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Journal Articles

Application of analysis for assembly of integrated components to steel member connections towards seismic safety assessment of plant structures

Nishida, Akemi; Murakami, Takahiro*; Satoda, Akira*; Asano, Yuya*; Guo, Z.*; Matsukawa, Keisuke*; Oshima, Masami*; Nakajima, Norihiro

Proceedings of 25th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT-25) (USB Flash Drive), 10 Pages, 2019/08

Exhaustive studies on external events that may pose a threat to the structures of nuclear facilities and evaluations of the structural integrities are critical to safety. One of the components that greatly influence the behavior of the plant structure is the connection of structural members. In particular, the modeling of the connections has relied on empirical methods, and been conservatively designed and evaluated by considering them as pinned or rigid connections. Therefore, in this research, we have aimed to develop a connection modeling method that reproduces more realistic behavior by utilizing a three-dimensional model of the connection. As the first step of this research, we planned to determine the stiffness of the connections of steel structural members. The results confirmed that the connection can be regarded as a partially-restrained connection depending on the connection specifications of the structure, and the prospects for realistic stiffness evaluation of the connection were determined.

Journal Articles

Time domain response analysis for assembly by integrating components

Nakajima, Norihiro; Nishida, Akemi; Kawakami, Yoshiaki; Suzuki, Yoshio; Matsukawa, Keisuke*; Oshima, Masami*; Izuchi, Hisao*

Transactions of 23rd International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT-23) (USB Flash Drive), 10 Pages, 2015/08

The digital shaking table is introduced to carry out numerical experiments for the so called STRUCTURE of a petroleum plant. In numerical experiments, STRUCTURE was precisely modelled as it is designed and meshed into fine finite elements. The components of STRUCTURE were meshed one by one, and the code of a finite element analysis for structure of assembly gathered every meshed components to run time domain response analysis. Four waves are applied to the analysis to determine its behaviour. Four waves are namely as El Centro, Taft, Hachinohe, and Geiyo. The results of experiments are discussed by comparing accumulating data in the past. It is concluded to reconfirm the methodology of gathering meshed components and a finite element analysis for structure of assembly with the STRUCTURE.

Oral presentation

Measurement of X-rays and $$gamma$$-rays using a TES microcalorimeter with a Sn absorber; Analysis of energy spectrum with Monte Carlo simulation

Yasumune, Takashi; Takasaki, Koji; Nakamura, Keisuke; Ono, Masashi*; Irimatsukawa, Tomoya*; Takahashi, Hiroyuki*

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