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Analytical method for the determination of $$^{211}$$At using an $$alpha$$-scintillation-camera system and thin-layer chromatography

瀬川 麻里子; 西中 一朗*; 藤 暢輔; 前田 亮

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 326(1), p.773 - 778, 2020/10

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:17.77(Chemistry, Analytical)

$$^{211}$$At is a candidate nuclide for alpha-targeted therapy. In order to use $$^{211}$$At as a pharmaceutical, the radioactivity and chemical forms of generated $$^{211}$$At are the most fundamental specifications that need to be analyzed prior to its medical use. However, previous methods of separately measuring the radioactivity and chemical forms are not adaptable to the medical use of $$^{211}$$At because they cause a severe loss of $$^{211}$$At and do not analyze all the chemical forms of $$^{211}$$At. Therefore, a new analytical method for both the radioactivity and chemical forms of generated $$^{211}$$At is urgently needed. Accordingly, in this study, we developed an experimental system optimized to simultaneously analyze both the radioactivity and chemical forms of a $$^{211}$$At solution to significantly shorten the analysis time; we experimentally verified the accuracy and capabilities of this system at the Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The experiments confirmed that the present system could analyze the radioactivity and all the chemical forms of $$^{211}$$At with an uncertainty of approximately 5% in the region higher than 150 Bq and that it was 200 times more sensitive than the conventional method using an imaging technique with an X-ray imaging plate. As a result, a new method for analyzing the radioactivity and chemical forms of $$^{211}$$At was successfully established and this method will meet the demands for alpha-targeted therapy using $$^{211}$$At. This method will contribute to promoting the stable supply of the medical use of $$^{211}$$At in the near future.


Production of iodine radionuclides using $$^{7}$$Li ion beams

西中 一朗*; 横山 明彦*; 鷲山 幸信*; 牧井 宏之; 橋本 和幸*

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 314(3), p.1947 - 1965, 2017/12

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:22.85(Chemistry, Analytical)

$$^{7}$$Li + $$^{nat}$$Sn反応により生成されるI, Te, Sn同位体の生成断面積を入射エネルギー24-59MeVの領域で測定した。得られた生成断面積のエネルギー依存性を統計模型計算の結果と比較することにより、各同位体の生成機構と崩壊様式の観点から完全・不完全融合反応の生成断面積への寄与を議論した。また、医学的に有用な$$^{123,124}$$Iの生成という観点から、様々なSn同位体と$$^{7}$$Liビームの組み合わせにより、$$^{123,124,125,126}$$I同位体がどの程度生成されるかを計算し、$$^{7}$$Li以外をビームとして用いた場合との比較を行った。


Role of multichance fission in the description of fission-fragment mass distributions at high energies

廣瀬 健太郎; 西尾 勝久; 田中 翔也*; L$'e$guillon, R.*; 牧井 宏之; 西中 一朗*; Orlandi, R.; 塚田 和明; Smallcombe, J.*; Vermeulen, M. J.; et al.

Physical Review Letters, 119(22), p.222501_1 - 222501_6, 2017/12

 被引用回数:40 パーセンタイル:90.41(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

JAEAタンデム加速器施設で行った$$^{18}$$O+$$^{238}$$U反応における多核子移行チャンネルを用いた実験により、$$^{237-240}$$U, $$^{239-242}$$Np、および$$^{241-244}$$Puの核分裂質量分布を励起エネルギー10$$sim$$60MeVにおいて測定した。これらのうち、$$^{240}$$U, $$^{240,241,242}$$Npのデータは本実験により初めて観測された。原子核の殻効果の減衰によって対称分裂すると予想されていた高励起エネルギーにおいても、質量分布が非対称を示すことがわかった。搖動散逸定理に基づく動力学モデル計算との比較から、この振る舞いはマルチチャンス核分裂によるものであることを明らかにした。


The $$^{95}$$Zr($$n, gamma$$)$$^{96}$$Zr cross section from the surrogate ratio method and its effect on $$s$$-process nucleosynthesis

Yan, S. Q.*; Li, Z. H.*; Wang, Y. B.*; 西尾 勝久; Lugaro, M.*; Karakas, A. I.*; 牧井 宏之; Mohr, P.*; Su, J.*; Li, Y. J.*; et al.

Astrophysical Journal, 848(2), p.98_1 - 98_8, 2017/10

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:24.24(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

The $$^{95}$$Zr($$n, gamma$$)$$^{96}$$Zr reaction cross section is crucial in the modelling of $$s$$-process nucleosynthesis in asymptotic giant branch stars because it controls the operation of the branching point at the unstable $$^{95}$$Zr and the subsequent production of $$^{96}$$Zr. We have carried out the measurement of the $$^{90}$$Zr($$^{18}$$O,$$^{16}$$O) and $$^{94}$$Zr($$^{18}$$O,$$^{16}$$O) reactions and obtained the $$gamma$$-decay probability ratio of $$^{92}$$Zr$$^{*}$$ and $$^{96}$$Zr$$^{*}$$ to determine the $$^{95}$$Zr($$n, gamma$$)$$^{96}$$Zr reaction cross sections with the surrogate ratio method. We tested our deduced maxwellian-averaged cross section in stellar models with masses between 2 and 6 $$M_{odot}$$ and metallicities 0.014 and 0.03. The largest changes - up 80 % variations in $$^{96}$$Zr - are seen in the models of 3-4 $$M_{odot}$$, where the $$^{22}$$Ne neutron source is mildly activated. The new rate can still provide a match to data from meteoritic stardust silicon carbide grains, provided the maximum mass of the parent stars is below 4 $$M_{odot}$$, for a metallicity of 0.03.


Simultaneous measurement of neutron-induced fission and capture cross sections for $$^{241}$$Am at neutron energies below fission threshold

廣瀬 健太郎; 西尾 勝久; 牧井 宏之; 西中 一朗*; 太田 周也*; 永山 達郎*; 田村 信行*; 後藤 真一*; Andreyev, A. N.; Vermeulen, M. J.; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 856, p.133 - 138, 2017/06

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:32.81(Instruments & Instrumentation)

Fission and capture reactions were simultaneously measured in the neutron-induced reactions of $$^{241}$$Am at J-PARC. Data were taken with the TOF method in $$E_n$$ = 0.1$$sim$$20 eV. The fission events were observed by detecting prompt fission neutrons using liquid organic scintillators. The capture reaction was measured by detecting $$gamma$$ rays from the compound nuclei using the same detectors, where the prompt fission neutrons and capture $$gamma$$ rays were separated by a pulse shape analysis. The cross sections were obtained by normalizing the relative yields at the first resonance to evaluations or other experimental data. The ratio of the fission to capture cross sections at each resonance is compared with those from an evaluated nuclear data library and other experimental data. Some differences were found between the present values and the library/literature values at several resonances.


Fission fragments mass distributions of nuclei populated by the multinucleon transfer channels of the $$^{18}$$O + $$^{232}$$Th reaction

L$'e$guillon, R.; 西尾 勝久; 廣瀬 健太郎; 牧井 宏之; 西中 一朗*; Orlandi, R.; 塚田 和明; Smallcombe, J.*; 千葉 敏*; 有友 嘉浩*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 761, p.125 - 130, 2016/10

 被引用回数:35 パーセンタイル:92.54(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

It is shown that the multinucleon transfer reactions is a powerful tool to study fission of exotic neutron-rich actinide nuclei, which cannot be accessed by particle-capture or heavy-ion fusion reactions. In this work, multinucleon transfer channels of the $$^{18}$$O + $$^{232}$$Th reaction are used to study fission of fourteen nuclei $$^{231,232,233,234}$$Th, $$^{232,233,234,235,236}$$Pa, and $$^{234,235,236,237,238}$$U. Identification of fissioning nuclei and of their excitation energy is performed on an event-by-event basis, through the measurement of outgoing ejectile particle in coincidence with fission fragments. Fission fragment mass distributions are measured for each transfer channel, in selected bins of excitation energy. In particular, the mass distributions of $$^{231,234}$$Th and $$^{234,235,236}$$Pa are measured for the first time. Predominantly asymmetric fission is observed at low excitation energies for all studied cases, with a gradual increase of the symmetric mode towards higher excitation energy. The experimental distributions are found to be in general agreement with predictions of the fluctuation-dissipation model.


Examination of the surrogate ratio method for the determination of the $$^{93}$$Zr(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{94}$$Zr cross section with $$^{90,92}$$Zr($$^{18}$$O,$$^{16}$$O)$$^{92,94}$$Zr reactions

Yan, S. Q.*; Li, Z. H.*; Wang, Y. B.*; 西尾 勝久; 牧井 宏之; Su, J.*; Li, Y. J.*; 西中 一朗; 廣瀬 健太郎; Han, Y. L.*; et al.

Physical Review C, 94(1), p.015804_1 - 015804_5, 2016/07

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:47.4(Physics, Nuclear)

The relative $$gamma$$-decay probability ratios of the neutron resonance states in $$^{94}$$Zr and $$^{92}$$Zr populated via two neutron transfer reactions, $$^{92}$$Zr($$^{18}$$O,$$^{16}$$O)$$^{94}$$Zr and $$^{90}$$Zr($$^{18}$$O,$$^{16}$$O)$$^{92}$$Zr, have been measured to test the validity of the surrogate ratio method (SRM) in determining the (n,$$gamma$$) reaction cross section. The cross sections of the $$^{93}$$Zr(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{94}$$Zr reaction are derived from the experimentally obtained ratios and the cross sections of the $$^{91}$$Zr(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{92}$$Zr reaction in the equivalent neutron energy range of $$E_{rm n}$$ = 0 - 8 MeV. The deduced cross sections of $$^{93}$$Zr(n,$$gamma$$)$$^{94}$$Zr reaction agree with the directly measured ones in the low-energy region, and with the evaluated ENDF/B-VII.1 data at higher energies of $$E_{rm n} >$$ 3 MeV. The agreement supports the concept of the SRM method to indirectly determine the (n,$$gamma$$) reaction cross sections.


A Comprehensive approach to determination of nuclear data of unstable nuclei

千葉 敏*; 西尾 勝久; 有友 嘉浩*; 小浦 寛之; 岩本 修; 牧井 宏之; 西中 一朗*; 廣瀬 健太郎

EPJ Web of Conferences, 106, p.04004_1 - 04004_9, 2016/02

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0

A comprehensive approach to determine nuclear data of unstable nuclei will be described. It consists of a measurement of fission and capture cross sections, mass distribution of fission fragments (independent fission yields) and number of prompt fission neutrons by the method of surrogate reactions. A multi-dimensional Langevin model is being developed to estimate the independent fission yields theoretically. Furthermore, the $$beta$$ decay properties of the fission fragments, almost all are neutron-rich unstable nuclei, are investigated systematically by improving the gross theory of $$beta$$ decay, which will yield information on the decay heat and delayed-neutron data.


Development of a measurement system for the determination of ($$n,gamma$$) cross-sections using multi-nucleon transfer reactions

牧井 宏之; 太田 周也*; 石井 哲朗; 若林 泰生*; 古高 和禎; 西尾 勝久; 西中 一朗; 千葉 敏; 井頭 政之*; Czeszumska, A.*

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 797, p.83 - 93, 2015/10

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:36.12(Instruments & Instrumentation)

中性子捕獲断面積を間接的に導出するための、$$gamma$$線測定用のコンプトン抑止型LaBr$$_{3}$$(Ce)検出器と荷電粒子測定用のシリコン$${Delta}E$$-$$E$$検出器から構成される、新しい測定装置の開発を行った。原子力機構タンデム加速器からのエネルギー153MeVの酸素18ビームを$$^{155}$$Gd及び、$$^{157}$$Gd標的に照射して発生する$$gamma$$線と荷電粒子の同時測定を行うことにより、開発した装置の特性試験を行った。大型(直径4インチ、長さ5インチ)のLaBr$$_{3}$$(Ce)検出器を用いることにより、$$^{155}$$Gd($$^{18}$$O, $$^{16}$$O)$$^{157}$$Gd反応及び、$$^{157}$$Gd($$^{18}$$O, $$^{16}$$O)$$^{159}$$Gd反応で生成される複合核からの$$gamma$$線の測定に成功した。得られた結果から新たに開発した測定装置が多核子移行反応を用いた中性子捕獲断面積の導出に極めて有効であることを見出した。


Excitation energy dependence of fragment-mass distributions from fission of $$^{180,190}$$Hg formed in fusion reactions of $$^{36}$$Ar + $$^{144,154}$$Sm

西尾 勝久; Andreyev, A. N.*; Chapman, R.*; Derkx, X.*; D$"u$llmann, C. E.*; Ghys, L.*; He${ss}$berger, F. P.*; 廣瀬 健太郎; 池添 博*; Khuyagbaatar, J.*; et al.

Physics Letters B, 748, p.89 - 94, 2015/09

 被引用回数:34 パーセンタイル:90.89(Astronomy & Astrophysics)

Mass distributions of fission fragments from the compound nuclei $$^{180}$$Hg and $$^{190}$$Hg formed in fusion reactions $$^{36}$$Ar+$$^{144}$$Sm and $$^{36}$$Ar+$$^{154}$$Sm, respectively, were measured at initial excitation energies of $$E^*$$($$^{180}$$Hg)=,33$$-$$66 MeV and $$E^*$$($$^{190}$$Hg)=,48$$-$$71 MeV. In the fission of $$^{180}$$Hg, the mass spectra were well reproduced by assuming only an asymmetric-mass division, with most probable light and heavy fragment masses $$bar{A}_{rm L}$$/$$bar{A}_{rm H}=$$79$$/$$101. The mass asymmetry for $$^{180}$$Hg agrees well with that obtained in the low-energy $$beta^textrm{+}$$/EC-delayed fission of $$^{180}$$Tl, from our earlier ISOLDE(CERN) experiment. Fission of $$^{190}$$Hg is found to proceed in a similar way, delivering the mass asymmetry of $$bar{A}_{rm L}$$/$$bar{A}_{rm H}=$$83$$/$$107, throughout the measured excitation energy range. The persistence as a function of excitation energy of the mass-asymmetric fission for both proton-rich Hg isotopes gives strong evidence for the survival of microscopic effects up to effective excitation energies of compound nuclei as high as 40,MeV. This behavior is different from fission of actinide nuclei and heavier mercury isotope $$^{198}$$Hg.


Production and separation of astatine isotopes in the $$^7$$Li + $$^{nat}$$Pb reaction

西中 一朗; 横山 明彦*; 鷲山 幸信*; 前田 英太*; 渡辺 茂樹; 橋本 和幸; 石岡 典子; 牧井 宏之; 豊嶋 厚史; 山田 記大*; et al.

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 304(3), p.1077 - 1083, 2015/06

 被引用回数:9 パーセンタイル:64.36(Chemistry, Analytical)

29-57MeVの$$^7$$Liビームと$$^{nat}$$Pb標的核の反応においてアスタチン同位体$$^{207-211}$$Atの生成断面積を$$alpha$$線, $$gamma$$線スペクトルメトリーで測定した。生成断面積の励起関数を統計模型モデル計算と比較することで、$$^7$$Li + $$^{nat}$$Pbの反応機構を調べた。44MeVより大きい入射エネルギーでの$$^{210}$$Atと$$^{209}$$Atの生成断面積が理論値よりも小さいことから、分解反応が存在することを明らかにした。照射した鉛標的からのアスタチンの化学分離を乾式蒸留法に基づいて調べ、アスタチン製造の相補的な手法を開発した。


Extraction of astatine isotopes for development of radiopharmaceuticals using a $$^{211}$$Rn-$$^{211}$$At generator

前田 英太*; 横山 明彦*; 谷口 拓海*; 鷲山 幸信*; 西中 一朗

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 303(2), p.1465 - 1468, 2015/02

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:59.96(Chemistry, Analytical)



Surrogate reactions research at JAEA/Tokyo Tech

千葉 敏; 西尾 勝久; 牧井 宏之; 有友 嘉浩*; 西中 一朗; 石井 哲朗; 塚田 和明; 浅井 雅人; 古高 和禎; 橋本 慎太郎; et al.

Nuclear Data Sheets, 119, p.229 - 232, 2014/05

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.02(Physics, Nuclear)

We will present a status of researches in surrogate reaction method using heavy-ions to determine neutron fission and capture cross sections of unstable nuclei. We take advantage of having (1) an electrostatic tandem accelerator which can deliver highly mono-energetic beams of heavy ions, (2) rich experience in in-beam $$gamma$$ spectroscopy, (3) rich experience in measuring fission fragments induced by heavy-ions, (4) nuclear theory and evaluation experiences. We have constructed apparatus to measure fission fragments and $$gamma$$-rays in coincidence with ejectiles by which we can identify the populated compound nuclei. Primarily, we used $$^{18}$$O-induced reactions as well as $$^3$$He-induced reactions. We also investigated conditions under which such measurements lead to correct neutron cross sections. Results of the theoretical researches were published in a series of papers. In this presentation, status of results of the above researches will be summarized.


Development of anti-Compton LaBr$$_{3}$$(Ce) spectrometer for measurement of surrogate reactions

牧井 宏之; 太田 周也*; 石井 哲朗; 西尾 勝久; 西中 一朗; 古高 和禎; 若林 泰生*; 千葉 敏*; 井頭 政之*

Nuclear Data Sheets, 119, p.361 - 364, 2014/05

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.02(Physics, Nuclear)



In-beam fissio study at JAEA for heavy element synthesis

西尾 勝久; 池添 博; Hofmann, S.*; Ackermann, D.*; 有友 嘉浩*; Comas, V. F.*; D$"u$llmann, Ch. E.*; Heinz, S.*; Heredia, J. A.*; He${ss}$berger, F. P.*; et al.

AIP Conference Proceedings 1524, p.68 - 72, 2013/04

 被引用回数:0 パーセンタイル:0.04

Fission fragment mass and kinetic energies distributions were measured in the heavy-ion induced reactions using $$^{238}$$U target nucleus at the energies around the Coulomb barrier. We observed strong variation of the fragment mass distribution with incident energy, which was explained by an energy dependence of the probabilities for fusion and quasifission. A calculation based on a fluctuation-dissipation model was carried out to determine the fusion probability in the reactions of $$^{30}$$Si+$$^{238}$$U and $$^{34}$$S+$$^{238}$$U. The fusion probabilities were consistent with those determied from the evaporation residue cross sections for both reactions, showing that in-beam fission measurement and analysis can give a reasonable estimation for the cross sections to produce super-heavy nuclei. We also discss the results for in-beam fission measurement of $$^{48}$$Ca+$$^{238}$$U.


Ground-state configuration of the $$N=157$$ nucleus $$^{259}$$No

浅井 雅人; 塚田 和明; 阪間 稔*; 羽場 宏光*; 市川 隆敏*; 石井 康雄; 豊嶋 厚史; 石井 哲朗; 西中 一朗; 永目 諭一郎; et al.

Physical Review C, 87(1), p.014332_1 - 014332_6, 2013/01

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:45.15(Physics, Nuclear)



Evidence for hindrance in fusion between sulfur and lead nuclei

Khuyagbaatar, J.*; 西尾 勝久; Hofmann, S.*; Ackermann, D.*; Block, M.*; Heinz, S.*; He${ss}$berger, F. P.*; 廣瀬 健太郎; 池添 博; Kindler, B.*; et al.

Physical Review C, 86(6), p.064602_1 - 064602_6, 2012/12

 被引用回数:21 パーセンタイル:74.05(Physics, Nuclear)

The influence of the structure of projectile and target nuclei on the capture cross-sections was investigated for the reactions $$^{34}$$S+$$^{204,206,208}$$Pb and $$^{36}$$S+$$^{204,206,208}$$Pb. Capture cross-sections were deduced by measuring the fission fragments using multi-wire proportional counters. An enhancement of the capture cross-sections relative to an one-dimensional barrier penetration model was observed for all reactions at energies below the interaction barriers. The enhancement is larger in the case of reactions with $$^{34}$$S than with $$^{36}$$S. This observation is explained by a stronger coupling to the vibrational states in the reactions with $$^{34}$$S. Comparing the capture cross-sections and the evaporation-residue cross-sections for the reactions $$^{36}$$S+$$^{206}$$Pb and $$^{34}$$S+$$^{208}$$Pb, both yielding the same compound nucleus $$^{242}$$Cf, it is shown that the latter reaction has a lower fusion probability.


Fusion probabilities in the reactions $$^{40,48}$$Ca + $$^{238}$$U at energies around the Coulomb barrier

西尾 勝久; 光岡 真一; 西中 一朗; 牧井 宏之; 若林 泰生*; 池添 博; 廣瀬 健太郎*; 大槻 勤*; 有友 嘉浩*; Hofmann, S.*

Physical Review C, 86(3), p.034608_1 - 034608_6, 2012/09

 被引用回数:70 パーセンタイル:94.96(Physics, Nuclear)

Fission cross sections and fission fragment mass distributions were measured in the reactions of $$^{40}$$Ca + $$^{238}$$U and $$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{238}$$U at energies around the Coulomb barrier. Fusion probabilities were calculated based on the fluctuation dissipation model. The measured mass distributions for both reactions showed an asymmetric shape at low incident energies, whereas the distribution changed to a flat shape at higher energies. The variation of the mass distribution is explained by a change of the ratio between fusion and qasifission with nuclear orientation. The calculation reproduced the mass distributions and their energy dependence. The trajectories for fusion-fission were used to determine the fusion probability. Fusion probabilities for both reactions are identical as function of the center-of-mass energy, but they differ when plotted as function of the excitation energy. The calculated evaporation residue cross sections for the reaction $$^{48}$$Ca + $$^{238}$$U using a statistical model showed that sub-barrier fusion reaction can be applied to form the element 112.


Tilted-foil technique for producing a spin-polarized radioactive isotope beam

平山 賀一*; 三原 基嗣*; 渡辺 裕*; Jeong, S. C.*; 宮武 宇也*; 百田 佐多夫*; 橋本 尚志*; 今井 伸明*; 松多 健策*; 石山 博恒*; et al.

European Physical Journal A, 48(5), p.54_1 - 54_10, 2012/05

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:17.45(Physics, Nuclear)

The tilted-foil method for producing spin-polarized radioactive isotope beams has been studied for the application to nuclear physics and materials science, using the radioactive nucleus $$^8$$Li produced at the Tokai Radioactive Ion Accelerator Complex (TRIAC). We successfully produced polarization in a $$^8$$Li beam using 15 thin polystyrene foils fabricated especially for this purpose. A systematic study of the nuclear polarization as a function of the number of foils, beam energy, tilt angles and foil material has been performed, confirming the features of the tilted-foil technique experimentally. The contributions made to the nuclear polarization of $$^8$$Li nuclei by the atomic states was investigated.


Investigation of fission properties and evaporation residue measurement in the reactions using $$^{238}$$U target nucleus

西尾 勝久; 池添 博; Hofmann, S.*; Ackermann, D.*; Antalic, S.*; 有友 嘉浩; Comas, V. F.*; D$"u$llmann, Ch. E.*; Gorshkov, A.*; Graeger, R.*; et al.

EPJ Web of Conferences, 17, p.09005_1 - 09005_4, 2011/10

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:48.09

Fission fragment mass distributions after full momentum transfer of the projectile were measured in the reactions using a $$^{238}$$U target nucleus bombarded by $$^{30}$$Si, $$^{31}$$P, $$^{34,36}$$S, $$^{40}$$Ar, $$^{40,48}$$Ca projectiles. We observed a strong variation of the distribution as function of bombarding energy. The results were interpreted by the effects of nuclear deformation of the target nucleus on the competition between fusion and quasifission. The symmetric fission includes fusion-fission, wheres as the asymmetric fission represents quasifission. The fusion probabilities were determined with the help of fluctuation-dissipation model. The estimated evaporation residue cross sections ($$^{263,264}$$Sg and $$^{267,268}$$Hs) produced in $$^{30}$$Si + $$^{238}$$U and $$^{34}$$S+$$^{238}$$U reproduced the experimental data.

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