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Cross-section-induced uncertainty evaluation of MA sample irradiation test calculations with consideration of dosimeter data

杉野 和輝; 沼田 一幸*; 石川 眞; 竹田 敏一*

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 130, p.118 - 123, 2019/08



Study on heterogeneous minor actinide loading fast reactor core concepts with improved safety

大釜 和也; 大木 繁夫; 北田 孝典*; 竹田 敏一*

Proceedings of 21st Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference (PBNC 2018) (USB Flash Drive), p.942 - 947, 2018/09

A core concept of minor actinides (MAs) transmutation with improved safety was designed by applying sodium plenum and axially heterogeneous configuration. In this study, heterogeneous MA loading methods were developed for the core concept to explore the potential of further improvement of MA transmutation amount and "effective void reactivity" which was introduced by assuming the axial coolant sodium density change distribution for the unprotected loss of flow accident. By investigating characteristics of heterogeneous cores loading MA in different radial or axial positions, preferable MA loading positions were identified. The core loading MA in the radial position between inner and outer core region attained the largest MA transmutation amount and lowest maximum linear heat rate (MLHR) among heterogeneous cases. The lower region of the core was beneficial to improve the effective void reactivity and MLHR maintaining the nearly same MA transmutation amount as that of the homogeneous core. The radial blanket region was also useful to increased MA transmutation amount without deterioration of the effective void reactivity.


A New cross section adjustment method of removing systematic errors in fast reactors

竹田 敏一*; 横山 賢治; 杉野 和輝

Annals of Nuclear Energy, 109, p.698 - 704, 2017/11

 パーセンタイル:100(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Core concept of minor actinides transmutation fast reactor with improved safety

藤村 幸治*; 糸岡 聡*; 大木 繁夫; 竹田 敏一*

Proceedings of 2017 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP 2017) (CD-ROM), 6 Pages, 2017/04

A core concept of minor actinides (MAs)transmutation with improved safety was developed. Coresafety was improved by reducing sodium void reactivitywith sodium plenum and optimized configuration ofaxially heterogeneous core. "The effective void reactivity"by assuming the axial coolant sodium density changedistribution for ULOF (unprotected loss of flow) accidentwas introduced. MA content in the core fuel wasincreased up to 11 wt% for the condition that negativeeffective void reactivity was attained. Therefore, the largeMA transmutation amount which is almost two times tothe conventional Japanese fast reactor was obtained. Wealso conducted thermal hydraulics and fuel integrityevaluation of the core concept and it was confirmed thattheir results meet to the Japanese fast reactor designconditions. Finally we evaluated the transient behavior ofthe core concept and it was confirmed that this core hassluggish response during ULOF accident due to thenegative coolant reactivity effect of the upper sodiumplenum.


Development of a fast reactor for minor actinides transmutation; Improvement of prediction accuracy for MA-related integral parameters based on cross-section adjustment technique

横山 賢治; 丸山 修平; 沼田 一幸; 石川 眞; 竹田 敏一*

Proceedings of International Conference on the Physics of Reactors; Unifying Theory and Experiments in the 21st Century (PHYSOR 2016) (USB Flash Drive), p.1906 - 1915, 2016/05

As a part of the ongoing project "Study on Minor Actinides Transmutation Using Monju Data," MA-related integral experimental data in the world have been extensively collected and evaluated with most-detailed analysis methods. Improvement of analysis prediction accuracy for fast reactor core parameters based on the cross-section adjustment technique has been investigated by utilizing the newly-evaluated MA-related and existing general, i.e. not only specific to MA-related, integral experimental data. As a result, it is found that these data enable us to significantly improve the prediction accuracy for both the MA-related and general nuclear parameters. Furthermore, the adjustment result shows possibilities of the integral experiment data to make feedback to the differential nuclear data evaluation.


Development of a fast reactor for minor actinides transmutation, 1; Overview and method development

竹田 敏一*; 宇佐美 晋; 藤村 幸治*; 高桑 正行*

Proceedings of 21st International Conference & Exhibition; Nuclear Fuel Cycle for a Low-Carbon Future (GLOBAL 2015) (USB Flash Drive), p.560 - 566, 2015/09



Development of a fast reactor for Minor Actinides (MAs) transmutation, 3; Evaluation of measurement data with MA transmutation

杉野 和輝; 竹田 敏一*

Proceedings of 21st International Conference & Exhibition; Nuclear Fuel Cycle for a Low-Carbon Future (GLOBAL 2015) (USB Flash Drive), p.573 - 581, 2015/09

Reduction in uncertainty of Minor Actinide (MA) cross-section data is indispensable for a development of the transmutation technology, which is represented by the study on MA transmutation core concept. One of the most effective measures to attain the desire is to utilize MA irradiation test data with cross-section adjustment technique. For this purpose, most of the available integral data containing MA contributions have been compiled. This paper describes an investigation on improvement of MA cross-section data using the cross-section adjustment method. In order to enhance the reliability of the adjustment, two or more independent MA irradiation test data, which are represented by those measures in Joyo, PFR and Phenix, are utilized.


Development of a fast reactor for minor actinides transmutation, 2; Study on the MA transmutation core concepts

藤村 幸治*; 大木 繁夫; 竹田 敏一*

Proceedings of 21st International Conference & Exhibition; Nuclear Fuel Cycle for a Low-Carbon Future (GLOBAL 2015) (USB Flash Drive), p.592 - 598, 2015/09

The objective of this study is the efficient and safety transmutation of long-lived minor actinides using sodium cooled fast reactors. MA transmutation fast reactor core concepts which harmonize efficient MA transmutation with core safety were developed. We reduce sodium void reactivity which is increased due to the higher MA content by optimizing key core parameters of axially heterogeneous core with sodium plenum. We also introduced indices of "the effective void reactivity" by assuming the axial coolant sodium density change distribution for ULOF (unprotected loss of flow) accident. These indices were introduced based on observation of sluggish transient behavior for the fast reactor core with the upper sodium plenum. The homogeneous MA loaded core was designed whose effective void reactivity is negative while achieving the amount of MA transmutation more than the two times to that achieved in previous studies.


Void reactivity evaluation by modified conversion ratio measurements in LWR critical experiments

吉岡 研一*; 菊池 司*; 郡司 智*; 熊埜御堂 宏徳*; 三橋 偉司*; 馬野 琢也*; 山岡 光明*; 岡嶋 成晃; 福島 昌宏; 長家 康展; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 52(2), p.282 - 293, 2015/02

 パーセンタイル:100(Nuclear Science & Technology)

軽水炉臨界格子体系における修正転換比測定を用いてボイド反応度を評価する手法を開発した。各燃料棒の修正転換比から推定される"中性子無限増倍率", $$k^ast$$を用いて集合体ごとのボイド反応度を評価する。低減速軽水炉では負のボイド反応度評価が重要な課題であり、低減速軽水炉格子における臨界実験で修正転換比分布を測定し、$$k^ast$$を推定した。測定値は連続エネルギーモンテカルロ法で解析を行った。開発した手法は、ボイド反応度に関する核設計手法の妥当性評価に有用である。


Method development and reactor physics data evaluation for improving prediction accuracy of fast reactors' minor actinides transmutation performance

竹田 敏一*; 羽様 平; 藤村 幸次*; 澤田 周作*

Proceedings of International Conference on the Physics of Reactors; The Role of Reactor Physics toward a Sustainable Future (PHYSOR 2014) (CD-ROM), 15 Pages, 2014/09



Intra-pellet neutron flux distribution measurements in LWR critical lattices

吉岡 研一*; 菊池 司*; 郡司 智*; 熊埜御堂 宏徳*; 三橋 偉司*; 馬野 琢也*; 山岡 光明*; 岡嶋 成晃; 福島 昌宏; 長家 康展; et al.

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 50(6), p.606 - 614, 2013/06

 被引用回数:1 パーセンタイル:84.29(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Monte Carlo based diffusion coefficients for LMFBR analysis

Van Rooijen, W. F. G.*; 羽様 平; 竹田 敏一*

Proceedings of Joint International Conference of 7th Supercomputing in Nuclear Application and 3rd Monte Carlo (SNA + MC 2010) (USB Flash Drive), 14 Pages, 2010/10



世界の高速炉サイクル技術開発の動向,1; 加速する高速炉開発; 2020年に商用炉の運転開始

竹田 敏一*; 佐賀山 豊; 巽 良隆*

日本原子力学会誌, 52(8), p.462 - 467, 2010/08

資源有効利用及び環境保全性の観点から近年高速炉の開発が各国で加速してきている。ロシアとインドでは商用炉の運転開始目標を2020年に定め、中国は2030年頃、日本,フランス,韓国は2040$$sim$$2050年の実用化をめざしている。その中でもインドと中国は、今世紀半ばまでに200GWeを超える高速炉を導入し原子力発電の主流とする国家戦略を打ち出すなど活発な動きが見られる。本稿では、IAEAが2009年12月に京都市と敦賀市で開催した国際会議(FR09)"International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles-Challenges and Opportunities"での議論を中心に、各国の高速炉とその燃料サイクル技術(高速炉サイクル技術)の開発動向と技術開発の現状、そして各国が有する重要課題についての3回連載の第1回として、開発主要国(ロシア, インド, 中国, フランス, 韓国, 日本)及び国際機関についての最新の開発計画の動向について紹介する。


Development of the 4S and related technologies, 7; Summary of the FCA XXIII experiment analyses towards evaluation of prediction accuracies for the 4S core characteristics

植田 伸幸*; 福島 昌宏; 岡嶋 成晃; 竹田 敏一*; 北田 孝典*; 名内 泰志*; 木下 泉*; 松村 哲夫*

Proceedings of 2009 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants (ICAPP '09) (CD-ROM), p.9493_1 - 9493_9, 2009/05



Experiment and analysis for criticality in small fast reactor with reflector at FCA

福島 昌宏; 岡嶋 成晃; 森 貴正; 竹田 敏一*; 木下 泉*

Proceedings of International Conference on the Physics of Reactors, Nuclear Power; A Sustainable Resource (PHYSOR 2008) (CD-ROM), 7 Pages, 2008/09



Prediction accuracy improvement of neutronic characteristics of a breeding light water reactor core by extended bias factor methods with use of FCA-XXII-1 critical experiments

久語 輝彦; 安藤 真樹; 小嶋 健介; 福島 昌宏; 森 貴正; 中野 佳洋; 岡嶋 成晃; 北田 孝典*; 竹田 敏一*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 45(4), p.288 - 303, 2008/04

 被引用回数:6 パーセンタイル:51.42(Nuclear Science & Technology)

拡張バイアス因子法(PE法及びLC法)の有効性をFCA-XXII-1臨界実験を用いて水冷却増殖炉心に適用することにより調査した。拡張バイアス因子法の特徴が数値的に以下の通り確認できた。活用できる実験をすべて活用すれば最も設計予測値の持つ誤差を低減できる。PE法はどのような実験の組合せを用いても設計計算値の持つ誤差を低減することができる。PE法がLC法に比べて設計予測精度が向上する。また、本研究の結果、以下のことがわかった。実機炉心の$$^{238}$$U捕獲率対$$^{239}$$Pu核分裂率比(C28/F49)に対して、LC法では予測精度の向上は見られないが、PE法では、実効増倍率(K$$_{rm eff}$$)に関する実験結果がC28/F49に関する実験結果より効果的で予測精度が向上する。実機炉心の冷却材ボイド反応度に対して、単一実験結果を使用する場合はPE法ではボイド反応度に関する実験結果がK$$_{rm eff}$$に関する実験結果より効果的で予測精度は向上するが、複数の実験結果を使用する場合は、両手法ともK$$_{rm eff}$$に関する実験結果の組合せがボイド反応度に関する実験結果の組合せより効果的で、PE法による単一実験結果を使用したときよりも予測精度が向上する。これらから、実機核特性(K$$_{rm eff}$$, C28/F49及びボイド反応度)に対して、K$$_{rm eff}$$に関する実験結果がそのほかの実験結果よりも効果的であると結論できる。これらの結果から、PE法は複数のベンチマーク実験結果を用いることによりモックアップ実験の補完する有望な手段であると結論できる。


Application of bias factor method with use of exponentiated experimental value to prediction uncertainty reduction in coolant void reactivity of breeding light water reactor

久語 輝彦; 小嶋 健介; 安藤 真樹; 森 貴正; 竹田 敏一*

Journal of Power and Energy Systems (Internet), 2(1), p.73 - 82, 2008/00



Theoretical study on new bias factor methods to effectively use critical experiments for improvement of prediction accuracy of neutronic characteristics

久語 輝彦; 森 貴正; 竹田 敏一*

Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology, 44(12), p.1509 - 1517, 2007/12

 被引用回数:13 パーセンタイル:26.78(Nuclear Science & Technology)



Application of bias factor method with use of virtual experimental value to prediction uncertainty reduction in void reactivity worth of breeding light water reactor

久語 輝彦; 森 貴正; 小嶋 健介; 竹田 敏一*

Proceedings of 15th International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE-15) (CD-ROM), 8 Pages, 2007/04



Core performance tests for the JOYO MK-III upgrade

青山 卓史; 関根 隆; 前田 茂貴; 吉田 昌宏; 前田 幸基; 鈴木 惣十; 竹田 敏一*

Nuclear Engineering and Design, 237(4), p.353 - 368, 2007/02

 被引用回数:12 パーセンタイル:29.03(Nuclear Science & Technology)


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