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Observation of field-induced single-ion magnetic anisotropy in a multiorbital Kondo alloy (Lu,Yb)Rh$$_2$$Zn$$_{20}$$

北澤 崇文; 池田 陽一*; 榊原 俊郎*; 松尾 晶*; 清水 悠晴*; 徳永 陽; 芳賀 芳範; 金道 浩一*; 南部 雄亮*; 池内 和彦*; et al.

Physical Review B, 108(8), p.085105_1 - 085105_7, 2023/08

We demonstrate field-induced single-ion magnetic anisotropy resulting from the multiorbital Kondo effect on diluted ytterbium alloy (Lu$$_{1-x}$$Yb$$_x$$)Rh$$_2$$Zn$$_{20}$$. Single-ion anisotropic metamagnetic behavior is revealed in low-temperature regions where the local Fermi-liquid state is formed. Specific heat, low-field magnetic susceptibility, and resistivity indicate reproduction of the ground-state properties by the SU($$N$$ = 8) Kondo model with a relatively large $$c$$-$$f$$ hybridization of $$T_{rm K}$$ = 60.9 K. Dynamical susceptibility measurements on YbRh$$_2$$Zn$$_{20}$$ support realizing multiorbital Kondo ground state in (Lu$$_{1-x}$$Yb$$_x$$)Rh$$_2$$Zn$$_{20}$$. The single-ion magnetic anisotropy becomes evident above $$sim$$5 T, which is lower than the isotropic Kondo crossover field of 22.7 T, verifying blurred low-lying crystal field states through the multiorbital Kondo effect.


Partial breakdown of translation symmetry at a structural quantum critical point associated with a ferroelectric soft mode

石井 悠衣*; 山本 有梨沙*; 佐藤 直大*; 南部 雄亮*; 河村 聖子; 村井 直樹; 尾原 幸治*; 河口 彰吾*; 森 孝雄*; 森 茂生*

Physical Review B, 106(13), p.134111_1 - 134111_7, 2022/10

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

We report that complete suppression of a phonon-driven structural phase transition causes partial breakdown of a three-dimensional translation symmetry in a well-defined sublattice. This state is revealed for a dielectric compound, Ba$$_{1-x}$$Sr$$_x$$Al$$_2$$O$$_4$$, that comprises an AlO$$_4$$ network incorporated into a hexagonal Ba(Sr) sublattice. Pair distribution function analyses and inelastic neutron scattering experiments provide clear-cut evidence of the AlO$$_4$$ network forming a continuum of Al-O short-range correlations similar to glasses, whereas the Ba(Sr) sublattice preserves the original translational symmetry. This glassy network significantly dampens the phonon spectrum and transforms it into the broad one resembling those typically observed in glass materials.


Breakdown of linear spin-wave theory and existence of spinon bound states in the frustrated kagome-lattice antiferromagnet

Mattan, K.*; 小野 俊雄*; 河村 聖子; 中島 健次; 南部 雄亮*; 佐藤 卓*

Physical Review B, 105(13), p.134403_1 - 134403_8, 2022/04

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:32.6(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Neutron scattering study on yttrium iron garnet for spintronics

南部 雄亮*; 社本 真一

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 90(8), p.081002_1 - 081002_15, 2021/08

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

スピントロニクス用イットリウム鉄ガーネットの中性子散乱研究について、長期課題2017L0300の"Cross correlation dynamics under a strain field"の成果を中心にSPECIAL TOPICSのReviewとしてまとめた。


Triplon current generation in solids

Chen, Y.*; 佐藤 正寛*; Tang, Y.*; 塩見 雄毅*; 大柳 洸一*; 益田 隆嗣*; 南部 雄亮*; 藤田 全基*; 齊藤 英治

Nature Communications (Internet), 12, p.5199_1 - 5199_7, 2021/08

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:53.98(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

A triplon refers to a fictitious particle that carries angular momentum $$S=1$$ corresponding to the elementary excitation in a broad class of quantum dimerized spin systems. Such systems without magnetic order have long been studied as a testing ground for quantum properties of spins. Although triplons have been found to play a central role in thermal and magnetic properties in dimerized magnets with singlet correlation, a spin angular momentum flow carried by triplons, a triplon current, has not been detected yet. Here we report spin Seebeck effects induced by a triplon current: triplon spin Seebeck effect, using a spin-Peierls system CuGeO$$_3$$. The result shows that the heating-driven triplon transport induces spin current whose sign is positive, opposite to the spin-wave cases in magnets. The triplon spin Seebeck effect persists far below the spin-Peierls transition temperature, being consistent with a theoretical calculation for triplon spin Seebeck effects.


Competing spin modulations in the magnetically frustrated semimetal EuCuSb

高橋 英史*; 青野 快*; 南部 雄亮*; 鬼柳 亮嗣; 野本 拓也*; 坂野 昌人*; 石坂 香子*; 有田 亮太郎*; 石渡 晋太郎*

Physical Review B, 102(17), p.174425_1 - 174425_6, 2020/11

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:50.44(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

六方晶層状構造を有する遍歴磁石EuCuSbの競合する磁気基底状態を、単結晶試料を用いた磁化、抵抗率および中性子回折によって測定した。EuCuSbは、バンド計算と角度分解光電子分光法によって3次元の半金属バンド構造を持つことがわかっており、常磁性状態でのほぼ等方性の金属伝導率と一致している。一方、反強磁性転移温度($$T$$$$_{rm N1}$$=8.5K)以下では、特にc軸に沿った抵抗率が大幅な増加を示し、伝導電子に結合した異方的な磁気秩序の出現を示唆する。中性子回折実験の結果、各層内で強磁性的に秩序化するEuスピンが、$$T$$$$_{rm N1}$$以下ではc軸に沿ってコリニアに変調し、$$T$$$$_{rm N2}$$(6K)以下では、部分的にらせんスピン変調が出現することがわかった。異常な磁気抵抗の観測に基づき、中心対称構造を持つフラストレーションのあるHeisenberg-likeなスピン系に固有の基底状態の競合する性質について議論する。


Observation of magnon polarization

南部 雄亮*; Barker, J.*; 沖野 夕貴*; 吉川 貴史*; 塩見 雄毅*; Enderle, M.*; Weber, T.*; Winn, B.*; Graves-Brook, M.*; Tranquada, J. M.*; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 125(2), p.027201_1 - 027201_6, 2020/07

 被引用回数:35 パーセンタイル:93.21(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

We measure the mode-resolved direction of the precessional motion of the magnetic order, i.e., magnon polarization, via the chiral term of inelastic polarized neutron scattering spectra. The magnon polarization is a unique and unambiguous signature of magnets and is important in spintronics, affecting thermodynamic properties such as the magnitude and sign of the spin Seebeck effect. However, it has never been directly measured in any material until this work. The observation of both signs of magnon polarization in Y$$_3$$Fe$$_5$$O$$_{12}$$ also gives direct proof of its ferrimagnetic nature. The experiments agree very well with atomistic simulations of the scattering cross section.


Science from the initial operation of HRC

伊藤 晋一*; 横尾 哲也*; 益田 隆嗣*; 吉澤 英樹*; 左右田 稔*; 池田 陽一*; 井深 壮史*; 川名 大地*; 佐藤 卓*; 南部 雄亮*; et al.

JPS Conference Proceedings (Internet), 8, p.034001_1 - 034001_6, 2015/09

Since the installation of the High Resolution Chopper Spectrometer, HRC, experiments using the HRC are being conducted to observe the dynamics in wide range of physics. Scientific results during the period since the initial construction are summarized.


Tensile deformation and texture evolution in brittle/ductile multilayered steel sheet studied by neutron diffraction

徐 平光; 小島 真由美*; 鈴木 裕士; 南部 将一*; 井上 純哉*; 小貫 祐介*; Harjo, S.; 秋田 貢一

no journal, , 

Bulk textures of austenite/nickel/martensite/nickel/austenite multilayered steel and monolithic martensite steel after uniaxial extension were off-line measured using time-of-flight neutron diffraction texture measurement and Rietveld texture analysis techniques. The martensite layer containing {111}$$<$$112$$>$$ initial component exhibited certain {111}$$<$$hkl$$>$$-fiber orientation splitting characteristics during 5$$sim$$10% extension, then such transient splitting texture components reoriented into {111}$$<$$110$$>$$ component after 15% extension. The comparison with ferrite texture evolutions in ferrite-austenite multilayered steel and ferrite monolithic steel revealed that above orientation splitting is related to the multiphase interlayer constraint and the phase stress partitioning between martensite and austenite.



藤田 全基*; 南部 雄亮*; 河村 聖子; 古府 麻衣子; 中島 健次; Urlich, C.*; Sushkov, O. P.*

no journal, , 




森 道康; 藤田 全基*; 南部 雄亮*; 河村 聖子; 古府 麻衣子; 中島 健次; Urlich, C.*; Sushkov, O. P.*

no journal, , 


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