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Journal Articles

ODS cladding fuel pins irradiation tests using the BOR-60 reactor

Kaito, Takeji; Yano, Yasuhide; Otsuka, Satoshi; Inoue, Masaki; Tanaka, Kenya; Fedoseev, A. E.*; Povstyanko, A. V.*; Novoselov, A.*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 50(4), p.387 - 399, 2013/04

 Times Cited Count:9 Percentile:63.75(Nuclear Science & Technology)

In order to confirm the irradiation behavior of ODS steels and thus judge their applicability to fuel claddings, fuel pin irradiation tests using 9Cr and 12Cr-ODS claddings developed by JAEA were conducted to burnup of 11.9 at% and neutron dose of 51 dpa in the BOR-60. Superior properties of the ODS claddings concerning FCCI, dimensional stability under irradiation and so on were confirmed indicating good application prospects for high burnup fuel. On the other hand, peculiar irradiation behaviors, fuel pin failure and the microstructure change containing coarse and irregular precipitates, occurred in a part of the fuel pin with 9Cr-ODS cladding. This paper describes evaluation of the obtained irradiation data and the investigation results into the cause of the peculiar irradiation behaviors.

Journal Articles

Fuel pin irradiation test at up to 5at% burnup in BOR-60 for oxide-dispersion-strengthened ferritic steel claddings

Kaito, Takeji; Ukai, Shigeharu*; Povstyanko, A. V.*; Efimov, V. N.*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 46(6), p.529 - 533, 2009/06

 Times Cited Count:15 Percentile:72.74(Nuclear Science & Technology)

The fuel pin irradiation test of the ODS claddings, which were developed as promising materials for higher burnup fuels, was carried out at high cladding temperatures of 700$$^{circ}$$C and 650$$^{circ}$$C in BOR-60. Vibro-packed MOX fuels with low O/M ratio were used. The integrity of the ODS cladding fuel pins was maintained up to burnup of 5.1 at% and neutron dose of 21 dpa, and FCCI of the ODS claddings was very small. These results suggested that the ODS claddings and low O/M ratio fuels are the most appropriate fuel pin system for high burnup fuel.

Oral presentation

Development of ODS ferritic steel claddings for fast reactor fuels, 3; Fuel pin irradiation test in BOR-60

Yano, Yasuhide; Kaito, Takeji; Otsuka, Satoshi; Yamashita, Shinichiro; Inoue, Masaki; Tanaka, Kenya; Povstyanko, A. V.*

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