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Journal Articles

Improvement of exchanging method of neutron startup source of high temperature engineering test reactor

Sawahata, Hiroaki; Shimazaki, Yosuke; Ishitsuka, Etsuo; Yamazaki, Kazunori; Yanagida, Yoshinori; Fujiwara, Yusuke; Takada, Shoji; Shinozaki, Masayuki; Hamamoto, Shimpei; Tochio, Daisuke

Proceedings of 24th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-24) (DVD-ROM), 8 Pages, 2016/06

In the HTTR, $$^{252}$$Cf is loaded in the reactor core as a neutron startup source and changed at frequency. In this exchange work, there were two technical issues; slightly higher radiation exposure of workers by neutron leakage and reliability of neutron source transportation container in handling. To reduce the radiation dose by neutron leakage, detail numerical evaluations using PHITS code were carried out, the effective shielding method for fuel handling machine was proposed. Easily removable polyethylene blocks and particles were used as the neutron shielding, and installed in the cooling paths of the fuel handling machine. As a result, the collective effective dose by neutron was reduced from about 700 man-microSv to about 300 man-microSv. As to the neutron source transportation container, the handling performance was improved and the handling work was safety accomplished by downsizing.

Oral presentation

Analysis of electric field in the microwave heating denitration apparatus

Kimura, Yuichi; Kato, Yoshiyuki; Isomae, Hidemi; Yoshimoto, Katsunobu; Arai, Nobuyuki*; Numao, Teruhiko*; Shinozaki, Yoshinori*

no journal, , 

The plutonium and uranium nitrate solution processes evaporation, the concentrate, and the denitration with the micro wave denitration apparatus. It is necessary to grasp the electric field in the denitration apparatus to irradiate the micro wave efficiently. It reports on the result of behavior of the electric fieldin the denitration apparatus by the electric field analysis.

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