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Journal Articles

Clarification of strain limits considering the ratcheting fatigue strength of 316FR steel

Isobe, Nobuhiro*; Sukekawa, Masayuki*; Nakayama, Yasunari*; Date, Shingo*; Otani, Tomomi*; Takahashi, Yukio*; Kasahara, Naoto; Shibamoto, Hiroshi*; Nagashima, Hideaki*; Inoue, Kazuhiko*

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 238(2), p.347 - 352, 2008/02

 Times Cited Count:21 Percentile:81.14(Nuclear Science & Technology)

The effect of ratcheting on fatigue strength was investigated in order to rationalize the strain limit as a design criterion of commercialized fast reactor systems. Ratcheting fatigue tests were conducted at 550$$^{circ}$$C. Duration of the ratchet straining was set for a certain number of strain cycles taking the loading condition of fast reactors into account, and the number of cycles for strain accumulation was defined as the ratchet-expired cycle. Fatigue lives decrease as the accumulated strain by ratcheting increases. Fatigue life reduction was negligible when the maximum mean stress was less than 25 MPa, corresponding to an accumulated strain of 2.2 percent. Accumulated strain is limited to 2 percent in the present design guidelines and this strain limit is considered effective to avoid reducing fatigue life by ratcheting. Micro-crack growth behaviors were also investigated in these tests in order to discuss the life reduction mechanisms in ratcheting conditions.

Journal Articles

Recent developments for fast reactor structural design standard (FDS)

Kasahara, Naoto; Nakamura, Kyotada; Ito, Kei; Shibamoto, Hiroshi; Nagashima, Hideaki; Inoue, Kazuhiko

Transactions of 18th International Conference on Structural Mechanics in Reactor Technology (SMiRT-18), p.1131 - 1140, 2005/08

We carried out reflection seismic and multi-offset VSP surveys at JNC Shobasama-site to develop the investigation technique in the granite area, and evaluated the applicability of these geophysical methods. As the result of this study, we consider that a) It is possible to infer the existence of the lower angle fracture zone in the granite by reflection seismic survey and b) Multi-offset VSP supplements the result of reflection seismic survey and it is possible to infer the distribution of the fracture zone in deeper area in the granite.

JAEA Reports

Study on advanced structual design for commercialized fast breeder reactors

Morishita, Masaki; Aoto, Kazumi; Kasahara, Naoto; Asayama, Tai; Nakamura, Kyotada*; Inoue, Kazuhiko*; Nagashima, Hideaki*

JNC TY9400 2005-012, 2351 Pages, 2005/07


Aiming to realize safety and economcal commercialized fast reactor, R6D activities on structural design methods launched FY 2000 and continued up to FY 2004. The reserch scope was identified as (1)FBR Structural Design Standard (FDS), (2)Standardiation of new material and (3)System Based Code for Integrity. Since this fisical year is the Last year for the R6D activities, the results are summarized as FBR Design Stndard (interim proposal), Standadization of new material (interim prpposal) etc. The results of this report include a part of

Journal Articles

Interferometric density measurements in the divertor and edge plasma regions for the additionally heated JT-60 plasmas

Fukuda, Takeshi; Yoshida, Hidetoshi; Nagashima, Akira; Ishida, Shinichi; Kikuchi, Mitsuru; Yokomizo, Hideaki; JT-60 Team

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 162-164, p.258 - 263, 1989/00

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:33.69(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Fourier transform spectrometer system on JT-60

Sato, Masayasu; Yokomizo, Hideaki; Nagashima, Akira

Kaku Yugo Kenkyu, 59(SPECIAL ISSUE), p.47 - 71, 1988/00

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Thomson scattering system on JT-60 tokamak

Yokomizo, Hideaki; Yoshida, Hidetoshi; Sato, Masayasu; Nagashima, Akira; *; *

Kaku Yugo Kenkyu, 59(SPECIAL ISSUE), p.72 - 90, 1988/00

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

The JT-60 diagnostic system

Yokomizo, Hideaki; Takeuchi, Hiroshi; Sugie, Tatsuo; Ogiwara, Norio; Sato, Masayasu; Nagashima, Akira; ; Nakamura, Yukiharu; Nishitani, Takeo; Neyatani, Yuzuru; et al.

Fusion Engineering and Design, 5, p.117 - 138, 1987/00

 Times Cited Count:15 Percentile:80.36(Nuclear Science & Technology)

no abstracts in English

Oral presentation

R&D issues in structural design standard of fast reactor, 16; Application of inelastic analysis to piping design

Fujimata, Kazuhiro*; Nagashima, Hideaki*; Sukekawa, Masayuki*; Shibamoto, Hiroshi; Inoue, Kazuhiko*; Kasahara, Naoto

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