neutrons than INCL4.6. However, because of the difficulty in making a definite conclusion on the spallation models, we conclude that relatively large uncertainty in the cut-off neutrons, which is the difference between the two spallation models (i.e. 14%), should be considered.


Overview of the PHITS code and application to nuclear data; Radiation damage calculation for materials

岩元 洋介; 佐藤 達彦; 仁井田 浩二*; 橋本 慎太郎; 小川 達彦; 古田 琢哉; 安部 晋一郎; 甲斐 健師; 松田 規宏; 岩瀬 広*; et al.

JAEA-Conf 2016-004, p.63 - 69, 2016/09



福島周辺における線量測定と評価に関する問題点,6; 個人の外部被ばく線量評価の現状と課題

斎藤 公明; 栗原 治*; 松田 規宏; 高原 省五; 佐藤 哲朗*

Radioisotopes, 65(2), p.93 - 112, 2016/02



福島周辺における空間線量率の測定と評価,5; 福島周辺における空間線量率分布の特徴

三上 智; 松田 規宏; 安藤 真樹; 木名瀬 栄; 北野 光昭; 川瀬 啓一; 松元 愼一郎; 山本 英明; 斎藤 公明

Radioisotopes, 64(9), p.589 - 607, 2015/09



Overview of particle and heavy ion transport code system PHITS

佐藤 達彦; 仁井田 浩二*; 松田 規宏; 橋本 慎太郎; 岩元 洋介; 古田 琢哉; 野田 秀作; 小川 達彦; 岩瀬 広*; 中島 宏; et al.

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 82, p.110 - 115, 2015/08

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:22.72(Nuclear Science & Technology)

原子力機構が中心となり日欧の複数機関が協力して汎用モンテカルロ粒子・重イオン輸送計算コードPHITSを開発している。PHITSは、幅広いエネルギー範囲のほぼすべての放射線の挙動を扱うことができ、そのすべてのコンポーネントは1つのパッケージにまとめられ、RIST, OECD/NEA Databank, RSICCを通じて全世界に配布されている。その結果、PHITSユーザー数は国内外で総計1,000名を超え、工学・理学・医学のさまざまな分野で利用されている。本論文では、PHITSの概要について紹介するとともに、イベントジェネレータモードやビーム輸送機能などPHITSに組み込まれた幾つかの重要な機能について解説する。


福島周辺における空間線量率の測定と評価,4; 環境中における空間線量率測定の実際

津田 修一; 吉田 忠義; 安藤 真樹; 松田 規宏; 三上 智; 谷垣 実*; 奥村 良*; 高宮 幸一*; 佐藤 信浩*; 関 暁之; et al.

Radioisotopes, 64(4), p.275 - 289, 2015/04




松田 規宏

放射線遮蔽ハンドブック; 基礎編, p.229 - 288, 2015/03



Overview of particle and heavy ion transport code system PHITS

岩元 洋介; 佐藤 達彦; 仁井田 浩二*; 松田 規宏; 橋本 慎太郎; 古田 琢哉; 野田 秀作; 小川 達彦; 岩瀬 広*; 中島 宏; et al.

JAEA-Conf 2014-002, p.69 - 74, 2015/02


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