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Experimental evaluation of wall shear stress in a double contraction nozzle using a water mock-up of a liquid Li target for an intense fusion neutron source

近藤 浩夫*; 金村 卓治*; 朴 昶虎*; 小柳津 誠*; 平川 康; 古川 智弘

Fusion Engineering and Design, 146(Part A), p.285 - 288, 2019/09

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Direct measurement of nanoscale lithium diffusion in solid battery materials using radioactive tracer of $$^{8}$$Li

石山 博恒*; Jeong, S.-C.*; 渡辺 裕*; 平山 賀一*; 今井 伸明*; Jung, H. S.*; 宮武 宇也*; 小柳津 充広*; 長 明彦; 乙川 義憲; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 376, p.379 - 381, 2016/06

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:59.93(Instruments & Instrumentation)

We have developed an in situ and nanoscale Li diffusion measurement method in Li battery materials using an $$alpha$$-emitting radioactive $$^{8}$$Li tracer. In this method, while implanting a low-energy (8 keV) $$^{8}$$Li beam, the $$alpha$$ particles emitted at a small angle (10$$^{circ}$$) relative to the sample surface were detected as a function of time. Measurement for Li diffusion coefficients in a spinel phase LiMn$$_4$$O$$_4$$ (LMO) thin film has been started, which is used as an electrode in a Li ion secondary battery. An obvious Li diffusion effect in LMO was observed at the sample temperature of 623 K, and the further measurement is underway.


Deuterium permeation behavior for damaged tungsten by ion implantation

大矢 恭久*; Li, X.*; 佐藤 美咲*; 湯山 健太*; 小柳津 誠; 林 巧; 山西 敏彦; 奥野 健二*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 53(3), p.402 - 405, 2016/03

 被引用回数:10 パーセンタイル:72.82(Nuclear Science & Technology)



R&D activities of tritium technologies on Broader Approach in Phase 2-2

磯部 兼嗣; 河村 繕範; 岩井 保則; 小柳津 誠; 中村 博文; 鈴木 卓美; 山田 正行; 枝尾 祐希; 倉田 理江; 林 巧; et al.

Fusion Engineering and Design, 98-99, p.1792 - 1795, 2015/10

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Effect of tritium on corrosion behavior of chromium in 0.01N sulfuric acid solution

小柳津 誠; 磯部 兼嗣; 林 巧

Fusion Science and Technology, 67(3), p.519 - 522, 2015/04

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Recent progress on tritium technology research and development for a fusion reactor in Japan Atomic Energy Agency

林 巧; 中村 博文; 河村 繕範; 岩井 保則; 磯部 兼嗣; 山田 正行; 鈴木 卓美; 倉田 理江; 小柳津 誠; 枝尾 祐希; et al.

Fusion Science and Technology, 67(2), p.365 - 370, 2015/03

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Tritium Process Laboratory (TPL) of Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) was constructed in1985, and started in 1988, in order to develop key technologies for fusion fuel cycle, and also to demonstrate safety handling technologies. TPL has a license, which can handle 9.25 PBq of tritium per day and store 22.2 PBq of total tritium. DEMO Design and R&D building was also newly constructed at Rokkasho-Aomori establishment of JAEA in 2011. This R&D building has a license, which can handle 3.7 TBq of tritium per day and store 7.4 TBq of total tritium, and also can handle other major neutron induced radioactive isotopes. Recently, our activities have been focused as follows; (1) Detritiation system R&D as an ITER task, specially for wet scrubber column development as a pilot scale; (2) Tritium tasks of DEMO R&D in the IFERC project of BA activities, such as (a) tritium accountancy, (b) tritium interactions with various materials, which will be used for DEMO, and (c) tritium durability; (3) Recovery works from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku japan: This paper summarizes the above recent progress of tritium technology R&D for fusion reactor in JAEA and summarized also the lessons of learned through the recovery & maintenance work after the earthquake.


Nanoscale diffusion tracing by radioactive $$^{8}$$Li tracer

石山 博恒*; Jeong, S.-C.*; 渡辺 裕*; 平山 賀一*; 今井 伸明*; 宮武 宇也*; 小柳津 充広*; 片山 一郎*; 長 明彦; 乙川 義憲; et al.

Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 53(11), p.110303_1 - 110303_4, 2014/11

 被引用回数:4 パーセンタイル:19.38(Physics, Applied)

We have developed a nanoscale diffusion measurement method using an $$alpha$$-emitting radioactive $$^{8}$$Li tracer. In this method, while implanting a pulsed 8 keV $$^{8}$$Li beam, the $$alpha$$ particles emitted at a small angle (10$$^{circ}$$) relative to the sample surface were detected as a function of time. The method has been successfully applied to measuring lithium diffusion coefficients for an amorphous Li$$_{4}$$SiO$$_{4}$$-Li$$_{3}$$VO$$_{4}$$ (LVSO) thin film with a thickness of several hundred nanometers, demonstrating that the present method is sensitive to diffusion coefficients down on the order of 10$$^{-12}$$cm$$^{2}$$/s, which is more sensitive by about two orders of magnitude than that previously achieved.


Hydrogen isotope behavior on a water-metal boundary with simultaneous transfer from and to the metal surface

林 巧; 磯部 兼嗣; 中村 博文; 小林 和容; 大矢 恭久*; 奥野 健二*; 小柳津 誠; 枝尾 祐希; 山西 敏彦

Fusion Engineering and Design, 89(7-8), p.1520 - 1523, 2014/10

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:9.57(Nuclear Science & Technology)

トリチウムの閉じ込めは核融合炉の最も重要な安全上の課題である。特に、水冷却のトリチウム増殖ブランケットではトリチウムの冷却水への移行が重要である。そのため、1kPaの純トリチウムを封入した金属試料配管(純鉄や7ミクロン程度の金メッキを施した純鉄)を高温高圧水容器(150$$^{circ}$$C, 0.8MPa)にいれ、金属側から水中及び水蒸気中に移行するトリチウムを化学形別に測定した。また、高温高圧重水(300$$^{circ}$$C, 15MPa)からの各種金属配管(純鉄,純ニッケル,ステンレス鋼(SS304),金メッキ純鉄など)への重水素の移行挙動を調べ、水側から金属側への移行を確認した。今回、上記の同時移行挙動を、重水からの重水素の安定移行確認後に軽水素を試料配管内側へ導入することにより、検証した。


Effects of tritiated water on passivation behavior of SUS304 stainless steel

小柳津 誠; 磯部 兼嗣; 山西 敏彦

ECS Transactions, 50(50), p.63 - 69, 2013/00

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:82.85



Overview of R&D activities on tritium processing and handling technology in JAEA

山西 敏彦; 中村 博文; 河村 繕範; 岩井 保則; 磯部 兼嗣; 小柳津 誠; 山田 正行; 鈴木 卓美; 林 巧

Fusion Engineering and Design, 87(5-6), p.890 - 895, 2012/08

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:10.74(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Hydrogen isotope permeation from cooling water through various metal piping

林 巧; 中村 博文; 磯部 兼嗣; 小林 和容; 小柳津 誠; 山西 敏彦; 大矢 恭久*; 奥野 健二*

Fusion Engineering and Design, 87(7-8), p.1333 - 1337, 2012/08

 被引用回数:8 パーセンタイル:54.86(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Effects of tritiated water on corrosion behavior of SUS304

小柳津 誠; 磯部 兼嗣; 林 巧; 山西 敏彦

Fusion Science and Technology, 60(4), p.1515 - 1518, 2011/11

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:26.98(Nuclear Science & Technology)

SUS304ステンレス鋼の腐食挙動に及ぼすトリチウム水の影響に関し、電気化学手法の一つであるターフェル外挿法を用いて算出される腐食電位と腐食速度を用いて解明を試みた。トリチウム濃度,溶存酸素濃度、そしてpHをパラメータとして実験を行った結果、ある一定の条件下においてはトリチウムによる腐食速度増加が観測された。また、トリチウム水による腐食への影響には2種類以上の機構が存在した。一つは自己不動態化阻害による腐食速度の増加であり、高腐食条件下では1 N H$$_{2}$$SO$$_{4}$$電解質中にて観測された。それ以外の影響は溶存酸素とトリチウム濃度に依存しており、1 N H$$_{2}$$SO$$_{4}$$だけでなく、1 N Na$$_{2}$$SO$$_{4}$$中においても観測された。


Permeation behavior of tritium through F82H steel

小柳津 誠; 磯部 兼嗣; 中村 博文; 林 巧; 山西 敏彦

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 417(1-3), p.1143 - 1146, 2011/10

 被引用回数:7 パーセンタイル:50.8(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Hydrogen isotope behavior transferring through water metal boundary

林 巧; 中村 博文; 磯部 兼嗣; 小林 和容; 小柳津 誠; 大矢 恭久*; 奥野 健二*; 山西 敏彦

Fusion Science and Technology, 60(1), p.369 - 372, 2011/07

 被引用回数:2 パーセンタイル:19.17(Nuclear Science & Technology)

Tritium confinement is the most important safety issue in the fusion reactor. Specially, tritium behavior transferring through water metal boundary is very important to design tritium plant with breading blanket system using cooling water. A series of tritium permeation experiment into pressurized water jacket with He or jacket purging less than 1000 ppm of water vapor in Ar has been performed through pure iron piping, which contained about 1 kPa of pure tritium gas at 423 K, with monitoring the chemical forms of tritium permeated into water or water vapor jackets. The effect of metal surface condition was also investigated, such as oxidation to magnetite or gold plating on pure iron. The results clearly show that chemical species of permeated tritium depends on the oxygen population on the metal boundary. In case of pure iron, several hundreds ppm of H$$_{2}$$O is enough to transfer tritium as HTO from the boundary surface to outer jacket. When oxygen population on the boundary surface decreases by gold plating, HT fraction increases drastically. On the other hand, it is also found the possibility of hydrogen generation effect on the metal boundary, such as Schikorr reaction. In order to discuss more detail mechanism, actual hydrogen transfer behavior from water to metal was investigated as a function of temperature.


Effect of tritium and dissolved oxygen on anodic polarization of SUS304 stainless steel in sulfuric acid solution

小柳津 誠; 磯部 兼嗣; 林 巧; 山西 敏彦

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 48(6), p.880 - 884, 2011/06

 被引用回数:5 パーセンタイル:40.36(Nuclear Science & Technology)

Since exotic corrosion of stainless steels in tritiated water can be expected, anodic polarization of SUS304 stainless steel sample in approximately 5wt.% sulfuric acid solution were performed at various concentrations of tritium and dissolved oxygen (hereafter DO) in the electrolyte. The inhibitory effect of tritium on the passivation could be observed with DO even at a tritium concentration electrolyte as low as 2.2 kBq cm$$^{-3}$$. This effect became more pronounced as the tritium concentration increased. It was suggested that the inhibitory reaction depending on tritium concentration would compete with the self-passivation depending on DO concentration (hereafter [DO]), since there was found to be a threshold [DO] for self-passivation at each tritium concentration.


Preliminary study of electrochemical corrosion behavior of F82H steel

小柳津 誠; 山西 敏彦

富山大学水素同位体科学研究センター研究報告, 29-30, p.45 - 49, 2010/12



Function of water molecule for tritium behavior on the water-metal boundary

林 巧; 中村 博文; 磯部 兼嗣; 小林 和容; 小柳津 誠; 山西 敏彦; 石川 寛匡*; 大矢 恭久*; 奥野 健二*

Fusion Science and Technology, 56(2), p.836 - 840, 2009/08

 被引用回数:11 パーセンタイル:61.16(Nuclear Science & Technology)

How to confine tritium within high temperature breeding blanket is the key issue for safety and fuel economy of the fusion reactor. Specially, tritium permeation into cooling water is very important, however, there is little report of the systematic experiment comparing with that into gaseous coolant. In our recent report, a series of tritium transportation experiments into water was performed through pure iron piping samples, which contained more than 1 kPa of pure tritium gas and fixed inside the water jacket under controlled temperature and pressure. Chemical species of tritium in water were measured during the experiment until reaching enough stable permeation, and tritium distribution/situation on the metal surface layer was also measured using autoradiography etc. after the experiment. The results showed clearly that tritium permeated constantly even after growth of magnetite layer with more than 1 micro-meter, though chemical species drastically changed from HT to HTO. In order to discuss more detail of tritium behavior on the water-metal boundary, a series of tritium transportation experiments into humid atmosphere was performed through pure iron piping using same set of previous one for cooling water. In this paper, tritium behavior on the boundary surface and the function of water molecule for the tritium behavior are discussed.


F82H鋼のトリチウム透過挙動; トリチウム水蒸気の増殖材パージガスから冷却材への透過

小柳津 誠; 林 巧; 山西 敏彦

JAEA-Research 2008-123, 25 Pages, 2009/03




Dynamics of deuterium implanted in boron coating film for wall conditioning

中畑 俊彦*; 吉河 朗*; 小柳津 誠*; 大矢 恭久*; 石本 祐樹*; 木津 要; 柳生 純一; 芦川 直子*; 西村 清彦*; 宮 直之; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 367-370(2), p.1170 - 1174, 2007/08

 被引用回数:3 パーセンタイル:26.19(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)



Hydrogen isotope retention of JT-60U W-shaped divertor tiles exposed to DD discharges

柴原 孝宏*; 田辺 哲朗*; 広畑 優子*; 大矢 恭久*; 小柳津 誠*; 吉河 朗*; 大西 祥広*; 新井 貴; 正木 圭; 奥野 健二*; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Materials, 357(1-3), p.115 - 125, 2006/10

 被引用回数:20 パーセンタイル:79.78(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)


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