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Magnetic Compton scattering studies of magneto-dielectric Ba(Co$$_{0.85}$$Mn$$_{0.15}$$)O$$_{3-delta}$$

Shinoda, Ryoichi*; Ito, Masayoshi*; Sakurai, Yoshiharu*; Yamamoto, Hiroyuki; Hirao, Norie; Baba, Yuji; Iwase, Akihiro*; Matsui, Toshiyuki*

Journal of Applied Physics, 113(17), p.17E307_1 - 17E307_3, 2013/05

 Times Cited Count:9 Percentile:38.1(Physics, Applied)

We revealed that the Ba(Co$$_{0.85}$$Mn$$_{0.15}$$)O$$_{3-delta}$$ (BCMO) ceramic samples exhibited ferromagnetic-dielectric behavior below the magnetic transition temperature of about 35 K. The origin of their magnetic ordering was expected to super-exchange coupling of Co$$^{4+}$$($$d^5$$)-O$$^{2-}$$-Mn$$^{4+}$$ ($$d^3$$) with bonding angle of 180$$^{circ}$$. and/or Mn$$^{4+}$$($$d^3$$)-O$$^{2-}$$-Mn$$^{4+}$$ ($$d^3$$) with bonding angle of 90$$^{circ}$$. The magnetic spin momentum estimated by the magnetic Compton profiles (MCP) of the samples had similar temperature dependence as that determined by the SQUID measurement, which meant that the observed magnetic moments could be ascribed to the spin moment. The shapes of the MCPs of the samples were completely same regardless of the temperature measured. This result indicates that there are no changes of the momentum space distribution of spin density between ferromagnetic and paramagnetic states. So, this magnetic transition is simply caused by a thermal fluctuation of the spin.

Oral presentation

Magnetic properties and chemical states in thin films of Ba(Fe$$_{0.5}$$Mn$$_{0.5}$$)O$$_{3-delta}$$ single crystal irradiated with swift heavy ions

Shinoda, Ryoichi*; Ishikawa, Norito; Hirao, Norie; Yamamoto, Hiroyuki; Baba, Yuji; Matsui, Toshiyuki*; Iwase, Akihiro*

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