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Journal Articles

Intrabeam scattering at low temperature range

Yu, P.*; He, Z.*; Wei, J.*; Sessler, A. M.*; Okamoto, Hiromi*; Yuri, Yosuke

Proceedings of 1st International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC '10) (Internet), p.1943 - 1945, 2010/05

Journal Articles

Status and challenges in beam crystallization

Wei, J.*; Yu, P.*; Okamoto, Hiromi*; Yuri, Yosuke; Li, X.-P.*; Sessler, A. M.*

Proceedings of Workshop on Beam Cooling and Related Topics (COOL '09) (Internet), p.86 - 90, 2010/00

Journal Articles

On the stability of high-energy crystalline beams

Sugimoto, Hiroshi*; Okamoto, Hiromi*; Wei, J.*; Yuri, Yosuke; Sessler, A. M.*

Proceedings of 5th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan and 33rd Linear Accelerator Meeting in Japan (CD-ROM), p.436 - 438, 2008/00

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Journal Articles

High-energy colliding crystals; A Theoretical study

Wei, J.*; Okamoto, Hiromi*; Sugimoto, Hiroshi*; Yuri, Yosuke; Sessler, A. M.*

Proceedings of Workshop on Beam Cooling and Related Topics (COOL '07), p.91 - 95, 2007/09

Journal Articles

Phonon spectrum and the maintenance condition of crystalline beams

Li, X.-P.*; Enokizono, Hayato*; Okamoto, Hiromi*; Yuri, Yosuke; Sessler, A. M.*; Wei, J.*

Physical Review Special Topics; Accelerators and Beams, 9(3), p.034201_1 - 034201_10, 2006/03

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:47.51(Physics, Nuclear)

It has been shown that the maintenance condition for a crystalline beam requires that there be no resonance between the crystal's phonon-frequencies, and the frequency associated with a beam moving through a lattice of $$N_{mathrm{sp}}$$ periods. This resonance can be avoided provided that the phonon frequencies all are below half the lattice frequency. Here, we study in detail the phonon modes of several crystalline beams. The analytic results obtained in the smooth approximation are compared with numerical evaluations employing Fourier transform of the molecular dynamics (MD) modes. The stability of various crystalline structures is examined through systematic MD simulations based on several different lattice designs. The maintenance condition, when combined with either the simple analytic theory or the numerical evaluation of phonon modes, exhibits excellent agreement with the MD calculations of crystal stability. A confirmed maintenance condition, derived from linear-resonance criteria, is that the lattice frequency must not equal the sum of any two phonon frequencies.

Journal Articles

Crystalline beams at high energies

Wei, J.*; Okamoto, Hiromi*; Ochi, Shuta*; Yuri, Yosuke; Sessler, A. M.*; Machida, Shinji*

Proceedings of 10th European Particle Accelerator Conference (EPAC 2006) (CD-ROM), p.2841 - 2843, 2006/00

Previously it was shown that by crystallizing each of the two counter-circulating beams, a much larger beam-beam tune shift can be tolerated during the beam-beam collisions; thus a higher luminosity can be reached for colliding beams. On the other hand, crystalline beams can only be formed at energies below the transition energy of the circular accelerators. In this paper, we investigate the formation of crystals in two types of high-transition-energy lattices, one realized by three-cell missing dipole modules and the other with negative bends. The latter type satisfies the maintenance condition for a crystalline beam.

Oral presentation

Various RF methods for non-scaling FFAGs

Okamoto, Hiromi*; Kaneta, Kenichi*; Sugimoto, Hiroshi*; Ruggiero, A.*; Sessler, A. M.*; Yuri, Yosuke

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