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Journal Articles

The Report on "study meetings about the ICRP Internal Dosimetry"

Nakajima, Junya; Hirota, Seiko*; Tsuji, Tomoya; Watanabe, Yuki; Sakoda, Akihiro; Kobayashi, Noriko*

Hoken Butsuri (Internet), 58(1), p.13 - 20, 2023/04

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Impressions of the 3rd Joint Meeting of Japanese Society of Radiation Safety Management and Japan Health Physics Society

Watanabe, Yuki; Tsuji, Tomoya; Hirota, Seiko*; Hokama, Tomonori; Nakajima, Junya; Tsujiguchi, Takakiyo*; Kimura, Tatsuki*; Koike, Hiromi*; Nakamura, Kaori*; Kuwata, Haruka*; et al.

Hoken Butsuri (Internet), 57(1), p.54 - 64, 2022/03

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Enhanced covalency and nanostructured-phonon scattering lead to high thermoelectric performance in $$n$$-type PbS

Rathore, E.*; Juneja, R.*; Sarkar, D.*; Roychowdhury, S.*; Kofu, Maiko; Nakajima, Kenji; Singh, A. K.*; Biswas, K.*

Materials Today Energy (Internet), 24, p.100953_1 - 100953_9, 2022/03

 Times Cited Count:12 Percentile:93.12(Chemistry, Physical)

Journal Articles

The Report on the Meeting of the Young Researchers' association of JHPS "Issues following the revision of radiation dose limits for the lens of the eye"

Kataoka, Noriaki*; Nakajima, Junya; Otsu, Saori; Takahashi, Akina; Takamiya, Kei; Umeda, Masayuki; Nishiono, Kanoko*

Hoken Butsuri (Internet), 56(1), p.28 - 31, 2021/03

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Report on social communication activities of Young Researchers Association and Students Association of JHPS; Chiba-shi Science Festa

Yamada, Ryohei; Kono, Takahiko; Nakajima, Junya; Hirouchi, Jun; Tsuji, Tomoya; Umeda, Masayuki; Igarashi, Yu*; Koike, Hiromi*

Hoken Butsuri (Internet), 56(1), p.32 - 38, 2021/03

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Pressure-dependent structure of methanol-water mixtures up to 1.2 GPa; Neutron diffraction experiments and molecular dynamics simulations

Temleitner, L.*; Hattori, Takanori; Abe, Jun*; Nakajima, Yoichi*; Pusztai, L.*

Molecules (Internet), 26(5), p.1218_1 - 1218_12, 2021/03

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:9.11(Biochemistry & Molecular Biology)

Total structure factors of per-deuterated methanol and heavy water, CD$$_{3}$$OD and D$$_{2}$$O, have been determined across the entire composition range at pressures of up to 1.2 GPa, by neutron diffraction. Largest variations due to increasing pressure were observed below $$Q=$$ 5 $AA$^{-1}$$, mostly as shifts of the first and second maxima. Molecular dynamics computer simulations been conducted at the experimental pressures to interpret neutron diffraction results. The peak shifts mentioned above could be qualitatively reproduced by simulations. In order to reveal the influence of changing pressure on the local intermolecular structure, simulated structures have been analyzed in terms of hydrogen bond related partial radial distribution functions and size distributions of hydrogen bonded cyclic entities. Distinct differences between pressure dependent structures of water-rich and methanol-rich composition regions have been revealed.

JAEA Reports

Maintenance of the Evaporator-II in Waste Treatment Facility No.2 (FY2015)

Handa, Yuichi; Nakajima, Ryota; Yonekawa, Akihisa*; Takatsu, Kazuki; Kinoshita, Junichi; Irie, Hirobumi; Suzuki, Hisao*

JAEA-Technology 2020-005, 22 Pages, 2020/06


The Evaporator-II is installed in Waste Treatment Facility No.2. The evaporator system treats intermediate level radioactive liquid waste for Nuclear Science Research Institute and more. It is maintenance the evaporator can once/3years by the maintenance plan. The evaporator can is important unit of the Evaporator-II system. This report summarizes record of maintenance the Evaporator-II in FY2015.

Journal Articles

Enhancement of element production by incomplete fusion reaction with weakly bound deuteron

Wang, H.*; Otsu, Hideaki*; Chiga, Nobuyuki*; Kawase, Shoichiro*; Takeuchi, Satoshi*; Sumikama, Toshiyuki*; Koyama, Shumpei*; Sakurai, Hiroyoshi*; Watanabe, Yukinobu*; Nakayama, Shinsuke; et al.

Communications Physics (Internet), 2(1), p.78_1 - 78_6, 2019/07

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:55.1(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Searching for effective pathways for the production of proton- and neutron-rich isotopes through an optimal combination of reaction mechanism and energy is one of the main driving forces behind experimental and theoretical nuclear reaction studies as well as for practical applications in nuclear transmutation of radioactive waste. We report on a study on incomplete fusion induced by deuteron, which contains one proton and one neutron with a weak binding energy and is easily broken up. This reaction study was achieved by measuring directly the cross sections for both proton and deuteron for $$^{107}$$Pd at 50 MeV/u via inverse kinematics technique. The results provide direct experimental evidence for the onset of a cross-section enhancement at high energy, indicating the potential of incomplete fusion induced by loosely-bound nuclei for creating proton-rich isotopes and nuclear transmutation of radioactive waste.

Journal Articles

Joint meeting of young researchers in the field of radiation protection and radiation biology

Kataoka, Noriaki*; Nakajima, Junya; Miwa, Kazuji; Hirota, Seiko*; Tsubota, Yoichi; Yamada, Ryohei; Fujimichi, Yuki*; Ishikawa, Junya*; Sunaoshi, Masaaki*

Hoken Butsuri (Internet), 54(2), p.140 - 145, 2019/06

It is the written report of the joint meeting of young researchers in the field of radiation protection and radiation biology.

Journal Articles

Model intercomparison of atmospheric $$^{137}$$Cs from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident; Simulations based on identical input data

Sato, Yosuke*; Takigawa, Masayuki*; Sekiyama, Tsuyoshi*; Kajino, Mizuo*; Terada, Hiroaki; Nagai, Haruyasu; Kondo, Hiroaki*; Uchida, Junya*; Goto, Daisuke*; Qu$'e$lo, D.*; et al.

Journal of Geophysical Research; Atmospheres, 123(20), p.11748 - 11765, 2018/10

 Times Cited Count:39 Percentile:86.61(Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences)

A model intercomparison of the atmospheric dispersion of $$^{137}$$Cs emitted following the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident was conducted by 12 models to understand the behavior of $$^{137}$$Cs in the atmosphere. The same meteorological data, horizontal grid resolution, and an emission inventory were applied to all the models to focus on the model variability originating from the processes included in each model. The multi-model ensemble captured 40% of the observed $$^{137}$$Cs events, and the figure-of-merit in space for the total deposition of $$^{137}$$Cs exceeded 80. Our analyses indicated that the meteorological data were most critical for reproducing the $$^{137}$$Cs events. The results also revealed that the differences among the models were originated from the deposition and diffusion processes when the meteorological field was simulated well. However, the models with strong diffusion tended to overestimate the $$^{137}$$Cs concentrations.

Journal Articles

Study on neutron beam pulse width dependence in the nuclear fuel measurement by the neutron resonance transmission analysis

Kitatani, Fumito; Tsuchiya, Harufumi; Toh, Yosuke; Hori, Junichi*; Sano, Tadafumi*; Takahashi, Yoshiyuki*; Nakajima, Ken*

KURRI Progress Report 2017, P. 99, 2018/08

Journal Articles

Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex, 2; Neutron scattering instruments

Nakajima, Kenji; Kawakita, Yukinobu; Ito, Shinichi*; Abe, Jun*; Aizawa, Kazuya; Aoki, Hiroyuki; Endo, Hitoshi*; Fujita, Masaki*; Funakoshi, Kenichi*; Gong, W.*; et al.

Quantum Beam Science (Internet), 1(3), p.9_1 - 9_59, 2017/12

The neutron instruments suite, installed at the spallation neutron source of the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) at the Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC), is reviewed. MLF has 23 neutron beam ports and 21 instruments are in operation for user programs or are under commissioning. A unique and challenging instrumental suite in MLF has been realized via combination of a high-performance neutron source, optimized for neutron scattering, and unique instruments using cutting-edge technologies. All instruments are/will serve in world-leading investigations in a broad range of fields, from fundamental physics to industrial applications. In this review, overviews, characteristic features, and typical applications of the individual instruments are mentioned.

Journal Articles

Report on the 15th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Radiation Safety Management

Nakajima, Junya

Hoken Butsuri, 52(2), p.136 - 138, 2017/06

The 15th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Radiation Safety Management was held at Okayama University from November 30th to December 2nd. In addition to some general sessions, two special lectures, two invited lectures, one morning lecture, one symposium and one session of planning committee were arranged. This is a report of the 15th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Radiation Safety Management.

JAEA Reports

Case studies of radiation dose assessment in emergency situation of nuclear facilities

Kawasaki, Masatsugu; Nakajima, Junya; Yoshida, Keisuke; Kato, Saori; Nishino, Sho; Nozaki, Teo; Nakagawa, Masahiro; Tsunoda, Junichi; Sugaya, Yuki; Hasegawa, Rie; et al.

JAEA-Data/Code 2017-004, 57 Pages, 2017/03


In emergency situation of nuclear facilities, we need to estimate the radiation dose due to radiation and radioactivity to grasp the influence range of the accident in the early stage. Therefore, we prepare the case studies of dose assessment for public exposure dose and personal exposure dose and contribute them to emergency procedures. This document covers about accidents of nuclear facilities in Nuclear Science Research Institute and past accident of nuclear power plant, and it can be used for inheritance of techniques of emergency dose assessment.

Journal Articles

Survey on effect of crystal texture of beryllium on total cross-section to improve neutronic evaluation in JMTR

Takemoto, Noriyuki; Imaizumi, Tomomi; Kimura, Nobuaki; Tsuchiya, Kunihiko; Hori, Junichi*; Sano, Tadafumi*; Nakajima, Ken*

Proceedings of International Conference on the Physics of Reactors; The Role of Reactor Physics toward a Sustainable Future (PHYSOR 2014) (CD-ROM), 11 Pages, 2014/09

Neutronic evaluations in JMTR have been performed for irradiation tests by Monte Carlo method with thermal neutron scattering law, S($$alpha$$, $$beta$$), data for beryllium metal, etc. The calculation accuracy of fast and thermal neutron fluxes are $$pm$$10% and $$pm$$30%, respectively. Analytical and experimental investigations to achieve higher calculation accuracy, especially for the thermal neutron flux up to the fast neutron flux level, have been therefore performed to offer higher value data technically to the JMTR users. In order to investigate an effect of fabrication method of beryllium material on the calculation accuracy, total cross-sections of beryllium specimens were measured using KURRI-LINAC, and it was found that the total cross-section was different from the theoretical one, and depended on the crystal texture, etc. The S($$alpha$$, $$beta$$) was adjusted based on the measured data, and the applicability to the neutronic evaluation in the JMTR was verified.

Journal Articles

Feasibility demonstration of a new Fermi chopper with supermirror-coated slit package

Nakamura, Mitsutaka; Kambara, Wataru; Krist, T.*; Shinohara, Takenao; Ikeuchi, Kazuhiko*; Arai, Masatoshi; Kajimoto, Ryoichi; Nakajima, Kenji; Tanaka, Hiromichi; Suzuki, Junichi*; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 737, p.142 - 147, 2014/02

 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:27.4(Instruments & Instrumentation)

The efficiency of inelastic neutron scattering measurements using a chopper spectrometer can be markedly improved by utilizing multiple incident energies (Multi-Ei method). However, in conventional chopper systems, optimization of the experimental condition for all incident energies is absolutely impossible. We developed a new Fermi chopper with a supermirror-coated slit package in order to overcome the problem and experimentally demonstrated that the full optimization of the experimental condition for multiple incident energies is nearly achieved.

JAEA Reports

Survey of radiation protection creiteria following the accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant

Yamada, Katsunori; Fujii, Katsutoshi; Kanda, Hiroshi; Higashi, Daisuke; Kobayashi, Toshiaki; Nakagawa, Masahiro; Fukami, Tomoyo; Yoshida, Keisuke; Ueno, Yumi; Nakajima, Junya; et al.

JAEA-Review 2013-033, 51 Pages, 2013/12


After the accident at Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant, various numerical criteria relevant to radiation protection were defined. We surveyed these criteria through internet. As a result of survey, the following 13 items were identified: (1) criteria for taking stable iodine tablets, (2) criteria for the screening of surface contamination, (3) evacuation area, sheltering area, etc., (4) activity concentrations in food, drinking water, etc., (5) dose limit for radiation workers engaged in emergency work, (6) guideline levels of radioactive substances in bathing areas, (7) criteria for use of school buildings and schoolyards, (8) restriction on planting rice, (9) acceptable activity concentrations in feedstuff, (10) acceptable activity concentrations in compost, (11) criteria for export containers and ships, (12) criteria for contaminated waste, (13) standards for radiation workers engaged in decontamination work. In this report, the basis of and issues on these criteria are summarized.

JAEA Reports

Proceedings of the 2012 Symposium on Nuclear Data; November 15-16, 2012, Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, Kumatori, Japan

Nakajima, Ken*; Iwamoto, Osamu; Hori, Junichi*; Iwamoto, Nobuyuki; Nakamura, Shoji; Koura, Hiroyuki

JAEA-Conf 2013-002, 202 Pages, 2013/10


The 2012 symposium on Nuclear Data organized by the Nuclear Data Division of Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ) and Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University (KURRI) was held at Kumatori, KURRI on Nov. 15th and 16th, 2012 in cooperation with Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate of Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The symposium was devoted for presentations and discussions on the four topics: "Nuclear Power after Fukushima Nuclear Plant Accident", "Application of Nuclear Data", "How Should We Deal with Covariances of Nuclear Data?" and "Validation of JENDL-4.0 and Future", as well as poster sessions on various research fields. Tutorials on neutron resonance capture and transmission analysis, international trend of nuclear data research were also given in the symposium. Talks as well as posters presented at the symposium aroused lively discussions among approximately 83 participants. This report consists of total 35 papers including 13 oral presentations and 22 poster presentations.

Journal Articles

Variation in the surface morphology of polycrystalline UO$$_{2}$$ powder induced by helium precipitation

Serizawa, Hiroyuki; Matsunaga, Junji*; Shirasu, Noriko; Nakajima, Kunihisa; Kashibe, Shinji*; Kaji, Yoshiyuki

Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies (Internet), 1(3), p.289 - 295, 2013/09

This report addresses the precipitation of helium in polycrystalline UO$$_{2}$$, which deforms the morphology of the grains and their surfaces Helium was injected into pulverized UO$$_{2}$$ particles at 1473 K by hot isostatic pressing (HIP). The specific surface area measured by volumetric gas adsorption instrument implied that small pores should exist on the as-helium-treated sample surface. Field-emission scanning electron microscopy observations showed that numerous shallow basins (approximately 500 nm in radius) with hexagonal fringe were formed on the surface. The basin resembles a ruptured blister whose lid has been forced open. SEM observations showed a uniform polygonal-shaped section of the gas bubble on the fracture surface; this implies that precipitated helium forms a negative crystal in the grain.

Journal Articles

Spatial variations in $$^{3}$$He/$$^{4}$$He ratios along a high strain rate zone, central Japan

Umeda, Koji; Kusano, Tomohiro; Ninomiya, Atsushi*; Asamori, Koichi; Nakajima, Junichi*

Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 73, p.95 - 102, 2013/09

 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:12.77(Geosciences, Multidisciplinary)

A linear zone with high strain rates along the Japan Sea coast, the Niigata-Kobe Tectonic Zone (NKTZ), is considered to be associated with rheological heterogeneities in the lower crust and/or upper mantle. Helium isotope variations along the NKTZ reveal a close association with the geophysical evidence for rheological heterogeneities in the crust and mantle. In the northern NKTZ where two large inland earthquakes occurred recently, there appear to be many samples with $$^{3}$$He/$$^{4}$$He ratios significantly higher than those observed in the fore-arc side of northeast Japan. A plausible source of mantle helium could be attributed to upward mobilization of aqueous fluids generated by dehydration of the subducting Pacific Plate slab.

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