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Oxygen potential of neodymium-doped U$$_{0.817}$$Pu$$_{0.180}$$Am$$_{0.003}$$O$$_{2 pm x}$$ uranium-plutonium-americium mixed oxides at 1573, 1773, and 1873 K

Vauchy, R.; 砂押 剛雄*; 廣岡 瞬; 中道 晋哉; 村上 龍敏; 加藤 正人

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 580, p.154416_1 - 154416_11, 2023/07

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.04(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Oxygen potentials of U$$_{0.817}$$Pu$$_{0.180}$$Am$$_{0.003}$$O$$_{2 pm x}$$ incorporating 10 and 20 mol% of neodymium (Nd/Metal) were investigated by thermogravimetry at 1573, 1773, and 1873 K. The presence of neodymium induced an increase in the oxygen potential of the U-Pu mixed oxide. The correlation between oxygen partial pressure pO$$_{2}$$ and deviation from stoichiometry x was analyzed, and a model of defect chemistry was proposed. Finally, the crystal structure of these mixed oxides was discussed at the light of the mechanisms of possible Nd(III)/U(V) charge compensation, and deviation from stoichiometry.


Toward long-term storage of nuclear materials in MOX fuels fabrication facility

廣岡 瞬; 中道 晋哉; 松本 卓; 土持 亮太; 村上 龍敏

Frontiers in Nuclear Engineering (Internet), 2, p.1119567_1 - 1119567_7, 2023/03



Liquid phase sintering of alumina-silica co-doped cerium dioxide CeO$$_{2}$$ ceramics

Vauchy, R.; 廣岡 瞬; 渡部 雅; 横山 佳祐; 砂押 剛雄*; 山田 忠久*; 中道 晋哉; 村上 龍敏

Ceramics International, 49(2), p.3058 - 3065, 2023/01

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:41.9(Materials Science, Ceramics)

Pure and low $$alpha$$-Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$-SiO$$_{2}$$ co-doped ceria specimens were prepared by conventional ceramic processing using powder metallurgy. The effect of co-doping on the microstructural and structural properties of cerium dioxide was investigated by means of optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy. The co-addition of alumina and silica promoted liquid phase sintering (LPS) and significantly contributed to grain growth, even in the small concentrations of the present study (1 wt% and 2 wt%). A glassy-look phase precipitated at the grain boundaries, characteristic of liquid phase sintering. The addition of dopants to the formulation greatly enhanced the grain growth process without disturbing the CeO$$_{2}$$ structure.


Investigation of the phonon dispersion associated with superlattice reflections in the BiS$$_{2}$$-based superconductor LaBiS$$_{2}$$O$$_{0.5}$$F$$_{0.5}$$

玉造 博夢; 長谷川 巧*; 佐賀山 基*; 水牧 仁一朗*; 村上 洋一*; 梶谷 丈*; 東中 隆二*; 松田 達磨*; 青木 勇二*; 筒井 智嗣*

Physical Review B, 107(2), p.024303_1 - 024303_8, 2023/01

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.01(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

The phonon dispersion of a BiS$$_{2}$$-based superconductor LaBiS$$_{2}$$O$$_{0.5}$$F$$_{0.5}$$ is investigated by first-principles calculations and inelastic X-ray scattering experiments. The origin of superlattice (SL) reflections arising from transverse-type lattice modulation, which were recently reported in [J. Kajitani $textit{et al}$., J. Phys. Soc. Jpn. ${bf 90}$, 103601 (2021)], is discussed in terms of lattice dynamics. Our first-principles calculations of phonon dispersion and the Fermi surfaces (FSs) demonstrate that the phonon mode corresponding to the transverse-type lattice modulation is unstable, and the propagation vector corresponding to the SL reflections is close to the FS nesting vector, which suggests that the phonon softening originates from the FS nesting. Against these calculated expectations, measured phonon dispersion in LaBiS$$_{2}$$O$$_{0.5}$$F$$_{0.5}$$ along the Z-A direction, where the SL point is located, shows no remarkable temperature dependence, and there are no steeply declining branches accompanied with a softening around the SL point. Based on these results, we discuss the two possibilities for the transverse lattice modulation in LaBiS$$_{2}$$O$$_{0.5}$$F$$_{0.5}$$: the order-disorder type structural transition and the displacive structural transition with an overdamped mode, for both of which the local structure distortion or the short range correlation within the BiS$$_{2}$$ plane would be essential.


Laser-driven neutron generation realizing single-shot resonance spectroscopy

余語 覚文*; Lan, Z.*; 有川 安信*; 安部 勇輝*; Mirfayzi, S. R.*; Wei, T.*; 森 隆人*; Golovin, D.*; 早川 岳人*; 岩田 夏弥*; et al.

Physical Review X, 13(1), p.011011_1 - 011011_12, 2023/01

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.02(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Neutrons are powerful tools for investigating the structure and properties of materials used in science and technology. Recently, laser-driven neutron sources (LDNS) have attracted the attention of different communities, from science to industry, in a variety of applications, including radiography, spectroscopy, security, and medicine. However, the laser-driven ion acceleration mechanism for neutron generation and for establishing the scaling law on the neutron yield is essential to improve the feasibility of LDNS. In this paper, we report the mechanism that accelerates ions with spectra suitable for neutron generation. We show that the neutron yield increases with the fourth power of the laser intensity, resulting in the neutron generation of $$3times10^{11}$$ in $$4pi$$ at a maximum, with $$1.1times10^{19}$$ Wcm$$^{-2}$$, 900 J, 1.5 ps lasers. By installing a "hand-size" moderator, which is specially designed for the LDNS, it is demonstrated that the efficient generation of epithermal (0.1-100 eV) neutrons enables the single-shot analysis of composite materials by neutron resonance transmission analysis (NRTA). We achieve the energy resolution of 2.3% for 5.19-eV neutrons 1.8 m downstream of the LDNS. This leads to the analysis of elements and isotopes within sub-$$mu$$s times and allows for high-speed nondestructive inspection.



加藤 正人; 中道 晋哉; 廣岡 瞬; 渡部 雅; 村上 龍敏; 石井 克典

日本原子力学会和文論文誌(インターネット), 8 Pages, 2023/00



Development of density control technologies for MOX pellet using dry recycled powders

仁科 匡弘; 武内 健太郎; 村上 真一

Proceedings of International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles; Sustainable Clean Energy for the Future (FR22) (Internet), 8 Pages, 2022/04



超深地層研究所計画 年度報告書(2019年度)

竹内 竜史; 尾上 博則; 村上 裕晃; 渡辺 勇輔; 見掛 信一郎; 池田 幸喜; 弥富 洋介; 西尾 和久*; 笹尾 英嗣

JAEA-Review 2021-003, 63 Pages, 2021/06




Radioactivity and radionuclides in deciduous teeth formed before the Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident

高橋 温*; 千葉 美麗*; 棚原 朗*; 相田 潤*; 清水 良央*; 鈴木 敏彦*; 村上 忍*; 小荒井 一真; 小野 拓実*; 岡 壽崇; et al.

Scientific Reports (Internet), 11(1), p.10355_1 - 10355_11, 2021/05

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:51.81(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

The Fukushima-Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FNPP) accident released substantial amounts of radionuclides into the environment. We collected 4,957 deciduous teeth, from children living in Fukushima and reference prefectures. Radioactivity was detected in most of the teeth examined and was attributed to the presence of natural radionuclides, including $$^{40}$$K and daughter nuclides in $$^{238}$$U and $$^{232}$$Th series. Additionally, artificial radionuclides, $$^{90}$$Sr and $$^{137}$$Cs, were detected in the teeth obtained from children from Fukushima and the reference prefectures. However, these radionuclides were not believed to have originated from the FNPP accident. Because the teeth examined in the present study were formed before the FNPP accident occurred, the aforementioned findings may serve as important control data for future studies regarding the radioactivity of teeth formed after the FNPP accident.


Production of $$^{266}$$Bh in the $$^{248}$$Cm($$^{23}$$Na,5$$n$$)$$^{266}$$Bh reaction and its decay properties

羽場 宏光*; Fan, F.*; 加治 大哉*; 笠松 良崇*; 菊永 英寿*; 小森 有希子*; 近藤 成美*; 工藤 久昭*; 森本 幸司*; 森田 浩介*; et al.

Physical Review C, 102(2), p.024625_1 - 024625_12, 2020/08

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:68.41(Physics, Nuclear)

The nuclide $$^{266}$$Bh was produced in the $$^{248}$$Cm($$^{23}$$Na,5n)$$^{266}$$Bh reaction at beam energies of 125.9, 130.6, and 135.3 MeV. Decay properties of $$^{266}$$Bh were investigated with a rotating wheel apparatus for $$alpha$$ and spontaneous fission (SF) spectrometry under low background conditions attained by a gas-jet transport system coupled to the RIKEN gas-filled recoil ion separator. The half-life of $$^{266}$$Bh was measured to be $$T_{rm 1/2}$$ = 10.0$$^{+2.6}_{-1.7}$$ s. The $$alpha$$-particle energies of $$^{266}$$Bh disperse widely in the range of 8.62 - 9.40 MeV. The maximum production cross section for the $$^{248}$$Cm($$^{23}$$Na,5n)$$^{266}$$Bh reaction was determined to be $$sigma$$ = 57 $$pm$$ 14 pb at 130.6 MeV.


Influence of carbon concentration and magnetic transition on the austenite lattice parameter of 30Mn-C steel

友田 陽*; 村上 俊夫*; Wang, Y. X.*; 大村 孝仁*; Harjo S.; Su, Y. H.; 篠原 武尚

Materials Characterization, 163, p.110243_1 - 110243_8, 2020/05

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:32.95(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

In this study, the effects of carbon concentration and magnetic transition on the austenite lattice parameter of Fe-30Mn-$$x$$C alloys were assessed. A linear relationship was obtained between the carbon content and the lattice parameter determined by neutron diffraction and neutron Bragg-edge transmission imaging for austenitic steels bearing 0.007-1.20 mass% C. The results obtained through both methods showed good agreement. In addition, carbon partitioning was evaluated in artificially piled-up discs with different carbon contents in order to develop a new technique for advanced multi-phase steels. The analysis of asymmetry and broadening of the diffraction line profile revealed that the carbon partitioning could be determined. In conclusion, the results presented herein expand the current knowledge on the properties of high Mn austenite.


Quantitative micro-X-ray fluorescence scanning spectroscopy of wet sediment based on the X-ray absorption and emission theories; Its application to freshwater lake sedimentary sequences

勝田 長貴*; 高野 雅夫*; 佐野 直美; 谷 幸則*; 落合 伸也*; 内藤 さゆり*; 村上 拓馬*; 丹羽 正和; 川上 紳一*

Sedimentology, 66(6), p.2490 - 2510, 2019/10

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:34.36(Geology)



Overview of accident-tolerant fuel R&D program in Japan

山下 真一郎; 井岡 郁夫; 根本 義之; 川西 智弘; 倉田 正輝; 加治 芳行; 深堀 智生; 野澤 貴史*; 佐藤 大樹*; 村上 望*; et al.

Proceedings of International Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference / Light Water Reactor Fuel Performance Conference (Global/Top Fuel 2019) (USB Flash Drive), p.206 - 216, 2019/09




村上 昌史; 星野 譲; 中谷 隆良; 菅谷 敏克; 福村 信男*; 三田 敏男*; 坂井 章浩

JAEA-Technology 2019-003, 50 Pages, 2019/06


試験研究用原子炉施設の解体廃棄物に対する共通的な放射能濃度評価方法の構築に向けて、立教大学のTRIGA-II型炉を対象として、アルミニウム合金, 炭素鋼, 遮蔽コンクリート及び黒鉛構造材中の放射化生成核種の放射能を、放射化学分析及び放射化計算により評価した。採取した構造材サンプルは放射化学分析及び構造材組成分析の両方に使用した。放射能を測定した核種はアルミニウム合金について$$^{3}$$H, $$^{60}$$Co, $$^{63}$$Ni、炭素鋼について$$^{3}$$H, $$^{60}$$Co, $$^{63}$$Ni, $$^{152}$$Eu、遮蔽コンクリートについて$$^{3}$$H, $$^{60}$$Co, $$^{152}$$Eu、黒鉛について$$^{3}$$H, $$^{14}$$C, $$^{60}$$Co, $$^{63}$$Ni, $$^{152}$$Euであった。中性子束分布の計算にはDORTコード、誘導放射能の計算にはORIGEN-ARPコードを使用した。アルミニウム合金, 炭素鋼及び遮蔽コンクリートでは、概ね保守的かつよい精度で放射能濃度を評価できる見通しが得られた。一方で黒鉛では、材料組成分析では全ての元素が定量下限値未満であったにも拘らず、全測定核種の放射能分析値が得られた。


Quantum dynamics of hydrogen in the iron-based superconductor LaFeAsO$$_{0.9}$$D$$_{0.1}$$ measured with inelastic neutron spectroscopy

山浦 淳一*; 平賀 晴弘*; 飯村 壮史*; 村場 善行*; Bang, J.*; 池内 和彦*; 中村 充孝; 稲村 泰弘; 本田 孝志*; 平石 雅俊*; et al.

Physical Review B, 99(22), p.220505_1 - 220505_6, 2019/06


 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:5.76(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Extraction behavior of rutherfordium as a cationic fluoride complex with a TTA chelate extractant from HF/HNO $$_{3}$$ acidic solutions

横山 明彦*; 北山 雄太*; 福田 芳樹*; 菊永 英寿*; 村上 昌史*; 小森 有希子*; 矢納 慎也*; 羽場 宏光*; 塚田 和明; 豊嶋 厚史*

Radiochimica Acta, 107(1), p.27 - 32, 2019/01

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:13.41(Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear)

The aim of this study was to identify relevant Rf chemical species by using reversed-phase extraction chromatography with 2-thenoyltrifluoroacetone (TTA) resin as the stationary phase. Because TTA can be used to extract specific metal ions, the distribution ratios of the system enabled determination of the specific complex formation constant of Rf. We performed several experiments on chemical systems with Zr, Hf, No, and Rf, determined their adsorption coefficients, and deduced the K values for Rf.


Gapless magnetic excitation in a heavily electron-doped antiferromagnetic phase of LaFeAsO$$_{0.5}$$D$$_{0.5}$$

玉造 博夢*; 平賀 晴弘*; 池内 和彦*; 飯村 壮史*; 村場 善行*; 中村 充孝; 佐賀山 基*; 山浦 淳一*; 村上 洋一*; 倉本 義夫*; et al.

Physical Review B, 98(17), p.174415_1 - 174415_6, 2018/11


 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:11.68(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Recent studies for structural integrity evaluation and defect inspection of J-PARC spallation neutron source target vessel

涌井 隆; 若井 栄一; 直江 崇; 新宅 洋平*; Li, T.*; 村上 一也*; 鹿又 研一*; 粉川 広行; 羽賀 勝洋; 高田 弘; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 506, p.3 - 11, 2018/08

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:34.06(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Hydrological and climate changes in southeast Siberia over the last 33 kyr

勝田 長貴*; 池田 久士*; 柴田 健二*; 國分 陽子; 村上 拓馬*; 谷 幸則*; 高野 雅夫*; 中村 俊夫*; 田中 敦*; 内藤 さゆり*; et al.

Global and Planetary Change, 164, p.11 - 26, 2018/05

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:41.08(Geography, Physical)



Determination of fusion barrier distributions from quasielastic scattering cross sections towards superheavy nuclei synthesis

田中 泰貴*; 成清 義博*; 森田 浩介*; 藤田 訓裕*; 加治 大哉*; 森本 幸司*; 山木 さやか*; 若林 泰生*; 田中 謙伍*; 武山 美麗*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 87(1), p.014201_1 - 014201_9, 2018/01

 被引用回数:14 パーセンタイル:71.67(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

ガス充填型反跳生成核分離装置GARISを用いて$$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{208}$$Pb, $$^{50}$$Ti + $$^{208}$$Pb, $$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{248}$$Cm反応系における準弾性散乱断面積の励起関数を測定した。これらのデータから融合障壁分布を導出し、チャンネル結合計算と比較した。$$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{208}$$Pb及び$$^{50}$$Ti + $$^{208}$$Pb反応の障壁分布のピークエネルギーはそれらの反応系における2中性子蒸発断面積のピークエネルギーと良く一致し、一方$$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{248}$$Cm反応の障壁分布のピークエネルギーは4中性子蒸発断面積のピークエネルギーより少し下に現れることが判った。この結果は超重核合成の際の最適ビームエネルギーの予測に役立つ情報を与える。

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