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Journal Articles

Evaluation of RBE-weighted doses for various radiotherapy beams based on a microdosimetric function implemented in PHITS

Takada, Kenta*; Sato, Tatsuhiko; Kumada, Hiroaki*; Sakurai, Hideyuki*; Sakae, Takeji*

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 1662, p.012004_1 - 012004_6, 2020/10

The University of Tsukuba has developed a treatment planning system (TPS) for boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) that uses a Monte Carlo algorithm as a dose calculation engine. In the system, RBE-weighted dose can be also estimated using the microdosimetric function implemented in PHITS. In this study, we calculated the RBE-weighted doses for various radiation therapy beams. Comparison between the calculated results for different radiation therapy beams as well as verification of the calculated data will be presented at the meeting.

Journal Articles

Biomolecule-assisted synthesis of hierarchical multilayered boehmite and alumina nanosheets for enhanced molybdenum adsorption

Saptiama, I.*; Kaneti, Y. V.*; Yuliarto, B.*; Kumada, Hiroaki*; Tsuchiya, Kunihiko; Fujita, Yoshitaka; Malgras, V.*; Fukumitsu, Nobuyoshi*; Sakae, Takeji*; Hatano, Kentaro*; et al.

Chemistry; A European Journal, 25(18), p.4843 - 4855, 2019/03

 Times Cited Count:14 Percentile:55.31(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

The effective utilization of various biomolecules for creating a series of mesoporous boehmite ($$gamma$$-AlOOH) and gamma-alumina ($$gamma$$-Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$) nanosheets with unique hierarchical multilayered structures is demonstrated. The nature and concentration of the biomolecules strongly influence the degree of the crystallinity, the morphology, and the textural properties of the resulting $$gamma$$-AlOOH and $$gamma$$-Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$ nanosheets, allowing for easy tuning. The hierarchical $$gamma$$-AlOOH and $$gamma$$-Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$ multilayered nanosheets synthesized by using biomolecules exhibit enhanced crystallinity, improved particle separation, and well-defined multilayered structures compared to those obtained without biomolecules. More impressively, these $$gamma$$-AlOOH and $$gamma$$-Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$ nanosheets possess high surface areas up to 425 and 371 m$$^{2}$$/g, respectively, due to their mesoporous nature and hierarchical multilayered structure. When employed for molybdenum adsorption toward medical radioisotope production, the hierarchical $$gamma$$-Al$$_{2}$$O$$_{3}$$ multilayered nanosheets exhibit Mo adsorption capacities of 33.1$$sim$$40.8mg-Mo/g.

Journal Articles

Template-free fabrication of mesoporous alumina nanospheres using post-synthesis water-ethanol treatment of monodispersed aluminium glycerate nanospheres for molybdenum adsorption

Saptiama, I.*; Kaneti, Y. V.*; Suzuki, Yoshitaka; Tsuchiya, Kunihiko; Fukumitsu, Nobuyoshi*; Sakae, Takeji*; Kim, J.*; Kang, Y.-M.*; Ariga, Katsuhiko*; Yamauchi, Yusuke*

Small, 14(21), p.1800474_1 - 1800474_14, 2018/05

 Times Cited Count:45 Percentile:89.28(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Molybdenum adsorption properties of alumina-embedded mesoporous silica for medical radioisotope production

Saptiama, I.*; Kaneti, Y. V.*; Oveisi, H.*; Suzuki, Yoshitaka; Tsuchiya, Kunihiko; Takai, Kimiko*; Sakae, Takeji*; Pradhan, S.*; Hossain, M. S. A.*; Fukumitsu, Nobuyoshi*; et al.

Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 91(2), p.195 - 200, 2018/02

 Times Cited Count:43 Percentile:82.9(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Validation of the physical and RBE-weighted dose estimator based on PHITS coupled with a microdosimetric kinetic model for proton therapy

Takada, Kenta*; Sato, Tatsuhiko; Kumada, Hiroaki*; Koketsu, Junichi*; Takei, Hideyuki*; Sakurai, Hideyuki*; Sakae, Takeji*

Journal of Radiation Research, 59(1), p.91 - 99, 2018/01

 Times Cited Count:32 Percentile:88.56(Biology)

Evaluation of the relative biological effectiveness (RBE)-weighted dose is indispensable in the treatment planning of proton and carbon ion therapies. In this study, we validate the RBE-weighted dose calculated by microdosimetric kinetic model (MKM) in tandem with the Monte Carlo particle transport code PHITS for proton therapy using the full simulation geometry for the beam line of the Proton Medical Research Center at the University of Tsukuba. The physical dose and RBE-weighted dose on the central axis for a 155 MeV monoenergetic and spread-out Bragg peak beam of 60 mm width are evaluated by the method. The calculated results generally agree with the corresponding experimental data very well, though overestimations by approximately 3.2% and 15% at the maximum are observed for the physical and RBE-weighted doses, respectively. This research completes the computational microdosimetric approach based on a combination of PHITS and MKM for all types of radiotherapy that require RBE evaluations.

Journal Articles

Mesoporous alumina as an effective adsorbent for molybdenum (Mo) toward Instant production of radioisotope for medical use

Saptiama, I.*; Kaneti, Y. V.*; Suzuki, Yumi*; Suzuki, Yoshitaka; Tsuchiya, Kunihiko; Sakae, Takeji*; Takai, Kimiko*; Fukumitsu, Nobuyoshi*; Alothman, Z. A.*; Hossain, M. S. A.*; et al.

Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, 90(10), p.1174 - 1179, 2017/10

 Times Cited Count:44 Percentile:80.82(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Estimation of relative biological effectiveness for boron neutron capture therapy using the PHITS code coupled with a microdosimetric kinetic model

Horiguchi, Hironori*; Sato, Tatsuhiko; Kumada, Hiroaki*; Yamamoto, Tetsuya*; Sakae, Takeji*

Journal of Radiation Research, 56(2), p.382 - 390, 2015/03

 Times Cited Count:21 Percentile:70.32(Biology)

For evaluating the irradiation effect in tumors and surrounding normal tissues in BNCT, it is of great importance to estimate the relative biological effectiveness (RBE) for each dose component in the same framework. We have therefore established a new method for estimating the RBE of all BNCT dose components on the basis of the microdosimetric kinetic model. This method employs the probability densities of lineal energy, y, in a subcellular structure as the index for expressing RBE, which can be calculated using the microdosimetric function implemented in the particle transport simulation code PHITS. The accuracy of this method was tested by comparing the calculated RBE values with corresponding measured data in a water phantom irradiated with an epithermal neutron beam. The calculation technique developed in this study will be useful for biological dose estimation in the treatment planning of BNCT.

Journal Articles

Multistep lattice-voxel method utilizing lattice function for Monte-Carlo treatment planning with pixel based voxel model

Kumada, Hiroaki*; Saito, Kimiaki; Nakamura, Takemi; Sakae, Takeji*; Sakurai, Hideyuki*; Matsumura, Akira*; Ono, Koji*

Proceedings of 14th International Congress on Neutron Capture Therapy (ICNCT-14) (CD-ROM), p.238 - 241, 2010/10

Journal Articles

Discussions in Symposium "Neutron dosimetry in neutron fields; From detection techniques to medical applications"

Tanimura, Yoshihiko; Sato, Tatsuhiko; Kumada, Hiroaki; Terunuma, Toshiyuki*; Sakae, Takeji*; Harano, Hideki*; Matsumoto, Tetsuro*; Suzuki, Toshikazu*; Matsufuji, Naruhiro*

Hoshasen, 34(2), p.135 - 139, 2008/04

Recently the traceability system (JCSS) of neutron standard based on the Japanese law "Measurement Act" has been instituted. In addition, importance of the neutron dose evaluation has been increasing in not only the neutron capture medical treatment but also the proton or heavy particle therapy. Against such a background, a symposium "Neutron dosimetry in neutron fields; From detection techniques to medical applications" was held on March 29, 2008 and recent topics on the measuring instruments and their calibration, the traceability system, the simulation technique and the medical applications were introduced. This article summarizes the key points in the discussion at the symposium.

JAEA Reports

Basic research on proton acceleration based on lasers and plasmas, JAERI's nuclear research promotion program, H10-008 (Contract research)

Ogata, Atsushi*; Okamoto, Hiromi*; Kusano, Kanya*; Endo, Ichita*; Nishida, Yasushi*; Sakae, Takeji*; Arai, Masatoshi*; Nakanishi, Hiroshi*; Kondo, Kiminori*

JAERI-Tech 2002-007, 28 Pages, 2002/03


no abstracts in English

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