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Journal Articles

Visual analysis of air dose rate maps

Takahashi, Shigeo*; Sakurai, Daisuke*; Nagao, Fumiya; Kurikami, Hiroshi; Sanada, Yukihisa

Shimyureshon, 42(2), p.68 - 75, 2023/06

This paper introduces a case in which scientific knowledge on understanding the deposition process of radionuclides and evaluating the dose rate reduction due to decontamination work was obtained through visual analysis based on data on the spatio-temporal distribution of air dose rates accumulated through radiation monitoring after the accident. We will discuss the prospects for future efforts to effectively obtain important knowledge that will assist in the planning of policies for reconstruction from the nuclear power plant accident in the future.

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Purposeful adaptive sampling of integrated air dose rate maps for visual analysis

Takahashi, Shigeo*; Kurikami, Hiroshi; Sanada, Yukihisa; Sakurai, Daisuke*

ERAN FY2022 Annual Report (Internet), 1 Pages, 2023/04

This study aims to establish a highly accurate evaluation technique for decontamination effects through multilateral and quantitative evaluation of decontamination effects. The applicability of the visual analysis technique was confirmed through a trial analysis.

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Application of high-energy-resolution X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the U L$$_{3}$$-edge to assess the U(V) electronic structure in FeUO$$_{4}$$

Yomogida, Takumi; Akiyama, Daisuke*; Ouchi, Kazuki; Kumagai, Yuta; Higashi, Kotaro*; Kitatsuji, Yoshihiro; Kirishima, Akira*; Kawamura, Naomi*; Takahashi, Yoshio*

Inorganic Chemistry, 61(50), p.20206 - 20210, 2022/12

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:23.08(Chemistry, Inorganic & Nuclear)

FeUO$$_{4}$$ was studied to clarify the electronic structure of U(V) in a metal monouranate compound. We obtained the peak splitting of HERFD-XANES spectra utilizing high-energy-resolution fluorescence detection-X-ray absorption near edge structure (HERFD-XANES) spectroscopy at the U L$$_{3}$$-edge, which is a novel technique in the U(V) compounds. Theoretical calculations revealed that the peak splitting was caused by splitting the 6d orbital of U(V). Such distinctive electronic states are of major interest to researchers and engineers working in various fields, from fundamental physics to the nuclear industry and environmental sciences for actinide elements.

Journal Articles

Visual analysis of geospatial multivariate data for investigating radioactive deposition processes

Takahashi, Shigeo*; Sakurai, Daisuke*; Sasaki, Miyuki; Miyamura, Hiroko; Sanada, Yukihisa

Visual Computer, 37(12), p.3039 - 3050, 2021/12

 Times Cited Count:0 Percentile:0.01(Computer Science, Software Engineering)

The Fukushima nuclear accident in 2011 raised awareness on the importance of radioactive deposition processes, especially for proposing aerosol measures against possible air pollution. However, identifying these types of processes is often difficult due to complicated terrains. This paper presents an application study for identifying radioactive deposition processes by taking advantage of visual interaction with topographic data. The idea is to visually investigate the correspondence of the spatial positions to the air dose rate along with relevant attributes. This is accomplished by composing scatterplots of pairwise attributes, onto which we project terrain areas to interactively find specific patterns of such attributes. We applied our approach to the analysis of air dose rate distribution data around the Fukushima nuclear plant after the accident. Our visualization technique clearly distinguished contamination areas derived from different deposition processes, and thus is useful for elucidation of the deposition process.

Journal Articles

First isolation and analysis of caesium-bearing microparticles from marine samples in the Pacific coastal area near Fukushima Prefecture

Miura, Hikaru*; Ishimaru, Takashi*; Ito, Yukari*; Kuribara, Yuichi; Otosaka, Shigeyoshi*; Sakaguchi, Aya*; Misumi, Kazuhiro*; Tsumune, Daisuke*; Kubo, Atsushi*; Higaki, Shogo*; et al.

Scientific Reports (Internet), 11, p.5664_1 - 5664_11, 2021/03

 Times Cited Count:10 Percentile:67.32(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

For the first time, we isolated and investigated seven CsMPs (radioactive caesium-bearing microparticles) from marine particulate matter and sediment. From the elemental composition, the $$^{134}$$Cs/$$^{137}$$Cs activity ratio, and the $$^{137}$$Cs activity per unit volume results, we inferred that the five CsMPs collected from particulate matter were emitted from Unit 2 of the FDNPP, whereas the two CsMPs collected from marine sediment were possibly emitted from Unit 3. The presence of CsMPs can cause overestimation of the solid-water distribution coefficient of Cs in marine sediments and particulate matter and a high apparent radiocaesium concentration factor for marine biota. CsMPs emitted from Unit 2, which were collected from the estuary of a river that flowed through a highly contaminated area, may have been deposited on land and then transported by the river. By contrast, CsMPs emitted from Unit 3 were possibly transported eastward by the wind and deposited directly onto the ocean surface.

Journal Articles

Observation of morphological abnormalities in silkworm pupae after feeding $$^{137}$$CsCl-supplemented diet to evaluate the effects of low dose-rate exposure

Tanaka, Sota; Kinouchi, Tadatoshi*; Fujii, Tsuguru*; Imanaka, Tetsuji*; Takahashi, Tomoyuki*; Fukutani, Satoshi*; Maki, Daisuke*; Notomi, Akihiro*; Takahashi, Sentaro*

Scientific Reports (Internet), 10, p.16055_1 - 16055_7, 2020/09

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:51.24(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

Since the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP) accident, morphological abnormalities of the lepidopteran insects have been reported. However, it is unclear whether the abnormalities were caused directly by radiation because they did not study on absorbed dose and dose-effect relationship. In this study, we conducted an internal exposure experiment on silkworm using $$^{137}$$CsCl-supplemented artificial diet and estimated the absorbed dose to evaluate the morphological abnormalities in silkworm. The ratio of wing to whole body of pupae was compared between the $$^{137}$$CsCl-exposured and control groups and no significant differences were observed between the groups. This result suggest that morphological abnormalities in lepidopterans are unlikely due to direct radiation effects from $$^{137}$$Cs contamination after the FDNPP accident.

Journal Articles

Characterization of two types of cesium-bearing microparticles emitted from the Fukushima accident via multiple synchrotron radiation analyses

Miura, Hikaru*; Kuribara, Yuichi; Yamamoto, Masayoshi*; Sakaguchi, Aya*; Yamaguchi, Noriko*; Sekizawa, Oki*; Nitta, Kiyofumi*; Higaki, Shogo*; Tsumune, Daisuke*; Itai, Takaaki*; et al.

Scientific Reports (Internet), 10, p.11421_1 - 11421_9, 2020/07

 Times Cited Count:18 Percentile:70.87(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

Journal Articles

Upgrade of the 3-MeV linac for testing of accelerator components at J-PARC

Kondo, Yasuhiro; Hirano, Koichiro; Ito, Takashi; Kikuzawa, Nobuhiro; Kitamura, Ryo; Morishita, Takatoshi; Oguri, Hidetomo; Okoshi, Kiyonori; Shinozaki, Shinichi; Shinto, Katsuhiro; et al.

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 1350, p.012077_1 - 012077_7, 2019/12

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:52.94

We have upgraded a 3-MeV linac at J-PARC. The ion source is same as the J-PARC linac's, and the old 30-mA RFQ is replaced by a spare 50-mA RFQ, therefore, the beam energy is 3 MeV and the nominal beam current is 50 mA. The main purpose of this system is to test the spare RFQ, but also used for testing of various components required in order to keep the stable operation of the J-PARC accelerator. The accelerator has been already commissioned, and measurement programs have been started. In this paper, present status of this 3-MeV linac is presented.

Journal Articles

Permeability of granite including macro-fracture naturally filled with fine-grained minerals

Nara, Yoshitaka*; Kato, Masaji*; Niri, Ryuhei*; Kono, Masanori*; Sato, Toshinori; Fukuda, Daisuke*; Sato, Tsutomu*; Takahashi, Manabu*

Pure and Applied Geophysics, 175(3), p.917 - 927, 2018/03

 Times Cited Count:12 Percentile:57.14(Geochemistry & Geophysics)

Information on the permeability of rock is essential for various geoengineering projects. It is especially important to investigate how fractures and pores influence the physical and transport properties of rock. Infiltration of groundwater through the damage zone fills fractures in granite with fine-grained minerals. However, the permeability of rock possessing a fracture naturally filled with fine-grained mineral grains has yet to be investigated. In this study, the permeabilities of granite samples, including a macro-fracture filled with clay and a mineral vein, are investigated. The permeability of granite with a fine-grained mineral vein agrees well with that of the intact sample, whereas the permeability of granite possessing a macro-fracture filled with clay is lower than that of the macro-fractured sample. The decrease in the permeability is due to the filling of fine-grained minerals and clay in the macro-fracture. It is concluded that the permeability of granite increases due to the existence of the fractures, but decreases upon filling them with fine-grained minerals.

Journal Articles

Development of a control system at a 3 MeV linac in J-PARC

Sawabe, Yuki*; Ishiyama, Tatsuya; Takahashi, Daisuke; Kato, Yuko; Suzuki, Takahiro*; Hirano, Koichiro; Takei, Hayanori; Meigo, Shinichiro; Kikuzawa, Nobuhiro; Hayashi, Naoki

Proceedings of 13th Annual Meeting of Particle Accelerator Society of Japan (Internet), p.647 - 651, 2016/11

In the J-PARC, a 3 MeV linac has been developed for the tests of beam scraper irradiation and charge exchange by high-power laser. To accomplish tests efficiently and safely, the control system for 3 MeV was designed and developed, and this system consists of four subsystems, personal protection system, machine protection system, timing system, and remote control system using the EPICS. In this paper, the details of control system for a 3 MeV linac are presented.

Journal Articles

Importance of temperature control in surrounding environment during permeability test for measuring hydraulic constants of rock

Kato, Masaji*; Nara, Yoshitaka*; Fukuda, Daisuke*; Kono, Masanori*; Sato, Toshinori; Sato, Tsutomu*; Takahashi, Manabu*

Zairyo, 65(7), p.489 - 495, 2016/07

Rock masses serve a vital function as natural barriers for geological disposal of radioactive waste; therefore, information on rock permeability is essential. Highly accurate measurement of permeability requires understanding of how temperature changes in the surrounding environment influence measurement results. We performed permeability measurement under conditions with dramatic changes of temperature in the surrounding environment to investigate the influence of such changes on the experimental results. Measurement of permeability with no temperature change was also conducted as reference. All measurements were conducted using the transient pulse method, and the sample material used was Toki granite obtained from Gifu Prefecture in central Japan. We found that temperature changes in the surrounding environment remarkably affected the pressure in reservoirs upstream and downstream, the pressure difference between them, and the confining pressure; all increased when temperature increased for our experimental system. Notably, pressure difference was affected immediately. This difference directly relates to estimation of permeability.

Journal Articles

Interactive visualization for singular fibers of functions $$f$$:$$R^{3}$$ $$rightarrow$$ $$R^{2}$$

Sakurai, Daisuke; Saeki, Osamu*; Carr, H.*; Wu, H.-Y.*; Yamamoto, Takahiro*; Duke, D.*; Takahashi, Shigeo*

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 22(1), p.945 - 954, 2016/01

 Times Cited Count:4 Percentile:36(Computer Science, Software Engineering)

Scalar topology in the form of Morse theory has provided computational tools that analyze and visualize data from scientific and engineering tasks. Contracting isocontours to single points encapsulates variations in isocontour connectivity in the Reeb graph. For multivariate data, isocontours generalize to fibers inverse images of points in the range, and this area is therefore known as fiber topology. However, fiber topology is less fully developed than Morse theory, and current efforts rely on manual visualizations. This paper therefore shows how to accelerate and semi-automate this task through an interface for visualizing fiber singularities of multivariate functions $$f$$:$$R^{3}$$ $$rightarrow$$ $$R^{2}$$. This interface exploits existing conventions of fiber topology, but also introduces a 3D view based on the extension of Reeb graphs to Reeb spaces. Validation of the interface is performed by assessing whether the interface supports the mathematical workflow both of experts and of less experienced mathematicians.

Journal Articles

Thickness-dependent magnetic properties and strain-induced orbital magnetic moment in SrRuO$$_{3}$$ thin films

Ishigami, Keisuke*; Yoshimatsu, Kohei*; Toyota, Daisuke*; Takizawa, Masaru*; Yoshida, Teppei*; Shibata, Goro*; Harano, Takayuki*; Takahashi, Yukio*; Kadono, Toshiharu*; Verma, V. K.*; et al.

Physical Review B, 92(6), p.064402_1 - 064402_5, 2015/08

 Times Cited Count:42 Percentile:83.86(Materials Science, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Precise determination of $$^{12}_{Lambda}$$C level structure by $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy

Hosomi, Kenji; Ma, Y.*; Ajimura, Shuhei*; Aoki, Kanae*; Dairaku, Seishi*; Fu, Y.*; Fujioka, Hiroyuki*; Futatsukawa, Kenta*; Imoto, Wataru*; Kakiguchi, Yutaka*; et al.

Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Internet), 2015(8), p.081D01_1 - 081D01_8, 2015/08

 Times Cited Count:14 Percentile:66.94(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Level structure of the $$^{12}_{Lambda}$$C hypernucleus was precisely determined by means of $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy. We identified four $$gamma$$-ray transitions via the $$^{12}$$C$$(pi^{+},K^{+}gamma)$$ reaction using a germanium detector array, Hyperball2. The spacing of the ground-state doublet $$(2^{-}, 1^{-}_{1})$$ was measured to be $$161.5pm0.3$$(stat)$$pm0.3$$ (syst)keV from the direct $$M1$$ transition. Excitation energies of the $$1^{-}_{2}$$ and $$1^{-}_{3}$$ states were measured to be $$2832pm3pm4$$, keV and $$6050pm8pm7$$, keV, respectively. The obtained level energies provide definitive references for the reaction spectroscopy of $$Lambda$$ hypernuclei.

Journal Articles

Emergent phenomena in perovskite-type manganites

Taguchi, Yasujiro*; Sakai, Hideaki*; Okuyama, Daisuke*; Ishiwata, Shintaro*; Fujioka, Jun*; Fukuda, Tatsuo; Hashizume, Daisuke*; Kagawa, Fumitaka*; Takahashi, Yoichiro*; Shimano, Ryo*; et al.

Physica B; Condensed Matter, 407(11), p.1685 - 1688, 2012/06

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:24.18(Physics, Condensed Matter)

Journal Articles

Synthesis, structural transformation, thermal stability, valence state, and magnetic and electronic properties of PbNiO$$_{3}$$ with perovskite- and LiNbO$$_{3}$$-type structures

Inaguma, Yoshiyuki*; Tanaka, Kie*; Tsuchiya, Takeshi*; Mori, Daisuke*; Katsumata, Tetsuhiro*; Oba, Tomonori*; Hiraki, Koichi*; Takahashi, Toshihiro*; Saito, Hiroyuki

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133(42), p.16920 - 16929, 2011/09

 Times Cited Count:83 Percentile:85.73(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

Measurement of deuteron induced thick target neutron yields at 9 MeV

Shigyo, Nobuhiro*; Hidaka, Kosuke*; Hirabayashi, Keiichi*; Nakamura, Yasuhiro*; Moriguchi, Daisuke*; Kumabe, Masahiro*; Hirano, Hidetaka*; Hirayama, Shusuke*; Naito, Yuki*; Motooka, Chikahide*; et al.

Journal of the Korean Physical Society, 59(2), p.1725 - 1728, 2011/08

Journal Articles

In-beam $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy of $$^{248,250,252}$$Cf by neutron-transfer reactions using a Cf target

Takahashi, Ryuta; Ishii, Tetsuro; Asai, Masato; Nagae, Daisuke*; Makii, Hiroyuki; Tsukada, Kazuaki; Toyoshima, Atsushi; Ishii, Yasuo; Matsuda, Makoto; Makishima, Akiyasu*; et al.

Physical Review C, 81(5), p.057303_1 - 057303_4, 2010/05

 Times Cited Count:13 Percentile:63.48(Physics, Nuclear)

The ground-state bands of $$^{248,250,252}$$Cf have been established up to 10$$^{+}$$, 12$$^{+}$$, and 10$$^{+}$$ states, respectively, by in-beam $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy using neutron-transfer reactions with a $$^{18}$$O beam and a highly radioactive Cf target. The deexcitation $$gamma$$ rays in $$^{248,250,252}$$Cf were identified by taking coincidences with outgoing particles of $$^{16-19}$$O measured with Si $$Delta E$$-$$E$$ detectors, and by selecting their kinetic energies. This is the first in-beam $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy for Cf isotopes.

Journal Articles

Lifetime measurements for the first 2$$^{+}$$ states in $$^{162,164}$$Gd populated by the $$beta$$ decay of $$^{162,164}$$Eu

Nagae, Daisuke*; Ishii, Tetsuro; Takahashi, Ryuta*; Asai, Masato; Makii, Hiroyuki; Osa, Akihiko; Sato, Tetsuya; Ichikawa, Shinichi; Shimizu, Yoshifumi*; Shoji, Takuya*

AIP Conference Proceedings 1224, p.156 - 160, 2010/04

 Times Cited Count:2 Percentile:64.36

Journal Articles

Soft-error rate in a logic LSI estimated from SET pulse-width measurements

Makino, Takahiro; Kobayashi, Daisuke*; Hirose, Kazuyuki*; Takahashi, Daisuke*; Ishii, Shigeru*; Kusano, Masaki*; Onoda, Shinobu; Hirao, Toshio; Oshima, Takeshi

IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 56(6), p.3180 - 3184, 2009/12

 Times Cited Count:13 Percentile:65.01(Engineering, Electrical & Electronic)

SET-induced soft-error rates ($$SER_{SET}$$s) of logic LSIs are estimated from SET pulse-widths measured in logic cells used in logic LSIs. The estimated rates are consistent with directly measured $$SER_{SET}$$s for logic LSIs.

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