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Journal Articles

Local magnetic states of the weakly ferromagnetic iron-based superconductor Sr$$_{2}$$VFeAsO$$_{3-delta}$$ studied by X-ray magnetic circular dichroism

Horio, Masafumi*; Takeda, Yukiharu; Namiki, Hiromasa*; Katagiri, Takao*; Wakabayashi, Yuki*; Sakamoto, Shoya*; Nonaka, Yosuke*; Shibata, Goro*; Ikeda, Keisuke*; Saito, Yuji; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 87(10), p.105001_1 - 105001_2, 2018/10

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:14.3(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

JAEA Reports

Safety demonstration test using the High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR); Cold test of the loss of forced cooling

Shinohara, Masanori; Yanagi, Shunki; Tochio, Daisuke; Shimazaki, Yosuke; Nojiri, Naoki; Owada, Hiroyuki; Sato, Nao; Sagawa, Hiroshi; Umeda, Masayuki

JAEA-Technology 2011-029, 39 Pages, 2011/12


JAEA plans and performs the safety demonstration test using the HTTR to develop High Temperature Gas Reactor technologies. Cold test of the loss of forced cooling was conducted prior to the safety demonstration test, to check test procedure and plant behavior. Cold test consists of two phases, Phase1, 1 or 2 Vessel Cooling System (VCS) terminates, in the Phase2, all 3 Gas circulators and 1 VCS terminates. Cold test could confirm test process, and obtain data necessary to analysis and 2-dimensional horizontal sectional model analysis was verified to simulate actual measurement value.

JAEA Reports

Study on Thermal Electric Conversion System for Sodium cooled FBR; Investigation for development of thermoelectric materials and systematic technology

Suzuki, Ryosuke*; Tanabe, Kentaro*; kondo, koki*; Ono, Katsutoshi*; Toda, Shinichi; kasagawa, yusuke; Tamayama, Kiyoshi; Oketani, Kazuhiro*

JNC TY4400 2003-004, 214 Pages, 2003/08


Recently, it has been important to reuse discharged heat energy from present nuclear plants in the view of reduction of environmental burden and improvement of heat efficiency for plant. For practical use in future of sodium cooled FBRs, which are typical high temperature system, this issue must be given priority. The thermal electric conversion system has been applied to the limited uses such as space or military, however, that results show good merits for reliability, maintenance free, and so on. Recently, this technology has been reconsidered in the view of saving energy in general industry. In this study, we made an investigation for applicability of the thermal electric conversion system to sodium cooled FBR as a heat recovery techbnology. Exactly, We have carried out the fundamental research and development for thermoelectric materials and elements, development of modules, and sodium tests with those modules, and then, we acquired the fundamental knowledge to estimate the efficiencies of thermal electric conversion system or modules for a sodium cooled FBR.

JAEA Reports

Irradiation effects on plasma diagnostic components

Nishitani, Takeo; *; Ikeda, Yujiro; Ishitsuka, Etsuo; Kakuta, Tsunemi; Kasai, Satoshi; Kawamura, Hiroshi; Morita, Yosuke; Nagashima, Akira; Nakamichi, Masaru; et al.

JAERI-Research 98-053, 105 Pages, 1998/10


no abstracts in English

JAEA Reports

Irradiation tests on diagnostics components for ITER in 1995

Nishitani, Takeo; *; Ikeda, Yujiro; Ishitsuka, Etsuo; Kakuta, Tsunemi; Kasai, Satoshi; Kawamura, Hiroshi; Maekawa, Fujio; Morita, Yosuke; Nagashima, Akira; et al.

JAERI-Tech 96-040, 22 Pages, 1996/10


no abstracts in English

Oral presentation

Solubility of (Fe,Cr)$$_{3}$$O$$_{4}$$ into Molten Pb-Bi eutectic

Sano, Hiroyuki*; Fujisawa, Toshiharu*; Sagawa, Yosuke*; Furukawa, Tomohiro; Aoto, Kazumi

no journal, , 

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