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Journal Articles

Mechanistic study on the removal of Cs from contaminated soil by rapid ion exchange in subcritical water

Fukuda, Tatsuya*; Takahashi, Ryo*; Hara, Takuhi*; Ohara, Koji*; Kato, Kazuo*; Matsumura, Daiju; Inaba, Yusuke*; Nakase, Masahiko*; Takeshita, Kenji*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 58(4), p.399 - 404, 2021/04

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:0.01(Nuclear Science & Technology)

Journal Articles

Status report of the chopper spectrometer 4SEASONS

Kajimoto, Ryoichi; Nakamura, Mitsutaka; Inamura, Yasuhiro; Kamazawa, Kazuya*; Ikeuchi, Kazuhiko*; Iida, Kazuki*; Ishikado, Motoyuki*; Murai, Naoki; Kira, Hiroshi*; Nakatani, Takeshi; et al.

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 1021(1), p.012030_1 - 012030_6, 2018/06


 Times Cited Count:3 Percentile:95.16

Journal Articles

Adsorption of platinum-group metals and molybdenum onto aluminum ferrocyanide in spent fuel solution

Onishi, Takashi; Sekioka, Ken*; Suto, Mitsuo*; Tanaka, Kosuke; Koyama, Shinichi; Inaba, Yusuke*; Takahashi, Hideharu*; Harigai, Miki*; Takeshita, Kenji*

Energy Procedia, 131, p.151 - 156, 2017/12

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:97.85

no abstracts in English

Journal Articles

Precise determination of $$^{12}_{Lambda}$$C level structure by $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy

Hosomi, Kenji; Ma, Y.*; Ajimura, Shuhei*; Aoki, Kanae*; Dairaku, Seishi*; Fu, Y.*; Fujioka, Hiroyuki*; Futatsukawa, Kenta*; Imoto, Wataru*; Kakiguchi, Yutaka*; et al.

Progress of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Internet), 2015(8), p.081D01_1 - 081D01_8, 2015/08

 Times Cited Count:13 Percentile:70.14(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Level structure of the $$^{12}_{Lambda}$$C hypernucleus was precisely determined by means of $$gamma$$-ray spectroscopy. We identified four $$gamma$$-ray transitions via the $$^{12}$$C$$(pi^{+},K^{+}gamma)$$ reaction using a germanium detector array, Hyperball2. The spacing of the ground-state doublet $$(2^{-}, 1^{-}_{1})$$ was measured to be $$161.5pm0.3$$(stat)$$pm0.3$$ (syst)keV from the direct $$M1$$ transition. Excitation energies of the $$1^{-}_{2}$$ and $$1^{-}_{3}$$ states were measured to be $$2832pm3pm4$$, keV and $$6050pm8pm7$$, keV, respectively. The obtained level energies provide definitive references for the reaction spectroscopy of $$Lambda$$ hypernuclei.

Journal Articles

The Spin state of iron in Fe$$^{3+}$$-bearing Mg-perovskite and its crystal chemistry at high pressure

Mashimo, Izumi*; Otani, Eiji*; Hirao, Naohisa*; Mitsui, Takaya; Masuda, Ryo*; Seto, Makoto*; Sakai, Takeshi*; Takahashi, Suguru*; Nakano, Satoshi*

American Mineralogist, 99(8-9), p.1555 - 1561, 2014/08

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:26.07(Geochemistry & Geophysics)

Journal Articles

From laboratory to field; ${it OsNRAMP5}$-knockdown rice is a promising candidate for Cd phytoremediation in paddy fields

Takahashi, Ryuichi*; Ishimaru, Yasuhiro*; Shimo, H.*; Bashir, K.*; Senoura, Takeshi*; Sugimoto, Kazuhiko*; Ono, Kazuko*; Suzui, Nobuo; Kawachi, Naoki; Ishii, Satomi; et al.

PLOS ONE (Internet), 9(6), p.e98816_1 - e98816_7, 2014/06

 Times Cited Count:34 Percentile:82.91(Multidisciplinary Sciences)

Journal Articles

First flight demonstration of glass-type space solar sheet

Shimazaki, Kazunori*; Kobayashi, Yuki*; Takahashi, Masato*; Imaizumi, Mitsuru*; Murashima, Mio*; Takahashi, Yu*; Toyota, Hiroyuki*; Kukita, Akio*; Oshima, Takeshi; Sato, Shinichiro; et al.

Proceedings of 40th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC-40) (CD-ROM), p.2149 - 2154, 2014/06

The electrical performance of a glass-type space solar sheet (G-SSS) was demonstrated in space. G-SSS comprises InGaP/GaAs dual-junction and InGaP/GaAs/InGaAs triplejunction solar cells. It is lightweight solar generation sheet, less than 0.5 mm thick. It is mounted on the "HISAKI" (SPRINT-A) small scientific satellite, which was launched on September 14, 2013. The initial flight data were successfully acquired and this flight demonstration was a world-first experiment for G-SSS using III-V multi-junction thin-film solar cells. The cells demonstrated superior performance and the electrical outputs matched the flight prediction.

Journal Articles

Effect of annealing on proton irradiated AlGaN/GaN based micro-Hall sensors

Abderrahmane, A.*; Takahashi, Hiroki*; Tashiro, Tatsuya*; Ko, P. J.*; Okada, Hiroshi*; Sato, Shinichiro; Oshima, Takeshi; Sandhu, A.*

AIP Conference Proceedings 1585, p.123 - 127, 2014/02

 Times Cited Count:1 Percentile:55.09

The effect of annealing at 673 K on irradiated micro-Hall sensors irradiated with protons at 380 keV and fluences of 1$$times 10^{14}$$ cm$$^{-2}$$, 1$$times 10^{15}$$ cm$$^{-2}$$, 1$$times 10^{16}$$ cm$$^{-2}$$ is reported. Cathodoluminescence measurements were carried out at room temperature before and after annealing and showed improvement in the band edge band emission of the GaN layer. After annealing a sensor irradiated by 1$$times 10^{15}$$ cm$$^{-2}$$ the device became operational with improvements in its magnetic sensitivity. All irradiated sensors showed improvement in their electrical characteristics after annealing.

JAEA Reports

Research for spectroscopy of fuel debris using superconducting phase transition edge sensor microcalorimeter; Measurement experiment and simulated calculation (Joint research)

Takasaki, Koji; Yasumune, Takashi; Onishi, Takashi; Nakamura, Keisuke; Ishimi, Akihiro; Ito, Chikara; Osaka, Masahiko; Ono, Masashi*; Hatakeyama, Shuichi*; Takahashi, Hiroyuki*; et al.

JAEA-Research 2013-043, 33 Pages, 2014/01


In the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, it is assumed that the core fuels melted partially or wholly, and the normal technique of accounting for a fuel assembly is not applicable. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the transparent and rational technique of accounting in the process of collection and storage of fuel debris. In this research, an application of the superconducting phase Transition Edge Sensor microcalorimeter (TES microcalorimeter) is studied for the accounting of nuclear materials in the fuel debris. It is expected that the detailed information of nuclear materials and fission products in fuel debris is obtained by using a high-resolution characteristic of TES microcalorimeter. In this report, the principle of TES microcalorimeter, the measurement experiment using TES in JAEA, and the simulated calculation using the EGS5 code system are summarized.

Journal Articles

Partial recovery of the magnetoelectrical properties of AlGaN/GaN-based micro-Hall sensors irradiated with protons

Abderrahmane, A.*; Tashiro, Tatsuya*; Takahashi, Hiroki*; Ko, P. J.*; Okada, Hiroshi*; Sato, Shinichiro; Oshima, Takeshi; Sandhu, A.*

Applied Physics Letters, 104(2), p.023508_1 - 023508_4, 2014/01

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:31.43(Physics, Applied)

The effect of annealing on the magnetoelectrical properties of proton-irradiated micro-Hall sensors at an energy of 380 keV and very high proton fluences was studied. Recovery of the electron mobility and a decrease in the sheet resistance of the annealed micro-Hall sensors, as well as an enhancement in their magnetic sensitivity were reported. Trap removal and an improvement in the crystal quality by removing defects were confirmed through current-voltage measurements and Raman spectroscopy, respectively.

Journal Articles

Effect of proton irradiation on AlGaN/GaN micro-Hall sensors

Abderrahmane, A.*; Koide, Shota*; Okada, Hiroshi*; Takahashi, Hiroki*; Sato, Shinichiro; Oshima, Takeshi; Sandhu, A.*

Applied Physics Letters, 102(19), p.193510_1 - 193510_4, 2013/05

 Times Cited Count:7 Percentile:34.75(Physics, Applied)

The magnetoelectric properties of AlGaN/GaN micro-Hall effect sensors were studied after 380 keV proton irradiation. After irradiation the current-voltage measurements, stability of the magnetic sensitivity of the sensors, and the sheet electron density were degraded with a dramatic decrease of the electron mobility at high temperatures. Raman spectroscopy showed a degradation in the crystalline quality of GaN crystal, but there was no change in the strain.

Journal Articles

Recent developments of instruments in a spallation neutron source at J-PARC and those prospects in the future

Arai, Masatoshi; Kajimoto, Ryoichi; Nakamura, Mitsutaka; Inamura, Yasuhiro; Nakajima, Kenji; Shibata, Kaoru; Takahashi, Nobuaki; Suzuki, Junichi*; Takata, Shinichi; Yamada, Takeshi*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 82(Suppl.A), p.SA024_1 - SA024_14, 2013/01

 Times Cited Count:6 Percentile:47.11(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

The paper describes developments of neutron scattering instruments in J-PARC neutron facility, which is a short pulse spallation source operated at a repetition rate 25 Hz and has a proton power 1 MW. New concept has been adopted to utilize high intensity coupled moderator even for a high resolution inelastic scattering instruments by taking a pulse shaping chopper system. Advanced technique has been also realized by taking an ability of event-recording system altogether with an improvement of a chopper system, realizing multi-Ei method. The paper also touches upon a general design concept for diffractometers in accordance with the source characteristics.

JAEA Reports

Investigation of radionuclide distribution using aircraft for surrounding environmental survey from Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant

Torii, Tatsuo; Sanada, Yukihisa; Sugita, Takeshi; Kondo, Atsuya*; Shikaze, Yoshiaki; Takahashi, Masaki; Ishida, Mutsushi; Nishizawa, Yukiyasu; Urabe, Yoshimi

JAEA-Technology 2012-036, 182 Pages, 2012/12


We carried out aerial radiation monitoring (ARM) of all Japan area in order to investigate the influence of the radio cesium which was emitted into the atmosphere by disaster of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant of Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.. AMS can measure a $$gamma$$ ray quickly by flight from 300 m height above the ground. Moreover, ARM has an advantage which can grasp self-possessed quantity distribution of an air dose rate and radioactive cesium in "field", and is visually intelligible. Although there were apparatus and the technique of ARM in our country, sufficient preparations for wide area monitoring were not made. Therefore, it fixed based on the method of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) about the method of the conversion to all radiation dose, and the conversion method to radiocesium deposition and the method of mapping. It is possible to discriminate from a background (cosmic-ray, self-contamination and natural nuclides) at the time of western-part-of-Japan measurement by improving of the method in parallel to data acquisition. By this monitoring, it was able to check about the distribution situation of the air dose rate of the Japanese whole region, or the radioactive cesium deposition. Here, the measurement technique and a result are described.

Journal Articles

Suppression of heavy-ion induced current in SOI device

Ogura, Shunta*; Komiyama, Takahiro*; Takahashi, Yoshihiro*; Makino, Takahiro; Onoda, Shinobu; Hirao, Toshio*; Oshima, Takeshi

Proceedings of 10th International Workshop on Radiation Effects on Semiconductor Devices for Space Applications (RASEDA-10) (Internet), p.127 - 129, 2012/12

We have investigated the transient current in a SOI p$$^+$$n junction diode induced by single heavy-ions. The amount of radiation induced total collected charge exceeds the generated charge in active SOI layer because some of generated charge in handle substrate is collected through a BOX layer by displacement current. The displacement current is caused by the charges collected at surface of handle substrate due to an electric field in depletion layer. In this paper, we show that the amount of collected charge can be suppressed by reducing the width of depletion layer at the surface of handle substrate.

Journal Articles

Beam position monitor system of J-PARC RCS

Hayashi, Naoki; Kawase, Masato; Hatakeyama, Shuichiro; Hiroki, Seiji; Saeki, Riuji; Takahashi, Hiroki; Teruyama, Yuzo*; Toyokawa, Ryoji*; Arakawa, Dai*; Hiramatsu, Shigenori*; et al.

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, 677, p.94 - 106, 2012/06

 Times Cited Count:9 Percentile:62.49(Instruments & Instrumentation)

A beam position monitor (BPM) system at J-PARC RCS is described. The J-PARC RCS is a rapid-cycling proton synchrotron and its designed beam power is 1 MW. A diameter of the BPM detector is larger than 250 mm, however the system has to measure the beam position very accurately. The system should work not only for the high intensity but also for lower intensity. There are 54 BPM around the ring and most of them are placed inside steering magnets because of quite limited space. The BPM detector is an electro static type and it has four electrodes, and a pair of electrode gives a good linear response with diagonal cut shape to detect the charge center precisely. The signal processing unit, which is equipped with 14-bit 40 MSPS ADC and 600 MHz DSP, has been developed. They are controlled via shared memory space and EPICS. It is capable to record full 25 Hz pulse data for averaged mode and it could also store whole waveform data for further analysis, like turn-by-turn position calculation.

Journal Articles

Effects of proton irradiation on the magnetoelectric properties of 2DEG AlGaN/GaN micro-hall sensors

Okada, Hiroshi*; Abderrahmane, A.*; Koide, Shota*; Takahashi, Hiroki*; Sato, Shinichiro; Oshima, Takeshi; Sandhu, A.*

Journal of Physics; Conference Series, 352, p.012010_1 - 012010_5, 2012/03

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:87

Journal Articles

Structure and dynamics of poly(vinyl alcohol) gels in mixtures of dimethyl sulfoxide and water

Kanaya, Toshiji*; Takahashi, Nobuaki; Takeshita, Hiroki*; Okura, Masatoshi*; Nishida, Koji*; Kaji, Keisuke*

Polymer Journal, 44(1), p.83 - 94, 2012/01

 Times Cited Count:17 Percentile:56.02(Polymer Science)

Journal Articles

Repetition Rate Multiplication: RRM, an advanced measuring method planed for the backscattering instrument, ${it DNA}$ at the MLF, J-PARC

Takahashi, Nobuaki; Shibata, Kaoru; Kawakita, Yukinobu; Nakajima, Kenji; Inamura, Yasuhiro; Nakatani, Takeshi; Nakagawa, Hiroshi; Fujiwara, Satoru; Sato, Taku*; Tsukushi, Itaru*; et al.

Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, 80(Suppl.B), p.SB007_1 - SB007_4, 2011/12

 Times Cited Count:5 Percentile:41.54(Physics, Multidisciplinary)

Journal Articles

First flight demonstration of film-laminated InGaP/GaAs and CIGS thin-film solar cells by JAXA's small satellite in LEO

Morioka, Chiharu*; Shimazaki, Kazunori*; Kawakita, Shiro*; Imaizumi, Mitsuru*; Yamaguchi, Hiroshi*; Takamoto, Tatsuya*; Sato, Shinichiro; Oshima, Takeshi; Nakamura, Yosuke*; Hirako, Keiichi*; et al.

Progress in Photovoltaics; Research and Applications, 19(7), p.825 - 833, 2011/11

 Times Cited Count:19 Percentile:65.05(Energy & Fuels)

Journal Articles

Synthesis, structural transformation, thermal stability, valence state, and magnetic and electronic properties of PbNiO$$_{3}$$ with perovskite- and LiNbO$$_{3}$$-type structures

Inaguma, Yoshiyuki*; Tanaka, Kie*; Tsuchiya, Takeshi*; Mori, Daisuke*; Katsumata, Tetsuhiro*; Oba, Tomonori*; Hiraki, Koichi*; Takahashi, Toshihiro*; Saito, Hiroyuki

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 133(42), p.16920 - 16929, 2011/09

 Times Cited Count:75 Percentile:86.04(Chemistry, Multidisciplinary)

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